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41 PvM Kershaw

Awesome player, he really helped build my clan up even though he's not a member in it and he also funded some events for me! :D

He recently moved clans but he is still generous and helping to every player he meets, the clan he is in is also currently recruiting, message him if you would like join it.

Only started talking to him recently, but he seems an awesome person and really helpful

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42 Seacow Phil

This guy is the best, he helps out with everything. - seacowphil

43 1stprince1

Surely the best Estonian player in runescape. Very helpful and friendly person.

He is the new legend. At least among Estonians. He is probably the best known and friendliest Estonian in runescape.

44 starrychelx
45 Purridenn

Purridenn is the most funniest and outgoing RuneScape person to talk to. She replays to all messages and join her friends chat if you wanna talk to her. She loves to skill and to chat with a lot of people. Many & many people who don't bother to type in her name call her "Purri", which she is okay with that. Come on guys join her friends chat; she is really an amazing person.

I met her on Runescape when I was smithing. I talked to her and she was so nice like it says here..

Join her fc rlly she is nice and like amazing. She doesn't ignore peoplee she talk to them doesn't matter to her. She helped me out with questins to

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46 Icey Dan1

Awesome video maker he is still at it in 2013

47 Pker Tdm

The richest runescape player. Has 82 crackers and many other rare items. - Joseph17

48 wee592

what a great hard working player - browney115

49 Iron Knuckle
50 Sir Azza

I like to help a lot of players in runescape. I help a lot of starters that hang around in varrock or lumbridge that desperately don't know what to do. Feel free to add me, my username is Sir Azza so just drop in a pm if I am online. Thank you.

Sir Azza is a great friend, who would help you no matter what situation. I've known him for a while and have really got to know him, he helps out starters to the best of his ability and I think he is just awesome.

Sir Azza is a brilliant player on runescape, I've known him for a quite a long time and he is a great friend. He is just fantastic.

To say something about azza you can express it in a few words agp=amazingly generous player

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51 kingfuffy1
52 frog warts
53 I Mahatma I

Come on guys, this guy wasn't even on the list? How bout that pking we used to love doing? Well, he is the leader for the pk video's that you see today. The best 1 definitely pure ever who was literally a founding father of pking... Pure legend.

A pking revolutionary. Top 10 pkers of all time. Great YouTube videos

54 pmd367

He is a nice guy but at the fact 2 of his pals are having doubt abt him abt what he really is what he really do

The rest or the things are positive

Very mysterious this guy... Thought he was trustworthy but now 2 of pmd367's good friends, are having doubts about what he is really like.

I will help any new players in rs just add me pm me if you want help

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55 Phoenix Odin

He is an Asian dude who liked to rc like a boss and his life depended on it.

He eats Runes and has a tatoo of the nature runes on his arm in real life :D

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56 youyou 6300 V 1 Comment
57 coolkid

Cool kid I want a account like him name awsomem account but I didn't see it

58 base824
59 dialga9
60 octseven
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