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21 Noboom Gaming Noboom Gaming

This guys is very good in 1.9 maneuvers

Honestly I think that Noboom gaming because he was very careful in pack vs. cube uhf even thow he died early on and he hit his opponent and NEVER MISSED! HE SHOULD BE 17! he is very good!

22 Tbnrkenworth
23 Lachlan

He's da best at rocket leg

24 DanTDM DanTDM
25 JeromeASF
26 LadonPlaysMC

He almost beat preston in money wars with a Sharp 3 iron axe and preston with diamond sword

27 Nugato
28 Verzide
29 HyperDarkness

Gay should be #3

30 AciDic BliTzz

He is good in 1.8, good in 1.9. Can use axe and sword strats. Don't know how he's not above Tofuugaming, Pokediger and noob Woofless.

31 Privatefearless Privatefearless V 1 Comment
32 Captain Sparkles Captain Sparkles

This list cannot be complete without captain sparkles

33 TheLeLGamer

TheLeLGamer is an absolute God at axe and should probably be in 5#

V 1 Comment
34 Electroman01 V 3 Comments
35 StrauberryJam

He's good at 1.8, but not so much at 1.9. But he is VERY laid back and funny, whilst a good PvPer too.

37 CraftBattleDuty
38 petezahhutV22

Omy goodness he's a god he drafted a hacker in 1.9 he should be number q

He's A LEGEND I was looking at his screen he took on a 4v1 1.9 he won with 5 and half HP and he's really good mcsg he took on a 6v1 he won he should be number 1 he even shrieked everyone in badlion and kohi

V 1 Comment
39 Stampylongnose V 1 Comment
40 StimpyPvP
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