10 Best Players on Runescape


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61 Jake 4 King
62 Knife 1900
63 Zarftot

He is 2nd best clicker in RuneScape but Larppis is still better.

64 gorudo_vrah

Gorudo_vrah is one of the nicest players I've met ^. ^

65 Jpan1

Prettiest guy on Runescape.

Prettiest guy on Runescape.


66 aquino
67 immortal 77

He's a pretty nice guy. he gave me 500k when I first started

68 Lynx Titan

I just want to talk to the guy once, why not lol

#1 Osrs player - Acid_Bubble

69 meepers40
70 wowp01
71 Necroserpant
72 Froootloops
73 Merchers

Merchers is the creator of merch clans, known as item manipulation clans who currently holds the account Mr A335. - zebez20

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74 Sir Azza 2
75 elianestp
76 Tinkerman

He is the best he gave me 65k for free and even gave me all her dragon armor

77 Insane18

Insane18 is one of the nicest people I know on rs. He's only level 67 and is always giving money away to those who need or want. He's pretty cool to talk to also. He does silly drops like dropping full sets of saradomin, zamorak, guthix, ammy of fury and then proceeded to drop almost 15m cash. And for those who didn't win he gave at least 1 or 2m.. He's always doing h/c and doubling people's money in one trade so I've never seen him scam anyone at all. He always pays up. I personally added him and talk to him. And he doubles my money if I ever ask him (most of the time if he's up for it)

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78 SX07

SHE is not the highest cb but she is stacked. She gave me 40m once and has insane drop parties once a month.

80 Gaybrielee

The second leader to Salvacion Board, the most awesome clan ever. He is also really rich and enjoys helping people whenever he can.

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