Top Ten 007 Everything Or Nothing Weapons

The best weapons from the video game 007 Everything Or Nothing.

The Top Ten

1 Dragnouv

sitting up in balconies sniping bad guys - moose4life19

2 Desert Eagle

a convinient, fast firing gun with 1 hit kills - moose4life19

3 AT-420

only 8 rounds maximum but it blows stuff up - moose4life19

4 SPAS-12

a 16 round shotgun that kills any normal enemy with 1 hit - moose4life19

5 MP5K
6 SIG-552

a 120 round machine gun with 30 round clips - moose4life19

7 AK-47

more powerful than the SIG 552 but with less ammo - moose4life19

The AK47 is the best in every video game! - beatles5

8 P99

When stealth is needed this is the gun to use. Plus Everything or Nothing doesn't feature AK-47s. They are actually AK-74s.

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9 Grenade

a throw weapon that is a time bomb that kills lots of guys - moose4life19

10 Q Spider

more of a gadget than a weapon but can detonate like a grenade where you want when you want - moose4life19

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