Top 10 "1,000 Ways to Die" Deaths

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41 Oprah Winfried

A inmate is sentenced to life in prison. Due to his lawyer leaving him, he is currently watching the Oprah Winfrey show. When the T.V. is losing connection the inmate tries to
Repair it but is electrocuted when he accidently touches the exposed wire.

42 Boys 2 Dead

A singer jumped of the stage and broke his bones and died what a idiot!

43 Vuvu...Whatever, He's Dead

A man buys a horn but blows to hard on it causing brain hemoraging

44 Pit-y Party
45 Par for the Corpse
46 Pop and Lox
47 Killdo V 1 Comment
48 Killer Tan

This is why I am not going to get a tan anytime soon. - Catacorn

Two friends were getting a tan in a tanning booth and they were trying to light a cigarette and the chemicals in the tan spray were exposed to the fire and the tanning booth exploded and both friends were dead

Cause of death: chemical explosion

49 Bush Whacked 3: Waxed Off
50 Down With the Clown
51 Half Offed
52 Jelly Belly-ed
53 Work of Fart V 1 Comment
54 USSR Dead

A person named Ivan from the the Ukraine wants to join the Russian mafia. He kills 3 people for not paying their debt. Then they burn the man's finger tips. To celebrate the new mobsters joning, they decide to have a drink little did they know that they actully swallowed the sulfric acid causing burning to tissue and organs

55 Ichiboned
56 Fat-ality

A man who wants a liposuction hires his friend Johney to do the liposuction. The friend accidentally sucks out some of the mans guts and the man dies of Shock.

57 The Grateful Bed

A man gets trapped in his murphy bed due to his angry landlord attacking him.

58 Ice Water

Ever heard of skating on ice then falling right through?! Well do not ever skate on ice that is not all the way frozen!

59 Tenn-Ass Anyone?
60 Handi Crapped
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