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Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. In film, he has been portrayed by Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, more.


People say he isn't relatable to since he's a billionaire, but that's not what we are talking about when we say he's relatable to. You have to admire his strength, and the fact that he struggled mentally at the age of 8 after seeing his parents killed right in front of him! Even as a child, he fought his trauma and stress, and this character is a true example of someone at war with their own emotions. Not physically like two- face, but mentally. And that's what makes him not only relatable, but realistic, he has flaws, he is human, he doesn't have superpowers. But even though he's only human, the only person who can truly be the Batman, is Bruce Wayne himself.

Batman has no super powers but he has been able to reach the peak of both physical and mental human power. He is a multi-millionaire who has a company that creates gadgets that he could use for fighting crime and neglecting the need of any super powers. He can speak multiple languages fluently. He could defeat Any villain Or superhero. He swore on his parents death to use whatever power he has to prevent this from happening to any kid in the streets of Gotham. In short, Batman is the best.

He has perfected his body and mind to help his city. Other powered beings don't have to work to be crime fighters, but bats does. He also actually has a reason to fight crime, unlike heroes like superman. But despite what happened to him, he doesn't go out killing people, like punisher does. And punisher was a grown man when his family was killed, whereas Bruce was but a child. This is what makes batman the best hero of all.

Batman lives life as no other hero in the shadows does. Holds interest to the end most of the time. Despite the ear protection there is more behind it all, is a professional super hero with a lot of surprises which is how the Batman can use the phantom knowledge and elements to defeat the toughest of opponent. Plus Alfred is a Great Driver on the Team. Always seems to outdo the intelligence of the previous equipment in progression. Batman is also very wealthy and rich. The shroud of mystery among other things are more than enough to get past the strange ears on the Batman character. Good show lad! - iliescu

Batman is a prime example to show that you don't need super-powers to be "super". Like many other super-heroes, he experienced something traumatic in his childhood which prompted him to make a promise. A promise to make sure no other young boy would have to go through what he did. And what better way to do that than by becoming the embodiment of fear, "The Batman"; a high-tech hero who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies and defends the streets of Gotham City, so much so that people such as Superman have acknowledged him as "The most dangerous man in the world".

All the superheroes were asked to stand in a line and do a quarter mile run. Obviously we all know that when it comes to comparing all the superheroes one or the other would win the game, but Batman. Yet there is something about him which others don't have.

Coming back to the game, so as the superheroes got ready at the starting line, and all of them were looking ahead to kick start, all of a sudden they here is what everyone hears - "I'm am Batman".

Yeah buddy, you are you, always, the most near to a human figure, we are all fighting our one or the other nightmares!

Batman is unique in the fact that he is every bit as good as a super human while only being a mortal human him self. His skills as a detective and crime fighter make him a challenge for any who oppose him. His intellect surpasses that of even Sherlock Holmes, and his vast knowledge of many subjects proves brains always win over bran.

Batman feels genuine. Since he is human with awesome brains and an extraordinary heart. Since it is anything but difficult to trust that we can be "Batman" as well. We as a whole need to be heroes, and he properly let us know.

"A hero can be anybody. Indeed, even a man accomplishing something as basic and consoling as putting a coat around a young man's shoulders to tell him that the world hadn't finished."

He is the best superhero, on the grounds that HE IS BATMAN, the hero we as a whole need to be.

Batman is the greatest hero of all time he doesn't have any powers but can beat superman he know 137 different martial arts he has a vast knowledge including myth and legend he is the worlds GREATEST DETECTIVE. And he has a great alter ego as well a rich bachelor billionaire philanthropist. Batman can fake his own death and when everyone thought Bruce Wayne was dead batman still lived talk a bout secret identity.

The most obvious reason is that he has no supernatural powers. Though to be fair, he has the most OP superpower of all...he's filthy rich. I like his ingenuity and his always calm demeanor and typical "everything's under control" attitude because he's pretty much always prepared. All the extra stuff like his pretty much universal knowledge of all fighting styles and often touted (though not often utilized in the T.V. shows or movies) world's greatest detective title just make him extra awesome. Of course the way he just appears and disappears and lurks unseen in the shadows is always fun as well.

