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101 X-Gold 115

He is rich and nice. He is an awesome person to talk to. He gives like 10k to people if they really ask.

He is really generous and cool. He gives away like 5k all the time.

102 Stretchable

My level 3 skiller 99 firemaking 99 fletching.80 thiev. No bots. Add me my private is always on. I walk around lots and don't skill much anymore.

103 Woodingbird

This guy is amazing, he's managed so much. I remember one time he was disguised as a level 15 doubling peoples money and gave me 73 million!

104 Hydt
105 Aronbowl1998
106 3arc prokill
107 araguarino
108 Bobohellion
109 aris123100
110 Raton219
111 drakfie
112 crangster123

So kind that he will give 900k

so sad he quitting rs in one more year

113 Damnnationz
114 Katie0

Awesome girl to play with, she is amazing to talk to and loves to train all the time, so if you like playing Runescape and training she's the one to pick up and hook up with

115 godofwood2

He is great guy he once x5 my money in flower game he is level 102 he kills level 115 all the time he doesent even really take gifts

116 thelamest

He helped me when I died in the wilderness an let me in his clan.
the amount of money he gave me was enormous!

117 Ability44
118 Tocwa

Nice to newbs, friendly, gives good advice, says funny things, values his reputation and integrity over dishonesty, considers his friends the best thing about Rs!

119 4EvaSkilling

What's happen to this guy - haven't seen him in moths

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120 Somthing222
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