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21 Vodka5
22 Thehate

His real name is Gary and he likes to fling semen into peoples faces.

Friends with him on the game, his dedication on the game in unreal. Great player and nice guy.

Trolled all of the beggars and bots but helped all the hard workers... Awesome house too.

23 Elvemage
24 Ronaldo1k
25 Gertjaars

Once a player moderator, long time #1 overall player, and the first to get 200m in 4, 5, and 6 skills, Gertjaars has proven worthy of a top 10 placement. He operated one of the most respected clan chats in Runescape during his stint as #1. He had a youtube channel and could be seen using skype in order to keep in touch with his fans. He even has an Xbox Live, which is has oftenly played after quitting runescape in 2010.

Let me also point out the mentioning of "this guy gave me 10m he's cool" in all of the posts outside of the top 10. These players are rich and they gave a lucky player the occasional mill, cool, but they arn't the best player in runescape because of that.

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26 Number1Bosss

I think the only player in the top 10 who does youtube videos and might I add they are funny and he is trying to get comp cape on 2 account which I think is really good and never seen before

27 El panda
28 Woox16

The greatest PvMer to ever live, Zezima #1? He is well known, but whats hard about getting a few 99's?

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29 AlkanRS
30 Kids Ranqe
31 redwine
32 Skychi

I think skychi is the best because he has lots of good outfits (i've seen them) and he has helped noobs like me with his videos

If you played during 06 - 07 watch "things wrong with runescape" 1 and 2. seriously funny videos and so true at the time.

33 odvark

I think he's the best player I saw him own a level 126... He's on my friends list and I'm level 94 he can own me. He is level 77.

Level 138 has 987m come on people how many people have 987m. And everything to level 99 - odvar

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34 old nite

He's been around forever. It's good to see his name on this list. Great guy for sure.

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35 wokabooma

Gives coins out to random people anywhere from 250,000 to 2.7 million.

Wokabooma is the best player in Runescape hands down! He is so nice, he once gave me 10 million coins just for helping him in a quest! I wish every player was a nice as Wokabooma!

I once met Wokabooma, he was really nice when he gave me a dragon chain body. Huh, for some reason this program must have glitches in putting him in place no. 31!

How is this guy not #1? I mean seriously. This guy rocks!

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36 Season

I really like him he is nice and I'm gonna ask him if he can help me (i'm sarodonimm)

He's a pretty nice person, let me take pictures with him

I met him at the grand exchange and he gave me 100k, so I think he is a pretty nice guy. He was also helping someone else before he gave it to me

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37 kurianty1996

I help lots of starters with iron sets I choose iron as I am low on money I have like 1000k I go to lumbridge 1ce every week to help starters my name is kurian1996 in runescape feel free to add me and ask help maybe when I get richer am looking forward to give iron fullest plus black full set


Great player really generous

Damn the stuff I used to do back then yeah its me kurian started playing again would be nice to see my old friends again they don't play anymore :( and the help things yeah I guess its time to stop those was young and stupid back then lol. Thought this made me a hero. Helping alternate accounts of some rich guy most of the time

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38 jexx200

I remember when this list only had Arcane knights and zezima. TAK

Jexx200, without her I would have quit Runescape a very long time ago. A great friend, a great clanleader. Though at times annoying, you'll always be my favorite RS player ~ Youyou_6300 (I don't know how I didn't vote for myself ) - youyou630

39 N0valyfe

He played for under two years. In that time, he managed to pass ZEZIMA, and stay ahead of him for months, until his computer got a virus and broke. He is currently in college and plans to return.

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40 Troy9999

Such a great player with a nice attitude! - Zezerex

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