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121 Walter Giardino

He has an unique technique

122 Adrian Smith Adrian Smith Adrian Frederick "H" Smith is an English guitarist, best known as a member of Iron Maiden, for whom he writes songs and performs live backing vocals on some tracks.

Iron maiden influenced a hell of a lot guitarist. How are they not in the top 20

He is really virtual guitarist

123 Morteza Pashaei
124 Hubert Sumlin
125 Bernie Torme

Diverse influences leading to an intense style all his own. Great showman too.

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126 Craig Goldy Craig Goldy V 1 Comment
127 Johnny Winter Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter is the white blues hero. No other white is even close about the blues music. He should be at least top 20.

128 Mike Stern
129 John McLaughlin John McLaughlin
130 Adrian Vandenberg Adrian Vandenberg Adrian Vandenberg is a Dutch rock guitarist, best known for his tenure as one of the guitarists in Whitesnake during their successful late 1980s period and the band Vandenberg which he started in 1981. In 2013 Adrian formed a new band; Vandenberg's MoonKings and recorded a new album which was released ...read more.
131 Edward Pursino
132 Axel Rudi Pell
133 Mark Bolan
134 Phil Collen V 1 Comment
135 Andrew Latimer

One of the best players I ever heard...

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136 Patrick Rondat
137 Roy Buchanan

Unique and important

138 Arthel Watson V 1 Comment
139 Ted Nugent Ted Nugent

Maybe Ted wasn't the greatest but I definitely learned some licks from listening to his music.

140 Alvin Lee Alvin Lee

He is the fastest guitarist ever since his Woodstock debut. No ways he is down in 128th place. He should be amongst the top 20 at least. He was leading the way for many others to follow in his footsteps. Listen to his solo in "Love like a man".

After listening to Alvin play on the Woodstock album, I was an instant fan. The man could shred with the best of them!

I am really surprised to find Alvin Lee close to the end of any guitar related list. He should be closer to the top.

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