10 Best Players on Runescape


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121 O Kenzi
122 Runes

Rank 60 Thief with 200M in it.
Very nice and kind person!
Expecting this guy to be in Top 20 overall soon!

123 dragonair

How is this person if you wanna know add me:)))) free stuff and a helpful hand and a kind person

124 Kinky Eliaf
125 Mystic_Lava
126 wolf ebz
127 acet24

Best runescape player ever. Has 99 in everything. Still goes on runescape 2013).

128 Maticool666

He made me achieve my goal to be a level 100

129 Ruffian Ebe

I him he gave me corrupt dragon armour and bandits Godspeed he was one of the people who killed zezimna

Killed SUomi in the wilde
He also killed kingduffy who is ranked 9th on the game this is on eoc he is f2p but members came to f2p Wilde so he killed them saw with my own eyes amazing

130 gaudi121

He has done 8 master quests in one day. This guy rocks

131 Emalew

The name's cute. She's cute... I knew her in real life. She helped anyone and everyone in game. She would help me, and anyone else with any quest if needed. She had no problem lending things without a price, and was a hardworker. That I know of, she still plays, but I don't know.

132 Liftbrah

Remain legend in game..

133 Cragdoefd
134 Runeshark

One of the best people in runescape community.

135 Snowdy
136 Zammygod1

He's a cool guy always helps others and is funny as hell when you get to know him

137 Killrider212
138 X Sorvete

Nice Guy, His Cousin is derpino, The best player Br ever seen in the world, And he love his cousin

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139 Derpino
140 Theologiss
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