Best Yugioh Trap Cards


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1Mirror Force
2Bottomless Trap Hole
3Solemn Judgement
4Dimensional Prison

Lets say an oponents blue eyes attacked your gagaga child activate this card and don't send it to the graveyard but instead banish it. I mean how many cards in the world banish a monster with no cost? P.S. I own one =)

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5Solemn Warning
6Dark Illusion
7Zoma the Spirit
8Compulsory Evacuation DeviceV1 Comment
9Black Horn of Heaven
10Magic Cylinder

Just too good like just say excalibur first turn yeh his dead no monsters detach attack magic cylinder... Boom dead like litrilly that happened to me before

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The Contenders

11Skill Drain
12Royal Decree
13Inherited Fortune

Great Fortune Lady support. - KilMii

14Energy Drain
15Vanity's Emptiness
16Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Negates effects of DARK monsters. - KilMii

17Sakuretsu Armor

Hey you can kill any monster that attacks you so it is so op it is unstopable

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18Seven Tools of the Bandit
19Draining Shield

It can negate a monsters attack and you gain life points equal to that monsters atk points

20Time Wizard

He has an awesome effect and you could fuse it with baby dragon to make thousand dragon

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1. Mirror Force
2. Solemn Judgement
3. Bottomless Trap Hole



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