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Captain Steven Grant Rogers, most known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was a World War II veteran and is known as the world's first superhero. The character was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and more.


Captian America is a great fighter, with loads of skills, and he isn't arrogant, or stupid or stuff. He is problably the bravest superhero in dc and marvel, as superman has powers so awesome, he doesn't even need to be afraid, and batman, he has so much money he can get very hi tech stuff so he won't get hurt. And Spider-Man has fast healing ability so he doesn't need to worry much. And hulk, he doesn't even need to think about being scared. And Iron with his highly protetictive armour, he's very well procteted. And not everybody would risk his/her life to have experiments conducted on him. And he cares loads about the people and in the civil war he surrender, not most of the superheros would throw away his pride. Like can you imagine the multiple billionaire and arrogant Iron Man doing that?

Captain America is unique because he doesn't have high tech weapons, he just has his strength of body and strength of heart. He fights for what he thinks is right, and he never makes moves against his morals. He stands up for his beliefs, and always looks after everyone else's needs before his on. Not only that, he is really good at fighting the bad guys, with his shield and his super reflexes. Even though he lacks weapons, the fighting scenes are not lacking in his movies.

Captain America may not be the strongest superhero, or has the most high tech gadgets or is somehow mutated. He is a regular human being with some of his abilities slightly better off. He has no superpowers yet he is one of the toughest superheroes because he uses all of his abilities as much as he can. He is selfless and willing to risk his own life for the greater good. He is modest and humble and sets a standard for which other superheroes should aim to reach.

The symbol of America has reached to all who believe in freedom, justice, and a passion for hard working. Captain America has all of these traits, which is why people love his character.

Surely Captain America is the Best! He's is the one who taught me about Self-sacrifice and Freedom! He fights for others and doesn't give up. Remember he was the only one to stand up against the Godly Thanos. No one can be better than him. He is surely the Best of All! A superhero is defined not just by power, but primarily by character and Captain America has the most admirable character among every other other superhero.

Steve Rogers comes in as my number One! Being a military history buff the idea of the super soldier is already appealing. I was also brought up on the Cap so that adds to my fandom. I feel his leadership qualities on top of his vast knowledge of military tactics makes him a top notch leader, and his since of morality makes him a man to admire.

He is amazing. He is loved by fans because they can relate to him. He might have had a super soldier serum but it just gave him the ability that humans already had but enhanced. And he has problems he struggle's to have a normal life. Also he is a soldier, created to help people he struggles to get away from that so he would basically give his life up to save others. This is why he is my vote and favorite superhero.

Captain America is not only a superhero but a hero in every way. He always tries to do the right thing, especially when the right thing isn't easy or generally accepted. He's not afraid of being wrong, he's afraid of not being enough. He tries his best at all times, always putting others first. He's the one superhero that I would set forth as an example to my fellow humans as the ultimate.

Incredible courage and he is basically what everyone ha always wanted to be. If you don't think cap is the greatest superhero, think again.

Captain America is the best superhero ever and I relate to him a lot when he was skinny and not a super soldier and I still do when he is a soldier he is just so amazing and he is been through so much I mean he has been frozen in time for goodness sake he deserves number one because he has so much courage and best of all he never gives up.

People say Captain America sucks because he doesn't have good powers. but people don't see that he has the best super power friendship (cheesy I know) but really almost all the super heroes in the marvel universe respect him and would take a bullet for him. Dead pool loves captain America and would give his life for him even though he is a deranged lunatic, is like the only person wolverine trusts, is the only mortal that thor will take orders from, is best buds with the black panther (black panther even put caps original shield from ww2 on his wall).

Ps. He doesn't need his powers he's beaten countless people up without them.

I do agree here with the others about captain America. Because he is my Favorite super hero ever! I hate superman like crazy! Spider-man is weird
And iron man is self obsessed and batman is just written weird.
So what's wrong with captain America? NOTHING

He's probably the superhero who cares the most about the people; not just in defending them but seeing they are humans. Even before he got his powers, he stuck up for what he believed in which I see as admirable. He is the definition of what a hero should be, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Captain America is the best superhero among all. His strength and ability is the best and he deserves it. He is a world war veteran who likes war. He is always ready to serve his nation at any circumstances. He love his best friend Bucky Barnes because he is all he has left with him as his memory back in 1945.

Captain America is not only super cool and fun to watch, he is also an amazing role model. He is truthful, honorable and moral. Every companion of his should know that their leader is always ready to do the right thing. If there is anyone to run into battle with or anyone to be like, it's Captain America.

I don't get why Captain America isn't first. He's the first Avenger, has a super cool shield and all the qualities a superhero should have. If I was to have dinner with any hero I would pick Captain America. Plus, I love a man with an aura of authority.

What makes a superhero? It's not the coolness, how strong they are or what kind of gadgets they have. You measure their greatness by how selfless they are. in the civil war comic it ends with captain America stoping and Steve Rogers surrendering. Right in the middle of a fight that he was leading his team to victory the man not the icon surrendered for the greater good. That is why Cap is the best superhero.

Captain America is a straight up hero. He's extremely virtuous, never loses sight of whats right and always keeps his moral compass pointed the right way. If that's not a hero I don't know what is.

Captain America isn't only a good superhero but a good person in general. He has more than just his powers; he has heart.

Cap defines what a superhero should be, someone who puts all others before him. From wanting to serve his country to fighting for individual rights, he is the quintessential superhero and the ideal American.

Cap is the best because he was a hero before he got powers. He is an everlasting embodiment of hope better than superman. Cap isn't bullet proof yet he still fights. He didn't even back down from Thanos!

Captain America is so brave, kind, humble, and most of all, willing to do what is right even if that means putting his own life and reputation in danger. HE DESERVES TO BE NUMBER 1!

Captain America has super cool things a brave man stand for his own family that is super cool super heroes better super heroes than the hulk and iron man and batman and every super heroes

He's THE hero. He's the hero that other heroes look up to. He's got the most heart and can still have a kickass battle without any type of gadget. And the winter soldier was great. Also, iron man is overrated. Just throwing that out there.

Captain America is the greatest superhero ever. He is determined and commited to what he must do. He won't stop until he gets what he wants, and of course he kicks Iron mans butt so... He is a great leader and always makes the right decision. He is strong and works so hard he can throw that shield at amazing speed and angles.