Top 10 Zoo Animals

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I love Dumbo the movie so I love elephants even though they are the worst smelling animals in the whole zoo. They are cute and fat and have really big ears. They are also really fun to draw for artists like myself. Theses animals are so easy to draw even fingerpaint
Elephants are the coolest and are one of the most interesting animals I the world
I also love dumbo and I think elephants are so cute. Their long trunks and the way they use them to take a shower is very adorable. Elephants are very sweet animals with big floppy ears that are so cute. Overall I love elephants and how they are so sweet.
[Newest]These aren't really facts they are opinions so these don't really tell the truth about this animal.

Tigers are near extinction and need our help to save them. One of the many things we have to do to do this is to breed them in zoos, which is why we should stress to put them in zoos. Thank you!
Tigers are the greatest animals known to science! Nobody can capture their full power! They are the greatest animals at zoos, hands down!
Tiger have big teeth, or knife, and beautiful animal is good speed. This is orange body the elips line black color. Good prospect to to film killer and pc game to art big opponent mortal kombat 2 the KINTARO, mutant tiger and man.
[Newest]Tiger is the best! SAVE IT!

The Lion is the King of the Beasts for a reason. It is renowned world-over as a symbol of courage, and strength. It is for this reason, amongst others that it is one of the greatest animals in Creation, and definitely one of the greatest zoo animals.
Lions are really cool and quitte popular with young boys
I like loin in Zoo.
[Newest]I love lions and all the other big cats.

Giraffes are the loveleyest animals ever! I think that people should stop hunting giraffes for their skin. Giraffes are awesome! Giraffes rock!
Giraffes are so gentle and kind and you can feed them, and show the public how awesome they are and get people to aid in the effort of protecting them in the wild
Giraffes have very long necks so that way they have or can get there food.
[Newest]I think giraffes are the best because they have lovely eyelashes

I love penguins I wish there were penguins at my zoo
Penguins are so cute
Penguins are my favourite animal and my zoo has them
[Newest]Penguin are my favorite

Who doesn't like them

They are so interesting, especially when they are awake and ready to run! They seem so like us. My family's favorite place to go is the gorilla habitat because they are so alive!
Gorillas are great because they are almost like a distant cousin to humans. Next to chimpanzees gorillas are our next closest living relative. They are also pretty funny as well, especially watching them eat and throw poop. Always cracks me up!


Gorilla is a great animal. I want this animal in zoo.


Despite what most people believe rhinos are actually quite shy and are actually relatively sweet. They are not the aggressive monsters people think they are. Yes will charge at you but they do that because they have poor eyesight and can't see distance so they approach a potential threat in this way. They are also extremely endangered, quite possibly one of the most endangered animals on the planet due to poaching. I absolutely love rhinos and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about how many rhinos have been senselessly slaughtered. There is really no other animal that is quite like the rhino either, A horn or two on his head for protection, big strong and built like a tank. These animals are magnificent beasts.


Its a huge and powerful creater so it must be the best
Rhino's are good, but why aren't hippo;s up there. They may be one the most
Dangerous animals, but they only do it to defend there young and protect there home
I love rhinos! They are the best!

They are awesome and a very big and swag
Sharks are so scary and they are awesome to the coor
I love sharks they are so scary.

9Red Panda
They are the cutest animals, that are rare, but still amazing and interesting.
I love pandas! They're big and cute and cuddly! I was going to choose a different animal but I didn't see this one yet. Please vote this animal 😃
This is the cutest animal at a zoo by far! It also is awake when the others are asleep!

Crocodiles sometimes get put down because of their "man-eating" habits, but in all honesty they are simply doing what they do. Being interesting animals, they should be at zoos, though some say that they are vicious or not active enough to hold visitors'attention. Please help nominate the crocodile!
Crocs and Gators all the way!
Very awesome creature. They are ferocious and deadly and a lot smarter than you would think. Also, running in zigzags don't actually work if one is chasing you. But at the zoo, you're safe.


[Newest]Sometimes people think that crocs are the most ugly animal in the world because they eat people but I think they are adorable so please vote for the crocs

The Contenders

I think you will agree,
The most fun to watch, interesting, funny as! Cute, loving,

Easily the coolest and cutest of all the animals in zoos around the world!
All lions do is sit around their fat arses all day doing nothing but the occasional walk and yawn... Meerkats however are constantly scurring, digging, running, etc

Alligators are really awesome

13Polar Bear
I love their white fur and the cute little cubs.

