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1 Zezima

He was the best back I when I was really into this game he got me through a lot he even talked to me when I had problems in the game and he got me to level 99 in 8 skills we trained together he was a good friend and I love him I have not talked to him in years when he gets on he signs off so fast I can't even get in touch with him and I really wanted to get this bar all the way up on commenting and I succeeded and all this is still true

Zemima is the best... You don't even need to vote everyone knows it haha...
And also I can't remember who but they killed zezima 3 times in the wildy...
But that does not defeat the purpose and fact that Zezima is still the best.

He is very smart and is very very very difficult to defeat

best nan

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2 Tehnoobshow

Way to funny I don't know how else to say it his simple like wow and Zezima is like blah

Man, Bob rules! I met him, He is so funny! :D :D :D Tehnoobshow rules because you know he's so hilarious man. IF you would have met him you would like him. I don't like zezima because his last words were Cya noobs so you know.

He the best and the funniest! You have to love this guy! Way better then zezima if you ask me... Since I never met zezima I say he's a myth or a bot

Laugh out loud bob is funny

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3 Drakie

Drakie is the best... Nice stats... Cool funny guy

He is the most funny runescape player, and very nice skills

No doubt, he is one of the most efficient runescape player

Drakie... he was the #1

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4 Kingduffy 1

M... He is really hard working and helpful!

This person is so cool man I remeber I add this person when I first played it might be 2001 or 2002 though he is very helpful add me its 67dragonair

Remember seeing him in canfis, he even talked to me in private messages, I was like level 40 at the time. Pretty cool guy.

5 drumgun

Bumped into him training divination, a genuinely nice person.

6 Lover Romeo

He is the only player who get two 200M exp first in 2 skills. He is ranked first in Mining and Agility.

7 Yogosun

Hard worker, currently (June 2008) Number One in overall highscores. I talked to him a few times and he is a very nice guy. - EmceeBlood

He's a nice nice guy seriously he was the best but some guys are better

Greetz dakidn

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8 Zarfot

Zarfot brought efficiency more into the mainstream and changed the way many people played the game and achieved their goals.

From what I've heard, he is the most efficent player on runescape.

9 Uloveme

This guy was incredible man. I was like new to RS at the time and I met him (he was like about level 100-110). I only came to him to ask where Falador was for some certain quest. And it's funny because he even let me follow him all the way to Falador! Then he gave me some rune armor that he didn't need anymore and we became friends! He told me to reach level 70 and he would give me a present. And I worked so hard that I got to level 70 within a week, and I came to him and he was surprised how fast I was Haha! He told me that I'm gonna reach the top one day and then he gave me 1 mil! Can you fking believe it? Then I became a member at level 80 something and I joined his guild and I later became one of the division leaders, man I miss those days, it was so fun!

10 fat wrecked

Number 3 on attack when he was alive. Liked to joke around a lot.

Fat wrecked is a nice guy and he. S was cool

Fat wrecked died at a very young age, but when he was alive, he never gave up. He was a great guy, and could always be found hanging out around the varrock east bank. Truly a legend. RIP.

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11 The Old Nite

R.I.P. if he didn't died, he would have been the first guy to achieve 99 in every skills, instead Zezima took the record when he died...

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12 Sp0d

He is like the best gay person I have ever met irl (in runescape life)

13 S U O M I

First person to max out in the game. He is truly a legend in my eyes. They should raise the cap to 10 billion.

The true legend of runescape, too bad he didn't play in runescape anymore

For sure the best player stats don't lie

Awesome player

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14 Teus777
15 telmomarques

He's cool and awesome and by the way I met him :o and he also helped me in many skills to reach 99

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16 Durial321

The best, att all. Muhaha. Cause it's me

Remember Falador.

Cause I'm his ingame bother Duriel

17 Jungle175

Well, few years ago, we used to be friends in game. I've admired since the first time I've saw him. He had about 1800-1900 total level and, for that time, it was very impressive. Last time we've played together, we both were training slayer, he was going to 200m xp, and I was trying to reach my 99. Jungle is a great person, he is friendly, he is my favorite, and the best Brazilian player!

#Brasil - Nub Wicked.

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18 Green098

I help starters with training and iron full set I choose iron because I only have 1000k on me when I get richer am looking to give away black sets

Shes the coolest person on rs she helps you and give you advice shes like the rs mum or something

I mean come on. Everything to 99 lets people in chat. Responds to messages. She is amazing - taintid

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19 NightmareRH

Funny as hell! He is always givin back to his fans, always showing guides. He's just a great player in general

Great guy and his videos have always sent positive vibes to the Runescape family!

I met him once, he was putting on a party because he got a 99 skill. Use to love his videos!

NightmareRH is funny as hell. You gotta love him.

20 Chessy018

#1 in construction, forever. This guy has MAXED OUT cash! Can you ask for anything more?

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