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141 x Derpino
142 NerdnoobShow
143 N0B0DY

Once N0B0DY challenged all of runescape to fight him at once. 10,000 players were there, they al fought, they all died. When N0B0DY had only a steel long sword and a bronze helm.

Actually N0B0DY has been number one since the creation of Runescape. Jagex is just too frightened to give him credit. They don't want him to kill all their mods.

N0BODY beat Zezima wearing no armour while at half health points and poisoned! He is almost as good as Wokabooma!

N0B0DY is a level 200 who is absolutely invinceable with his armour. He has 2.1 billion coins. And he killed the Kalphite King, the Kalphite queen, the QBD, and every boss in Godwars dungeon in 3 minutes. (Without armor food or weapons)

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144 Binu22

#1 hybrid, can't beat him any time

145 A Log Burner
146 Stokenut
147 St.Chicken
148 Jake (Tezz)

Has been in the top ten for years

149 T_Tales
150 ChaosWolves
151 mat3453
152 Dragonseance

Leader of the best, and most efficient clan in the game.

153 Thechickenhumper

Come on this is one sexy name

154 katie3
155 25iritsave
156 Andrew Hale

Easily a top 100 player

157 Skills Talk V 1 Comment
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