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Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. It was published by DC comics. The first animated superhero movie was superman. more.


Superman basically has every required super power and then some. Sure Batman has his gadgets and gizmos but Superman would find them useless. He'd fell the same way about the powers of Spider-Man, Ironman, The Hulk, you name it. Nothing beats a combination of really every useful superpower in one hero. And his backstory ain't half bad either.

Superman is the original, the one after whom the whole genre was named. He's the standard by which all other superheroes are measured. He's the not only powerful, but honest and just too. He's inspirational. He makes you want to be better than you are. He's the light in the darkness, and the hope for the downtrodden. He has the powers of a god, but the humility of a Midwestern farm boy. As Bruce Wayne once said, I think God for every morning that Clark Kent wakes up and doesn't think 'Today I'll take over the world.' Yes, it s Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands. And who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Superman...

It's Superman. What else can I say? If it wasn't for Superman then the entire genre of superheroes would of never of kicked off as big as it did in the 20th Century. Not only was he a pioneer for superheroes but the writers got it right from the start. They made a man that is not only the most powerful of all fictional characters but the most famous and recognizable pop culture icon ever. Superman is not only his own character but his name is also used as adjectives for great people. The Beatles are like the Superman of music. Jeff Gordon is the Superman of NASCAR. Michael Jordan is basketball's Superman. You don't hear people say, "Oh, what's his face is the Batman of whatever." Even Superman's weakness, kryptonite is an adjective for weakness. Pizza is my kryptonite. Once I start, I eat until I am miserable. Those puppydog eyes are my kryptonite. Do you get the point? Everything about Superman is just so iconic that things about him and his world just randomly finds its way into our ...more

No matter who wins the popularity contest now days, Superman is still the godfather of the entire genre. He inspired pop culture worldwide for 60+ years before many of the other Superheroes even became popular. Superman is an iconic figure that was created with the best of what we as humans wish we could be. Moralistically good with all the super abilities to help mankind in every way. The ability to know when to put the preservation of life before yourself. Batman is his close 2nd in my opinion. Just like business; when a product is created, a competitor is innovated. Batman may be cooler during these times, but the inspiration to create him may not have even been there if it weren't for the creation of Supes. Finally, there is no hero better equipped that can inspire our kids to reach for the stars and fly like Superman himself.

Superman is the best of all superheroes. It's not just for his superhuman powers, but also his optimistic view of the world and undying love for humanity despite he's not from this planet. Sorry that I didn't vote for Batman or Iron Man. This is because Batman sees no good on people. Because of the pessimism he has he decided to take down Superman. He didn't understand this: The war for peace won't be without the people who die for the glory of the good. Did WWII end without a single death? Or the Afghan war? There are many more examples. In brief, Superman is the greatest superhero of all time.

The only comic book character who can TRULY save the world.I bet everyone who voted someone else has not read "The Death and Rebirth of Superman". He's the comic book hero we should look up to, not a vigilante like Batman (who is cool but not truthful, justified, respected, and cool! ). He is the selfless inspiration of all comics, and that's why he's the greatest superhero of all time.

The original, and the best. Still. Tragic origins - the destruction of his home world. Power limited almost only by his imagination - could defeat combined forces of all other heroes. Physically complex but morally simple - just a good guy with strict personal codes. Humble. The ultimate allegory for anyone who wants to be the best they can. The final, genius touch - Kryptonite - because we all have a weak spot. Remember that. Game over.

Superman was the first superhero so he is not a rip off cool back-story cool symbol and is good rather batman is portrayed as darker and the government doesn't like him so much but the president has been told by the president to assassinate people stop nukes and end wars. and for all the powers sure it kinda makes him lame but think of the villain they either have krptonite or magic. The only reason Superman and batman would fight to the death is because the president would have told superman to assassinate him. And this is how it would play out batman hears a scram he goes outside all batman style superman up high in the air uses is x-ray vision to find a weak spot batman notices him shoots a krptonite superman quickly dodges it he laser eyes batman in the weak spot killing him instantly and dumps is body in the ocean he did is duty now he save s others

Everybody is in love with batman. Uh superman could beat batman's butt into the ground. He is stronger, faster, and can save more people and take out villains quicker than anybody else. I believe captain America is truly a better man, but come on... For an alien superman really loves humans. He is not my favorite, but is by far the best

I vote for SUPERMAN because of his tremendous love that he has for the planet and for caring for humans and he knows the right things to do when it comes saving millions of lives SUPERMAN is a loving caring sensitive and understanding he came to earth as an alien but grew up as a normal person who becomes a human being he adapted in to this world and this world became his only home...

