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I love penguins I wish there were penguins at my zoo

Never doubt the penguin. Penguins deserve the #1 spot and are not just the best animal in the zoo, but the best animal in the world. It's about time penguins get the respect they deserve. They are the only reason I ever go to zoos. Penguins are the cutest, most interesting animal ever. VOTE PENGUIN the zoo's best animal ever!

They are cool but polar bears are better. Penguins would be in my top 10 favorites though

I love these animals. I like them better then any animal! They are so cute!

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Giraffes are so gentle and kind and you can feed them, and show the public how awesome they are and get people to aid in the effort of protecting them in the wild

Giraffes are the loveleyest animals ever! I think that people should stop hunting giraffes for their skin. Giraffes are awesome! Giraffes rock!

Hello, all. I am commenting here because you seem to harbor a passion for giraffes. Sadly, these poor creatures are suffering. Visit my profile to learn more. - EarnestfromGiraffePants

Umm there my favorite animal and they are so weird looking

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The Lion is the King of the Beasts for a reason. It is renowned world-over as a symbol of courage, and strength. It is for this reason, amongst others that it is one of the greatest animals in Creation, and definitely one of the greatest zoo animals.

Lions are really cool and quitte popular with young boys

Lions should be at the top. More attention is focused on them and they are at almost every zoo.

Lions are extremely handsome and majestic looking animals, they are truly the King of the Savannah.

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4Red Panda

They are the cutest animals, that are rare, but still amazing and interesting.

I don't know anything about a red panda but they sound really cool. I would like to see one in real life.

Please tell me why they suck? I really like them

They are adorable they should be number

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Tigers are the greatest animals known to science! Nobody can capture their full power! They are the greatest animals at zoos, hands down!

Tigers are near extinction and need our help to save them. One of the many things we have to do to do this is to breed them in zoos, which is why we should stress to put them in zoos. Thank you!

Tiger have big teeth, or knife, and beautiful animal is good speed. This is orange body the elips line black color. Good prospect to to film killer and pc game to art big opponent mortal kombat 2 the KINTARO, mutant tiger and man.

I like tigers

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I love Dumbo the movie so I love elephants even though they are the worst smelling animals in the whole zoo. They are cute and fat and have really big ears. They are also really fun to draw for artists like myself. Theses animals are so easy to draw even fingerpaint

Elephants are the coolest and are one of the most interesting animals I the world

I also love dumbo and I think elephants are so cute. Their long trunks and the way they use them to take a shower is very adorable. Elephants are very sweet animals with big floppy ears that are so cute. Overall I love elephants and how they are so sweet.

I too like dumbo

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I think you will agree,
The most fun to watch, interesting, funny as! Cute, loving,


Easily the coolest and cutest of all the animals in zoos around the world!

The cutest animal ever! But also very intelligent, they line up ready to be lead by the alpha, take turns on being a sentry guard, are very social And did I mention they were awesome?

They are super cute

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8Polar Bear

I have always liked Polar Bears I think there amazing

I love their white fur and the cute little cubs.

Go polar bears glad there's a higher ranking come on top ten!

They are really interesting

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9Giant Panda

Giant panadas are definitely the kids favourite!

Who doesn't like those cuties!

They are the best bears to exist,. And in China, you can take a picture with one!

If I had a panda I'd cuddle it all day the best thing about them is that they r fluffy and soft and is most kids favourite

The babies are so cute!

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They are so interesting, especially when they are awake and ready to run! They seem so like us. My family's favorite place to go is the gorilla habitat because they are so alive!

Gorillas are great because they are almost like a distant cousin to humans. Next to chimpanzees gorillas are our next closest living relative. They are also pretty funny as well, especially watching them eat and throw poop. Always cracks me up! - evoxpisces

I love them they r so cute! Ps black is my fab color

The monkey house smells really bad

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I love fossa, the only natural preditor of the lemur, and is super cute!

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?DogDomesticated house hold pet that have evolved from wolves. They are sometimes bred with other species of wolves or dogs to create desirable purebreds or a new species of dogs.

WHAT? How are dogs in this list? They are not even zoo animals. They are the animals you see in people's homes and the farm but not the zoo!

I love dogs yeah there not zoo animals but I love em

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Zebras are really cute and are like donkeys but with stripes

Don't go thinking I won't add all the other animals because I will

They are related to horses and donkeys

Very graceful

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Monkey Monkey Monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey see monkey do monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey MONKEY!

My brother is a monkey and so am I. Ooh ooh ahh ahh

They are crazy which make them good animals.

They make everyone laugh

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My lemur bob wears my aftershave when I am jogging with his arm tied round my neck and his double chin hanging. I can never see where I'm going and I always trip over his long toes

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You agree with me that llamas should be number one on this list after you listen to the llama song on YouTube! It's amazing!

I love the llama song LLAMAS SHOULD BE #1 YEAH! #llama#1

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Despite what most people believe rhinos are actually quite shy and are actually relatively sweet. They are not the aggressive monsters people think they are. Yes will charge at you but they do that because they have poor eyesight and can't see distance so they approach a potential threat in this way. They are also extremely endangered, quite possibly one of the most endangered animals on the planet due to poaching. I absolutely love rhinos and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how many rhinos have been senselessly slaughtered. There is really no other animal that is quite like the rhino either, A horn or two on his head for protection, big strong and built like a tank. These animals are magnificent beasts. - evoxpisces

There like an unstoppable juggernaut.

Rhino's are good, but why aren't hippo;s up there. They may be one the most
Dangerous animals, but they only do it to defend there young and protect there home

This animal is cool

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Lions may be the kings, but Cheetahs most certainly are the Queens. They are graceful, extremely fast, and not to mention gorgeous!

I love Cheetah's, more importantly I love cheetah print!

The fastest animal on land 72 miles per hour

They are the fastest mammal alive

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They are one of the best creations on earth to me!

They are awesome and a very big and swag

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Lol Kangaroos ARE pretty awesome

I skip every other animal in the zoo to see my favorite... THE KANGAROO :D

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I love okapi! They are so beautiful with their zebra striped legs and tawny brown body! So unique! I don't think there's anything else like them!

I love okapis, most people don't know what they are but they should, they're awesome!

Just like giraffes but 10000000000 times cooler

Okapis are the best

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