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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the ...read more.


The most relatable, most human and by far the most inspiring Superhero EVER. He started from the bottom a normal teenager who was bullied in school, as well being an orphan with an inferiority complex. As well as struggling in all parts of life. He showed even with great powers, you can't change everything people may still dislike you and not get on with you. His powers are while simple yet genius they give us a sense of wonder, practically showing urban life from a different point of view, his powers seem to be more realistic than being able to be super fat, extreme intelligence and invincibility. Yet one of his best qualities is his humanity, he gets angry, depressed and sometimes even just simply walks away from saving others. He makes mistakes yet he learns from them, like we should. He also solves problems though his intelligence and tactics not just thorough brute force and fighting. Spiderman is not just a superhero he is THE Superhero. "With great power comes great ...more

He's noble, funny, pure at heart, deep and introvert, humble with people and cocky with enemies; he's one of the best full contact fighters in Marvel Universe thanks to his agility, speed, reflexes, superhuman strength (often underrated, he's physically stronger than many other superheroes) and obviously his Spider Sense; he's also extremely smart and creative. The message connected with his story is such a powerful, wise and iconic life lesson: "With great power comes great responsibility."
He's not a rich guy nor a god, behind the mask he's just a normal boy dealing with everyday life problems, even after years being a superhero. He passed trough the worst experiences, yet he manages to be grateful, caring and, at the end of the day, still looking at the bright side of life. He would die to save someone, yet he would never kill anyone, even the worst and ruthless criminal on Earth. His stories are deep, entertaining, wise and moving.
Add all this to the fact that he looks and ...more

The only superhero to be consistently popular ever since his inception, Spider-Man is the common everyman; we can feel empathy for the wall crawler as Stan Lee proved that it is the identity behind the mask that makes the interesting appeal behind a superhero.

With common problems (finances, girls, care for Aunt May, etc.), he is easily the most relatable comic book character that has achieved massive fame; say that every comic book reader is Peter Parker and you will find that to be the case more often than not as opposed to saying that other comic book characters are relatable in that sense.

Spider-Man is the center of the Marvel Comics ethos.

I have seen a lot of superhero movies and read a lot of comics when I was little. But the one that really stole my heart and expanded my imagination had to Spidey! Don't get me wrong, other superheroes like Batman, Superman, Captain America and Iron Man were all cool! But what made Spider-man different was he was a teenager, he experienced everything a regular person could experience. He had family problems, he had girlfriend issues, he was bullied for being a geek and when he moved out his Aunt's house he had trouble paying house bills! He wasn't a billionaire or a super solider, he was as mentioned many times from himself, "Just a kid from Queens! ". As previously mentioned, he's relatable and possibly the most relatable superhero to be ever featured in comics! Again I love other superheroes, but Spider-man is the one who showed me that I don't have to be a Detective or a Multi-millionaire to be someone great, you can be anyone! Spider-man has a special spot in my heart and to be ...more

Spider-man isn't the typical superhero you would associate with other comics, whether it be DC or Marvel. In essence, the popularity of this character isn't necessarily derivative of his amazing abilities, iconic costume or his likeable comedic personality (although they are definitely factors! ). It predominantly encompasses his nobility to resonate with one's personal life and bring out the very best in them. In short he's typically the most human based character, and his motivations for why exactly he does what he does is undoubtedly impactful. Which essentially encompasses the renowned phrase "With great power comes responsibility" made explicit in Sam Raimi's trilogy. Whereby, following the traumatic event of the death of his uncle, Peter comes to the realisation that he is accountable and liable for the lives of others. That he had/has the moral obligation and abilities to prevent these unfortunate circumstances from occurring. Inevitably, this experience with Uncle ...more

This guy is completely awesome I mean he's spiderman he's been my favorite superhero since I was like 2 bro and I was born I 2002 when the first movie came on and spiderman has like the coolest feats like he punched hulk into space I know he was busted by the powers of the universe but spiderman was once marvel's fourth strongest character my favorite thing about spiderman is that he never gives up and that he doesn't kill no matter what.I also love spiderman because he can dodge basically everything to bullets and automatic weapons I also love that he is a teenager and I can relate to his problems and life I also like that he is very agile, smart, and strong and this guy pulls his punches so he accidentally doesn't kill anyone and he can lift about 50 tons now that's spectacular (no pun intended ).