Super man is the boss. He's got super strength, ice breath, super speed, he can shoot laser from his eyes, he can fly, and he has x-ray powers. Also he is not some ugly mutant who's invincible. Also he uses his own powers unlike Batman and Ironman. Superman deserves to be at least top 5.

This is ridiculous! How can Superman be at number 3? He doesn't need a car or vehicle, he doesn't need a sidekick, and he does what he does to help others. You can't even compare him to other superheroes - he's probably what inspired their creation in the first place.

The man of tomorrow started all of this. There wouldn't be batman, spiderman, or hulk without him. He is the king of superheroes. He's not a billionaire or science experiment gone wrong. He is a plain old American man who happened to fall from space. He has the best ideals out of the whole lot. Truth, justice and the American way. Enough said

HE'S SUPERMAN! He's everything a superhero is supposed to be, an ideal to live up to. He's not just a superhero, he's THE SUPERHERO, the greatest of them all, not just because of his awesome powers, but because of how he uses those powers, as an inspiration to humanity. Everything about him is limitless, from the morals he lives up to, to his immense power. A true icon

The original super hero that set standard for ALL superheroes. Without his guys superheroes would be crap nowadays. He's got awesome superpowers that a super hero should have. I mean come on he can fly, has super strength and laser eyes. This guy is awesome.

Superman is the best superhero because of all of his superpowers. He is the ultimate superhero. When people see his symbol they immediately think of Superman. He only has one weakness but all in all he is still amazing. I prefer the original Superman portrayed by Christopher Reeve who was and still is a superhero in my mind.

People who think superman is a dull charter and think he's overrated have clearly never picked up a comic book. Superman started it all and not only is he the most iconic superhero of all time he's also the most human of all charters. Not everybody is a billionaire with a dark past, sure he's an alien but he was raised by true salt of the earth people in the heart of the good ol' USA. He was taught to see the good in everybody. he's a true middle class hero. Id also like to point out he faces villains 10 times that of other superheros so it evens out.

Super man should be number one I mean yeah bat man doesn't have powers but seriously superman is the greatest hero OF ALL TIME he can lift up infinity and sure many heroes can push them selfs to EXTREME LIMITS but here's something I got to say SUPER MAN HAS NO LIMITS he has so many powers super strength, super speed, flight, heat vision, and etc. he is one of the strongest super heroes ever I mean he even has the word super in his name

I really think that superman should be number one because he was a character meant to over come any obstacle, he is meant to be way over powered and that is why I think superman should be number one, bat man may be cooler but the facts our superman is better

Superman is just really overpowered. Why can't he have more limits than just kryptonite? Heroes like batman and iron man can be beaten a lot easier yet they win the fight with the willpower that keeps them going. Superman shouldn't have invincibility so he knows what it feels like to fight like a man.

He is the best he can use his powers to destroy the world but he doesn't he uses them for good he has a kind heart and that's all that matters

It's not about being really strong or being faster than a speeding bullet. What makes Superman great is his compassion and modesty despite being so powerful. He treats everyone as equals and sees the good in them. People forget that he's a humble farmboy at heart who was raised by two loving parents. What is more human than that? Superman is a symbol of our capacity for good. He inspires the best in all of us.

Superman has played a large part in my life. I grew up watching, reading, etc. Superman. I also love his moral standards and who he is. He's more than just a superhero, he's an American Icon, a Superhero Icon, an internationally recognized hero, and even greater, he's a beacon of hope and truth.

Are you kidding me, why the hell is spiderman ranked higher than the greatest superhero of all time, I mean you could most probably kill the guy with bug spray! By the way spiderman sucks. Superman can kick his bony little ass any day of the week.

Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are my three favorite superheroes. However, Superman is the best. On the show Seinfeld, the main character even admits that Superman is the best. Only thing is, Batman and Spider-Man have better movies. But still