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161 Infinite Cards V 1 Comment
162 Future Fusion

I can summon a fusion monster

163 Scapegoat

I can summon a powerful monster card to the field

Arguably the best stall card in the game, and a free xyz summon for a rank 1.

V 1 Comment
164 Des Koala
165 Dark Magic Curtain

Instantly summon Dark Magician at the cost of half your lifepoints, but getting a card like this on the field in one move is truly worthy

166 Machina Fortress

Can't take it down with a monster without getting a card discarded or getting something destroyed
Best destructive card

V 2 Comments
167 Elemental Hero Magma Neos

E hero magma neos is a powerful card it gains 400 every card on the field and hi atk is 3000! Vote magma neos

168 Light and Darkness Dragon
169 Chaos Necromancer

For every monster in your graveyard times that amount by 300 and it becomes this monster's Atk and definitely... So think if I have 15 monsters dead then this guy has 4500 Atk and definitely no matter what and the effect stays through the whole time he is alive

For each monster in your graveyard this card gains 300 Atk and definitely... So if I have 15 monsters in the graveyard it has 4500 Atk and definitely and it keeps going up for each one that dies

Lawl I ued this card and needle bug nest and some other discard HE HAD 6600 ATACK! I have horrible spelling

170 Shooting Star Dragon

I have one of these

V 1 Comment
171 Big Shield Gardna

Great for stalling, with 2600 defense not even number 39: utopia can stop it with out a spell card!

172 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo

Just stall 3 turns and automatically win.

The best card in Zexal.
Remove on xyz monster and place a counter on it when it has 3 counters you win the duel.

I have it and it is my best card, second place is black luster soldier, envoy of the beggining, and third place is cyber eltanin

V 2 Comments
173 The Unhappy Maiden

I don't understand why this beautiful spellcaster isn't in the top 10! Original? Check! Useful? Check! - SexySiren666

V 1 Comment
174 Odd-Eyes Sabre Dragon

Super easy to summon and really strong

V 1 Comment
175 The Calculator V 2 Comments
176 Sorcerer of Dark Magic

I'm pretty new to yugioh but this cards name sounds cool

177 Black Tyranno

Why is this a here? dinosaur decks need this also use dinosaur evolution pill that's a good idea to summon this DO IT!

178 Aitsu

The strongest card ever! I mean just look at that attack and the effect will have your opponent bowing on his/her knees. and for five stars you get that type of definitely-fence. Trust me 101% if this card even gets onto the battlefield your opponent will just give up. NO card is a mach for it no god card not anything. I don't know why it's so far down on the list though this card is a destroyer

179 Skull Invitation
180 The Light - Hex-sealed Fusion

I like this card because I can summon a light fusion monster to the field

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