Batman is not only a super hero in fact he is not a hero. He is a silent guardian, a watchful protector - a DARK KNIGHT. Plus he doesn't needs super power to kick the ass of guys like Superman or becoming the head of the Justice league. He has reached the top of human excellence and won over the trauma of his parents death when he was just a boy. After all he is just human. Oh I forgot to mention he is one of the greatest detectives!

I say yes Batman is the very best he has no superpower and he can beat Superman that's hard to do Batman is the best he is not scared of Superman and I'm saying that in the movie and the cosmic Batman beats superman ever time you Batman in a movie Batman all was come out on top so if you don't think that Batman is the best check this site it will tell you he is the best just remember that Batman can kick some ass

Batman is the best example that one does not need special powers to be a hero. Hero is present in one's mind. His stories are perfect, his movies are perfect, his games are perfect and the whole batman universe is perfect. I heartily thank Bob Kane that he gave us The Dark Knight.

Batman is the coolest and best super hero, he proved that you could be a superhero without having super powers, that is some thing special. The worlds greatest detective is Sherlock Holmes, Zoro and Dracula at the same time. Batman could do what superman can do but he's only a human, his incredible intelligence helps him to predict other people's moves. Batman will always be the best.

Batman is the Living God among men.
A inspirational superhero who has reached the pinnacle of human physical and psychological perfection. The greatest man alive who outwits anyone literally anyone just using his brains and physical prowess.
Batman's brain and his will are itself superpowers which unlike all others superheroes he has gained himself.
Batman is superior to all other dc and marvel's superheroes who are stupid characters who gain powers by accident or birth. - Omkar01

Batman knows Gotham City as no one else except Alfred. When Batman gets back to the Mansion there is Alfred with Christmas load of weapons, armor, and different combat gadgets. Bruce Wayne is definite a fine rich character which fights for the good of the citizens. Very well thought out as a game, intelligence is as usual with a reward. Crime beware, and good going Batman! - iliescu

Batman, at a very young age, lost the only thing he truly loved (his parents). A tragedy that has given him the gift of rational and emotionless clarity of thought throughout the rest of his life. This is by far a very superhuman trait, and because of it, he is literally able to dismantle gods. This is also why Superman refers to him as the most dangerous man on the planet

Ok batman is just plain awesome first of all, but in the end he dominates without need actual powers. But to those who say he isn't a superhero without powers well he technically does perform actions that the average human can't do. Also he isn't the predictable superhero that is so cliche. He's got a darker side to him that isn't just the classic Superman where everyone loves him no matter what. Batman is different and manages to do things that are crazy insane for any average person because Batman is awesome.

The reason batman is so awesome is that he is just a normal guy. Sure spiderman is pretty cool, but that's because he has super powers. Batman spent at least 10 years training himself while every other hero just got some superpower through some kind of tech. That is what makes batman throw every other superhero in the trash. ( no offense right? )

Batman is the best! He does not have any superhuman abilities like most heroes do. He relies of the use of gadgets and his own intellect to fight crime and villians. He is great because he was able to beat the whole Justice League. As The Flash said, he's like the James Bond of the Justice League.

Batman is the best because he has the best rogues gallery, has sick gadgets, he is great at hand-to-hand combat, he doesn't have superpowers and is a lot more relatable and he has great video games (Arkham Games), great modern movies (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and some of the best written comics.

The only one without superpowers to stand amongst Gods in the justice league, the only one to beat Superman, the only one to possess awesome gadgets for any kinda situation, the only one to refrain from killing anyone however evil they may be, truly THE GREATEST SUPERHERO OF ALL TIME

Batman is just an ordinary man, he has no special powers like spiderman, superman, hulk and etc. but he can fight just like them. He is a genius person and a fast learner and the main reason why I like him is because his parents killed in front of him since he was a child that makes him a reason for becoming a batman.

Batman is a one of a kind superhero, he just does it all. Yet, the reason he is personally my favorite superhero is because he is just so bad ass. The reason I say that is because he can give super villains a good beating. But guess what? HE DOESN'T HAVE A REAL SUPERPOWER! That's what I find interesting about Batman!

The simple fact that he has the most reboots of any other super hero cartoon should tell you just how much this guy means to people. A grown man could be watching a batman cartoon and nobody would question his maturity. Batman is the most believable of all the superheroes as well.