Spiderman should be 1st in my opinion because he isn't only a hero : he is a guy like you that struggles with life.

He has a lot of lambda dude problems.

He has been bullied in high school, he struggles to pay his rent so he has to work as photographer for a guy that hates him (that hates spiderman).
He also lost his parents, his uncle, his girlfriend, and in a nutshell, almost all the people he loved.

Although his life is super hard and tragic, he's still a positive guy who is doing his best to save people.

You can relate to spiderman whatever your situation is.

The most tragic superhero, but also one of the funniest.

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero because he's like no other. Usually, a superhero is serious, and very focused. But Spider-Man is more than willing to crack a joke while fighting crime. And when he isn't Spider-Man, he's really just a shy but intelligent teen who's lost so much. That, and many other aspects, are why he's so awesome. Not to mention he's got some really cool powers. Imagine swinging thousands of feet in the air from buildings, or being able to sense danger, or having lightning-fast reflexes, OR being able to climb up walls. Who wouldn't want that?

I think that spiderman is the coolest, best and the most relatable superhero of all. I was introduced into the world of comic heroes through spiderman comics and movies. Spiderman brings childhood memories back for me and I definitely think it's the same with lots of other people all around the world. His commitment towards helping needy people by sacrificing his own happiness and his courage gives me strength in life to do something good and believe in myself. Also his daily life problems resonates with me and a whole lot of other people. These are just a few reasons why I love spiderman and think that he is the best superhero ever created and the best there will ever be.(THANK YOU STAN LEE AND STEVE DITKO FOR THIS LEGENDARY CHARACTER)

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero for many reasons. In the future he is referred to as the greatest hero of all time. His origin story is a great motivation for him to use his powers responsibly. And he started out on his own as a science-nerd teen so many people could relate to him. He's also super smart and has made so much (web shooters, spider-tracers, the spider armor, etc.). He's the king of quipping when it comes to fighting his enemies, SPEAKING OF WHICH he has one of the best rogue galleries ever (green goblin, doc ock, venom). And he's had iconic moments in the comics and the movies like stopping the train or freeing himself from the debris he was trapped under. Peter is also a player (Liz, Betty, MJ, Gwen, Felicia, Jean, etc.). Must I say more?

Spider-Man is a pretty powerful and cool superhero, but he's so popular because Peter Parker, at least in my opinion, is the best comic book character there is. Peter is very much like the original target audience of comic books: geeky, awkward, somewhat outcast young people. Just like reading Spider-Man is an escape from a harsh reality for a lot of people, BEING Spider-Man is an escape from Peter's rough life. So many people can relate to Peter on a personal level, and Peter carries himself like so many readers would if they were in his position. Spider-Man is a creative masterpiece.

Honestly my favorite, because he's funny, relatable, and good hearted. Here's the thing: people say, "Oh, I love Batman! He's the best because he is relatable! " Now, Batman is awesome. Don't get me wrong. But I don't think most relatable people have billions of dollars, a butler, and an unparalleled arsenal of weaponry. Peter, on the other hand, was a geeky teen who didn't have many friends, which is a more relatable life crisis. He's powerful, but not some sort of invincible god- like some other heroes- intelligent, but actually not unrealistically so. Generally awesome.

I disagree with batman being the first. Batman is known very well for being stealthy, but spiderman's spider sense will always warn him of the surroundings around him. And people always forget that spiderman can shoot his webs from quite a distance. He also has incredible speed and wall crawling that batman can't avoid. Spiderman would be moving around and batman would be trying very hard to catch him but its almost impossible to dodge the webs of spiderman because it is fast so he is ultimately not the coolest but the best

Spider-Man is simply amazing, he's just so underrated it's unreal I think he's better then Superman & Batman. He has awesome powers like swinging thousands of feet above ground, cling to any surface, shoots webs & his strength, speed, agility & Spider-Sense is unbelievably awesome believe it or not Spider-Man is just plain awesome I mean who wouldn't have his abilities. & Spider-Man battles the best Supervillains like Green Goblin, Venom & Doc Ock. & when Spider-Man isn't Spider-Man he's just a normal guy with normal life situations, normal relationships & normal work like everyone else on a daily basis. I'm sorry but Spider-Man is extremely cool & deserves to be number #1

