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Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as its associated media. The character was created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance more.


Without any super-powers he rivals and beats most who have them. He is also the most emotionally strong, having to bear the weight of the world and saving it on his own shoulders, acting as this universe's metaphorical Greek Cassandra, predicting doom and then having to deal with it himself. He started out as an anti-hero but found his true calling in saving people in a different way than manufacturing weapons. He started out believing that using weapons would save people, but realized the best way to help people was to be accountable, and thus every action as Iron Man works in confluence with him as Tony Stark. Tony himself is hero with and without the suit, as he made it in the depths of a cave whilst being tortured and on the brink of death. He rose from his own ashes of blasting a flamethrower like a phoenix from the flames and now acts heroically on not just a global level, but universal. With nothing but his wit, intelligence, and determination he has worked his way to the top ...more

Perhaps more than any other super hero Tony Stark is super precisely insofar as he is himself. What is cool about this is that he is just a guy. And unlike Batman, he doesn't need to summon some seriously questionable dark psychological trauma to feel motivated to stop crime. Hell, he doesn't even feel motivated sometimes. He's the most real superhero out there.

Sure, most of us can't connect to a billionaire playboy, but nearly all of us can connect to someone who struggles with pride and how to manage it in the face of a feeling of love for those who are close to them. Iron Man in this sense is the most relatable hero. He has some serious faults, and he's very aware of them. And that's a trait you rarely see in super hero movies.

Iron man is obviously the best. why batman as #1? batman isn't that great. just because he's a good tactician and martial artist, and he has a lot of spray-painted black gear, iron man has Jarvis, he has better tech, and EMP'S wouldn't work on the armor. it runs on electromagnetic waves, remember? the only excuse that people have for batman, is "he's Batman." lame. Iron man has died and come back, gone through different universes, tangled with the hulk, and created incredibly impressive armors. He has invisibility armors, Batman couldn't even detect that. When tony stark was thrown into a cave, he took a week to kill his way out with a metal armor. When Bruce Wayne was thrown into a cave, however, he took a MONTH to crawl out. Iron Man has tangled with gods. what could a man in a slightly bulletproof suit do? besides, even Iron mans SIDEKICKS and HELPERS are better than bat mans. he has War Machine, who is way stronger than the boy wonder.and he has Jarvis, Friday and jocosta

Iron man is the best of all. He is not only a billionaire but also a super genius who has build his superpowers himself and not inherited from others. Aided by his supercomputer. JARVIS and FRIDAY that he made himself He can beat any superhero. Also he has an iron man suit army of his own on which he improves on. So IRON MAN is the best!

Iron Man the most iconic Marvel superhero. In the movies. For one he is just downright bad a. Two he is the nerdiest dude. But still cool. He does have flaws. For one, in his firs two movies and the Avengers he's a jerk to everyone. He thinks he's as honorable as a solider. He is cheap to. He needs a suit of armor to do everything even shooting. He should be ranked around 20.

Best superhero ever! The comics are good, the films are great and he's such a unique hero as he hasn't got a specific power but he has an awesome suit. And he's a billionaire! The iron man story is AMAZING! And he's funny and he's not the type of hero to follow anyone else's rules.

Iron man suit is very strong which doesn't give him pressure while fighting large enemies. So he is a super hero with excellent precession.

Tony Stark is a mechanical genius. I think the reason Iron Man makes number five is his awesome (and almost indestructible) red and gold suit of armor and weapons.

Ironman is the best think about it The guy lost his parents at such a young age. He grew up and wanted to protect the world so he created 42 different cool suits to save people he has amazing gadgets and his suit his so cool also he is very powerful he can beat Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, he just might need some prep time to deal with Superman and Thor but anyways he is awesome that's that.

The thing that makes Tony awesome is that he has so many different armors for different situations and the blueprints are in his head. He could make a suit any time he wanted with no difficulty. He would still lose to Batman though

Iron man is an arrogant character, but that's what makes him great. So little, their has been a hero who acts the way everyone else would act if they got superpowers. Tony is that hero, and that makes him great.

Iron is the perfect balance of funny I also love he is very laid back kinda guy. What really made me love Iron Man though is that Robert Downey Jr plays him in the movies and there is NO ONE in the world who can play Iron Man besides Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man is one of the most dope heroes I've seen. He's managed to make an iron suit in a prison cell without anyone noticing and is unpredictably funny. He's super smart and still alive despite him having no superpowers at all.

Iron man is awesome he can fly his suite is iron he is incredibly rich he is a genius inventor he has every thing a man can dream of he can use his suite as a weapon he is so cool

Iron man is very rich and smart to make over 3 hundred and 46 iron man suit (we don't know but we think) and he all ways smash his iron armor. He all ways have full power than it drops to 5 percent but he looks cool and very smart suit.

The best superhero ever. Tony Stark's suit, personality and splendor make him the coolest of all superheroes. Nope, no strange radioactive waste, mutation, bug bites, or alien births for him! He is what he made himself!

He is like one of the best superheroes ever. He has an awesome suit than can do almost anything he wants it to do. Marvel has a whole lot better heroes than Dc

Iron man is just great! I do not know how to explain it but, he just is and that is that. I love him because he is unlike any other super hero. He does not have any powers and still saves many people. Oh Tony Stark.

He has a excellent brain cool style great sense of humour nobody can think at that level he thinks an excellent personality and he invented arc reactor an unlimited and continuous power source

I love the flash and deadpool don't get me wrong but in my heart iron man has always been my favorite and probably always will be he was the first superhero I liked and I mean come on he is legendary

Iron Man is a special superhero because all his powers are made possible by himself. He bounded himself into a superhero not like most how have inborn powers or using technology from other sources etc.

Iron man is definitely better than batman as he has better gadgets, suit, house and a servant (Jarvis) and also keeps cool cars unlike batman who has only 1 car and very less gadgets

Iron Man is way better than Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man. I find those three LAME compared to smartest superhero ever Tony Stark. My second favorite is Thor and then Deadpool

Iron man is the best of all. He can defeat Batman with his laser rolls which he used to destroy hammer drones in iron man 2. He is genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. He is strong and funny

He is world's best superhero.. Because he made what to he want himself.. Still protecting the world from evils. Of course he has highest fan following even in social medias like twitter & Facebook.. Even his films will always BLOCKBUSTER as always. And he is the one of the "Avenger". I Love You Ironman.. Even world loves you.