10 Nastiest April Fools Day Jokes


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1 I'm Gay

How depressing.

I think this works best with parents or significant others...

I tried this once. I think it worked because I'm a girl and I wear a lot of black and chains and skulls and I listen to Metallica. But I'm not gay. - CrypticDeath666

lololol I wouldn't be able to becuase I would laugh too much - freezerman75

2 Someone Died

This should be #1. One time on Supermariologan, bowser junior pranked chef pee pee by telling him that his mom died. He should have been grounded forever for doing something so harsh! - DrayTopTens

That would make someone cry/emotional/suicidal

It's not nasty if you said trump died - Solacress

Making a joke out of this is just wrong. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 I'm Pregnant

I tried it. my friend believed me. I'm an 11 year old boy.

Hum I told my mom I was pregnant and I found out THAT day I was.. I was like no way

The girl I'm seeing just did this to me. Turns out it was the fastest way to get dumped. Women want men who are responsible. Good men don't find it funny when they are there reflecting on all the things they'll have to change to become a great father and make a life for this child. To find out hours later it's all a joke is a good way to ruin an otherwise healthy relationship. Probably speaks to a lack of character and good judgement to joke about something so serious.

Someone just done this to me. It nearly killed me and I'm seriously thinking about ending the relationship. Women think this is funny, but as a man we all have or no someone who's had a ex-girlfriend seriously lie about been pregnant just to get back at us. I've had that happen to me and it was really, really painful. The worry and stress for any descent man is unbearable.

4 I'm Moving Away

I just did this to my boyfriend, he was lost for words, but found it really funny. only do it to people who can actually take a joke

I just did this to my boyfriend of exactly 8 months, he fell for it and wa completely heart broken. Haha but laughed when it was over

currently doing that on my guy friend it rocks and he's believing it.! Playing sayin he's moving to he said he'll miss me and I was like awww!

I did this to my friend in 2012 he was really sad laugh out loud

5 Someone Wants To Go Out With You

What if it was someone that you actually had a crush on? - DrayTopTens

LMAO!... I almost got slapped when I told my cousin this... :( - SmoothCriminal

So messed up, if you do this you need to die. - HotRod

Just had this done like 5 min ago on messages my enemy did it to me - I'm so upset

6 I'm Dying

Dying of laughing. - Userguy44

That is horrible. No need to panic people like that!

I love this one "mom... the docter said I'm dying" - JonasStartsARiot

I mean come on Im gay thats sorta making fun of Gay people but saying I'm dying people will like hate you this is definitely the cruelest

7 Remove the Cream From an Oreo

Then replace it with strawberry cream - ElSherlock

Replace it with glue then that's evil

And replace it with TOOTHPASTE

Replace it with a child - EliHbk

8 We're Breaking Up

NEVER say this joke to your love interest!

Don't do it. My friends cousin did this and her boyfriend committed suicide. Its not funny.

Never tell your boyfriend this. Its not funny. I did it to my boyfriend and he ignored me all day. He was so pissed!

My boyfriend did this too me. I thought he was serious at first.

9 Change All the Clocks

HAHA laugh out loud

10 I Drowned Your Puppy

This one is so bad but I love it

This is horrible - ElSherlock

I tried this to my wife well we're getting divorced on tues.

This is mean spirited take it off the list


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? Poking Holes in Condoms with a Pin

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11 I'm Going to Kill You

You could get in trouble very big trouble

I do this all the time not just on april fools.

It's even better when you get a friend's number from a different friend, call friend 1 and say this. - AnonymousChick

Its like an expression that everyone uses

12 Your House Is Burning

Funny one my mom ran so fast and belived me

13 I'm Transsexual


14 I've Been Stripping for Money

Not that bad if you mean walls.
- TheDuttyGyal

15 You Forgot to Zip Your Pants

It's the greatest man

This is more effective on april fool day for someone

I love doing this to people because as soon as you say it they look down. Haha laugh out loud

This must be higher! The most effective one. All you need to take care of is the timing. - Animefan12

16 Update Your Status On Facebook With Your Birth Date and the Date of Today and Saying R.I.P.

If I had a FB I would totally do this to teach my relatives a lesson to notice me more!

That'll get everyone pretty scared. Try doing it to someone else's Facebook page!

17 Switch salt with sugar
18 I Crashed Your Car

Stupid as you

Haha My cousin done that to his girlfreind it was so funny

Laugh out loud yeah it car is in a tree laugh out loud

If anyone had said that joke to me, whether my car has been crashed or not, I'd be very angry. 😡

19 Tell a friend that someone they recently slept with has an STD

But don't worry, because I just saved a load of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.

I actually set up a fake (but real looking medical certificate) work awesome - djperth

Told my friend on Facebook
And all my friends laughed there heads off
And nice one

20 Switch lotion with mayo
21 Make Up Disease and Tell Someone You Have It.

A fictional deadly disease that anyone can catch.

Damn cool

22 Switch cupcake frosting with mayo
23 I Have Cancer, There's a Tumor Growing In My Brain.

You don't have one m8

24 I Broke Something

Like your nose...