Finally, A superhero who we can relate to. Most other superheroes don't even have to worry about the struggles of life, but Peter Parker is just barely making it with his low-paying job and superhero schedules. Obviously we're not going out and saving lives on a regular basis, but the fact that his alter ego is a nine-to-fiver shows that average Joes can be heroes, too, and not just billionaires like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

It was a hard decision between Batman and Spider-man but Spider-man has to take the gold. Spider-man is one of the best superheroes because he's the most relatable. Unlike Superman who is basically a god and Batman who is a multi-billionaire Spider-man is basically just a normal guy who got bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him awesome powers. He also has some of the coolest supervillains out there. Like green goblin, doctor octopus, venom, carnage electro and the list goes on. Looking forward to seeing him in the winter soldier and his own movie in 2017 I just hope they don't mess it up.

Spiderman is most defiantly the superhero who should be at the top because he is so easy to relate to. Being bullied is not easy and he is not some billionaire like batman or iron man who can buy anything they want. He is not considered one of the greats like Captain America and he's always faced with bad publicity, he's unappreciated. But he still goes out there and helps people with no agenda to me that what makes a true hero.

Spider-Man may not be the most powerful, or the richest, but that's why we love him. He's the definition of Underdog, and I can really relate to the guy. He faced the loss of his parents, his uncle, and a lot of close friends, but he came out stronger. He puts a smile on and continues, even when he's broken inside. That's why Spider-Man is, and always will be, the best superhero of them all.

The beauty of Spider-Man is that he can die, very easily. He is the greatest super hero because well he isn't great, he's human granted he's a genius and can cling having a 6th sense. He can die much easier than the rest, but he doesn't care... He's got a big heart, he's whimsical, and has a big heart. That is why he is the most super of the superheroes.

Peter Parker is a character every teenage boy can relate to. I was no exception to this rule. His human qualities makes you forget about the fact that when needed he can become the Super Hero Spiderman who's powers are unrivaled by any other hero. Also he has one of the most interesting menagerie of villains in comic book lore.

People like to say that spiderman is too light hearted but the thing is he uses that as a mask like we all were masks to hide our true emotions and sometimes to make the bad guys frustrated so they make mistakes he took bullets for captain america someone once told me he is childish and only meant for kids but I think he is a hero we can all relate to one way or the other

Because he's had it rough and despite everything that has happened to him, he knows that "with great power, comes great responsibility".
Peters' life sucks, yet he still sacrifices what little he has to help others.

Peter is the superhero embodiment of the importance of choice and responsibility. And a lot of us can relate to him because of his average, downtrodden, mundane life (when he's not being spider-man).

That's why he deserves to be ranked number 1.

I think Spider-Man is one of the best superhero's of comic book. He so relatable and he mite not be the most powerful superhero there is but he can still hick butt. I mean the spider sense helped him to take out batman and, if you don't why I said that go onto Youtube and watch Spider-Man v Batman Deathbattle and trust me you'll be shock. Also Spider-Man has gone threw so much that has effected him emotionally like that his uncle died, his parents died, Qwen Stacy died so a lot has happened to him and, he is the jokesters of new York so he can't be upset all the time. In Captain America civil war Spider-Man went to the Caps team because he saw that his side was the side of good instead of going on Iron Man team (Which he was originally on) were he got bad guys to form a team. This shows that he has heart of good so and knows which team the he should be on.

He's definitely one of, if not the most iconic superhero of all time. He's relatable, he's got original powers, and he's funny (though a bit cringy at times). He's powerful, but not too powerful (unlike some people *cough* superman *cough*), and his villains are more personal and diverse than other heroes, such as batman, who does have a great rogues gallery nonetheless, but most of them are just normal people who went insane. I might be biased, since I am a Marvel fan and a teen like Peter Parker, but there's no denying that Spiderman's an awesome hero.

SPIDERMAN IS THE BEST HERO IN THE WORLD I'VE LOVED HIM SINCE CHILDHOOD AND I'VE GROWN SO HAPPY ABOUT HIM. Plus the spider since totally kicks batmans ass because bat man is all stealth and spiderman's spidey sense just totally eliminates everything