14Giant Panda
Panda is so cute and from China. So cool!
Whats wrong with you pandas are cute!
Pandas are my fave animal all I think about is pandas panas are my life

My lemur bob wears my aftershave when I am jogging with his arm tied round my neck and his double chin hanging. I can never see where I'm going and I always trip over his long toes

though I've seen an otter in the wild. But still they are awesome.


I love otters! They are awesome and so adorable. Especially Asian small clawed otters. They are tiny, and they love to play with rocks. Otters are incapable of doing anything that won't make me go "aww"
They are so cute! I love the Otter Exhibit!

Wolves got beat out by crocodiles? Really? These animals are majestic and the genesis of our greatest ally, dogs. They are only so low on this list because the media and movie industry (The Grey) paint them in an antiquated and harsh light. They deserve to be in the top 5 if not 10.
Wolfs are very interesting. Their howls are very cool! Wolfs are my second favourite animal. Go wolfs!
Greatest animals on the planet!

I love Cheetah's, more importantly I love cheetah print!
Cheetahs are so beautiful. Especially king cheetahs. They are so fast some have been clocked at above 100 miles an hour. I love all cat animals.
The fastest animal on land 72 miles per hour

I love snake my Xbox name is vespidSnake74
Snakes rock very cool anmails a don't really like vipers and stuff but boa's and pythons are sco cool and pretty

Love animals all them

Monkeys are like humans... they are our ancestors
Monkeys are always so happy

They are so cute and adorable! I just love them so much!
Zebras is great animal, have beautiful body, colour white and black. Good compare to woman witch (name OMEGIS), of serial Mortal Kombat Conquest. Omegis is witch woman, friends to sorcerer Shang Tsung. (OMEGIS) in serial Mortal Kombat conquest help to Shang Tsung of death and duo (OMEGIS) and Shang Tsung winning above Master Cho and duo be free and I compare (ZEBRAS to OMEGIS).
Zebras are way prettier than horses!


Can't believe nobody voted.

Did you forget about little hope and winter from dolphin tail 2how she lost her tail they are also very smart, playful and funny and cute so please vote for them to make them at least to top 20


They are beautiful and sweet. Like I said up there they only are deadley because they do it to defend their young and loved ones. They are so unique. I love hippo's and I always will.

Jaguars are so beautiful and (for their size) the strongest of the awesome cat family.

My eagle has a long... Hard... Face

My pet okapi called lesley is very superstisious about life and ofter decides to shout in my nose and my nostril hair stand on the edge of the roots with excitement. lesley jr is stan's lil' bro and is the son of god and he is the nephew of moses and we did not get him free he cost us a whole £1. he is more beautiful than my husband gerry the giraffe I am a human by the way,. don't question my intelligence

A fox is my favorite animal but... NO ZOO HAS THEM! I so wish some zoo in the world have them
Never could tell them no :-)




I loved emus before I could even talk!
Emu's are the best!
I personally love my emu stan :) he loves chickren nuggets from mcdonalds!
He sleeps on my face and farts in my mouth wow


37Water Buffalo

38Cone Snail
My cone snail has a cone on his bum.


40Ant Eater


The leopard is the only big cat that eat, sleep and can camouflage itself in the tall grass and plus they are a real animal for a KING
Leopard are so pretty and adaptable. I love them, as I do all felines.



Fish are just so cool!
I love fish and had many throughout my lifeFISH RULE BABY

46Mountain Goat


I skip every other animal in the zoo to see my favorite... THE KANGAROO :D

They are so rare, and I would love to help give them a boost population wise
Yes that nose though

I love my slithery eel, he sleeps in my mouth and down my throat every night without fail... My friend stan (the emu) says he is very attractive




Steve my deer deer I love you with all my mint sauce

55Komodo Dragon


Now I've go the narwhal song stuck in my head.


Platpuses deverve to be at least in the top 10 because they show us what past-life animals were like. Due to the fact that they walk like lizards and lay eggs. Also I think a lot of people know Perry from Phineas and Ferb.




Budgies are incredible birds! They are quite beautiful, and their sense of humor cannot be matched.

I've never seen them in person but they are cute and look like a cross between my two favorite animal types: weasel and feline.
And they, unlike their name would suggest, would be the last animal in the cat family I'd compare to a jaguar.
No because they sound weird

65Fishing Cat










75Sea Lions

76Snow Lepoard

77Water Rat


79Sting Ray














93Sea Snake





98Lace Monitor



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