Best Zsa Zsa Gabor Movies

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1Moulin Rouge

In 1952, her starring role in 'Moulin Rouge' (which also happens to be a John Huston film) is the one that made her famous.

2Touch of Evil

'Touch of Evil' is one of the best movies ever made and one of my personal favourites. The only reason that it isn't first on this list is because you can't say that it is actually a Zsa Zsa Gabor's movie, however, on the other hand, I had to put it in, because she had the luck to play a small part in an Orson Welles film and that's a big thing!


Short and good name... - HezarioSeth

4Death of a Scoundrel
5The Story of Three Loves
6For the First Time
7Lovely to Look At
8We're Not Married
9La Bambola Di Pezza
10Queen of Outer Space

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11Picture Mommy Dead

''The Hearse Song that we listen in the movie, sung by Susan Gordon is one of the most haunting songs I have ever heard. I wish I could find somewhere this song. I want so much to listen this again with the voice of Susan, she makes it melodic and eerie. Hers is the best version of this classic tune. It's strange that I cannot find this anywhere, it should be on Amazon, or somewhere. It's s shame.
'Picture Mommy Dead' should also be among the Top three Zsa Zsa Gabor movies. It's one of her most famous films. All the fans of classic horror know about it. Hehehe!

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