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1 PeteZahHutt PeteZahHutt

This man is OP WITH A BOW AND AXE! TOOK ON TWO PEOPLE AND BEAT THEM. Very skilled in the 1.9 PVP! Come on Cube, you have a lot of catching up to do! - Ary33

His bow took 5 hearts damage fully charged, no offense I like him

He is really good but PetezahhutV22 is allot better

Yes I consider him one of the top 10 1.9 pvpers

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2 Vikkstar123 Vikkstar123

This guy is probably the most patient person on Minecraft YouTube, that is why he is a God at 1.9! He will choose the axe and will most of the time always hit his target! It is close between him and Pete! - Ary33

He is very good!

He is awesome

Vikk is very good with a axe. I would like to see him face off with Pete to see who is the greatest at 1.9 PVP.

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3 PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags) PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags)

Preston is great with the bow and patient when it comes to 1.9 pvp except for once in the 1.9 UHC with Rob since he was panicking due to Rob dying. He is a parkour legend too. His parkour skills can help him out a lot in pvp battles since he can use the environment against his opponents by doing parkour.

He is the most advanced player in 1.8 pvp took 5 people 3 of them without taking a single damage and the other 2 he combo them like 10 times

Preston has to learn how to use a bow in 1.9 because if he could have got better snipes on Pete he could have won (Plus his bow was Power 4)

Awesome you are there

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4 CreeperFarts CreeperFarts

He's great with the rod and combos. He's amazing at SG and is just as good as Grapey and Strubber.

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5 GrapeAppleSauce GrapeAppleSauce

He won 1.9 pvp uhc in pack Communities He is probably the 3 best on This list

He is good

he won

so cool

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6 Pokediger1 Pokediger1

He is one of the 1.9 bow gods and almost got pete with worse gear he should be #3

7 Woofless Woofless

Rob a dob flob got no job

8 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi is love huahwi is life

Don't vote for this guy

He's pretty good


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9 Dfield Dfield

He is better then hauwi

10 Tofuugaming Tofuugaming

I have always liked his pvp

He made it to top 2 in you tuber 1.9 uhc

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11 TYZBI TYZBI V 1 Comment
12 TheBajanCanadian TheBajanCanadian

Um, he's a guy who makes good YouTube videos for everybody to enjoy. And he also fights well in Minecraft. What's not to love?

He is quite good at pvp games such as egg wars and I guess he also is good at 1.9 pvp

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This guy deserves 3rd in 1.9 PVP,Ary! Its not tge normal pvp we are talking about,but look at his money wars and skybounds! He didn't upload his wins,because he didn't even fail a lot! He did upload some of his fails too.He rarely loses in those servers,sometimes in 1.9 PVP.His actually good at 1.9 PVP,so I guarantee he should be 3rd.i'm not daying his a god at it,but his GOOD at it.

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13 xNestorio xNestorio V 1 Comment
14 ItsBenjamin

I was watching a game and itsbenjamin beat a guy in full diamond while he had leather he is so good!

He's pretty good just forgetful at times

He beat me at pvp!

he's A GOD

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15 PopularMMOs

HE is a boss at modded Minecraft

love it

16 Mester_Carl

Mester_Carl is pretty good at 1.9 pvp

Mester_Carl is an absolute god at 1.9 pvp

He is a very good pvper!

Good player!

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17 AFSjarome
18 Graiser10 Graiser10

Don't know him!

Are u serious? Graser? I mean he's funny but he is not cut out for pvp in any form. I mean seriously!

It's supposed to be Graser10 not Graiser10.

He almost won a sg in. 1.9

19 OMGitsAli-A OMGitsAli-A

He should be at least #3

He's a 1.9 noob

20 Noboom Gaming Noboom Gaming

This guys is very good in 1.9 maneuvers

Honestly I think that Noboom gaming because he was very careful in pack vs. cube uhf even thow he died early on and he hit his opponent and NEVER MISSED! HE SHOULD BE 17! he is very good!

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