25 Put a whole bottle of ketchup in your mouth and wobble your head in front of someone, making the ketchup look like your mouth is bleeding

I actually carried a bottle of ketchup to school did it and everyone screamed so hard the whole school heard it they sent me home and I relaxed for the rest of the week

I tried this it worked perfectly my mom actually thought I was coughing up blood

Wow it's going to be pretty fun.yeah I'll do this in the coming april fool day

26 I Burned Down The House

I did this once
I biked all the way to the house of my friend wearing half burned clothes
And told my friend that I accidentally burned the house down
She practically half fainted

Haha laugh out loud
My friend did this once 2 me as a joke and I totally fell for it - she had messed up her hair and got her family to join in with her
She ended up staying round my house till April Fools was over and then told me - JasC

Told this one to dad he's so sarcastic so he didn't believe me

This is funny my mom freaked out really bad

27 Switch cream cheese and deodorant

It is so funny but I won,t to do that to my sister tonight

28 Excuse Me Sir I Think You Just Dropped Your Pocket

I'm definitely doing this one.

Awesome! I love this one! I was laughing for an hour!

When people do this to me I just say thanks and walk away

Very cute, like it

29 Place Saran Wrap between the toilet seat.

They found out.

No spread vaseline or lotion on the toilet seat and wait till someone sits on it!...LOL

It works every single time I do it and the best thing is it works with unels too and they urinate all over there legs try it for yourself if you don't beleve me

This is so gross and mean! - DismissedEye

30 Their Shoe Is Untied

This is way too mean, I do not want to meet the person who has the nerve to pull such a horribly mean April Fools Day joke on someone. This is the most nasty April Fools Day joke by far!

31 Confess Feelings to Your Crush. If They Turn You Down, Say "April Fools."

I'm haven't warmed up to it yet

I plan on doing this tomorrow

That’s the best

32 Fake Winning Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

The greatest joke everrr!

look it up on youtube under Americas Funniest home Videos

33 Telling Someone They are In Trouble With the Boss

The best one ever why to feel the jolly in this one you rock keep up the really good jokes do you say this to everyone they would crack up at are school I told my friend and she started crying cause she was laughing so hard it was funny!

34 I Slept With Your Mum

Oh I thought that was my daddy

What if you actually did though...?

I think that's why I didn't see her last night.


35 Place Siblings Hand in Warm Water While He/She is Sleeping
36 Replace Someone's Hair Gel With Gorilla Glue

Sticks to their hands, their hair, everywhere it comes into contact with. They would have to shave their head, and I have no idea how they would get it off their hands! - QuarantineGames

I WOULD BE SO ANGRY! - DismissedEye

My dad put syrup in my shampoo... If someone put glue in my gel that bitch is going down. -. -

37 I Love You

So cool can do can do

I told that to my sister she said aww and I said April fools day she said go to hell bitch

I tried this and jeez did it work! I tried it on this guy who fancied me and he was like! About 2 hours later I was like Happy April fools I don't really fancy you! And he was nearly crying!

38 Tell someone you now like Justin Bieber

How about Tell someone you now like Kim Jong Un

Actually Justin is very nicé that everyone like him and there nothing
to tell

39 Tell Someone That Their Girlfriend Is Going to Dump Them

I did this, so my friend the other day, and when I told him he was like "THAT B****! ", when I told him it was a joke he punched me out... yea he was drunk at the time - SmoothCriminal

40 Tell Someone That the Russians Accidentally Aimed an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile at Their House.

Did this one on my mom, the Russian missile one, and it totally worked. Asked her if she was watcing T.V.. went to the extent. What a laugh we both got out of it!

I told this to my mom's cousin and he spased out it was so funny P. S> he plays too much call of duty.

41 I Slept With Your Brother Before We Started Dating

I did this to m friend and I told her on april 1st and she flipped and I said april fools she was so mad but I could not stop laughing

42 The boss told me he's going to give you a promotion

Oh no he is

I just found out hoe to use 4 two letter words in arow making sense - PrinceAntho

43 Go Up to You're Best Friends and Say "I'm a Lesbian, I Love You"
44 Point Down to the Floor and Push Your Friend

Tried it before and my friend got raged and never talked to me for the rest of the day.

45 Your Spouse Tells You That They Are Leaving You
46 Say "I'm a Rapist and Would Like to Have You for Dinner"

Why? - Userguy44

47 Will You Marry Me?

This isn't bad - ElSherlock

This isn’t nasty. - Userguy44

48 I hooked with your best friend when I was drunk

I was thinking "I love your best friend" but that is even better.

49 The owner of this phone is single, desperate and horny!

I did this to my friend. I waited to call him when he was at dinner with his girlfriend, his parents and her parents. He chased me around the neighborhood twice the next day! So funny - tackler90210

I secretly made this my ringtone on my friends phone and called him when he was on a date with his girlfriend... He chased me around the neighborhood two times the next day. - tackler90210

50 Ask a Coworker, "Are You Getting Fired?"
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