10 Nastiest April Fools Day Jokes

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I'm Gay

I think this works best with parents or significant others...

I tried this once. I think it worked because I'm a girl and I wear a lot of black and chains and skulls and I listen to Metallica. But I'm not gay.

lololol I wouldn't be able to becuase I would laugh too much

It's disgusting to say that. Some people actually are and are hated for it. Don't turn it into a joke!

Someone Died

This should be #1. One time on Supermariologan, bowser junior pranked chef pee pee by telling him that his mom died. He should have been grounded forever for doing something so harsh!

Making a joke out of this is just wrong.

My cousin has done this before.

It's not nasty if you said trump died

I'm Pregnant

I tried it. my friend believed me. I'm an 11 year old boy.

Hum I told my mom I was pregnant and I found out THAT day I was.. I was like no way

The girl I'm seeing just did this to me. Turns out it was the fastest way to get dumped. Women want men who are responsible. Good men don't find it funny when they are there reflecting on all the things they'll have to change to become a great father and make a life for this child. To find out hours later it's all a joke is a good way to ruin an otherwise healthy relationship. Probably speaks to a lack of character and good judgement to joke about something so serious.

Someone just done this to me. It nearly killed me and I'm seriously thinking about ending the relationship. Women think this is funny, but as a man we all have or no someone who's had a ex-girlfriend seriously lie about been pregnant just to get back at us. I've had that happen to me and it was really, really painful. The worry and stress for any descent man is unbearable.

I'm Moving Away

I just did this to my boyfriend, he was lost for words, but found it really funny. only do it to people who can actually take a joke

I just did this to my boyfriend of exactly 8 months, he fell for it and wa completely heart broken. Haha but laughed when it was over

currently doing that on my guy friend it rocks and he's believing it.! Playing sayin he's moving to he said he'll miss me and I was like awww!

I did this to my friend in 2012 he was really sad laugh out loud

Someone Wants To Go Out With You

LMAO!... I almost got slapped when I told my cousin this... :(

Just had this done like 5 min ago on messages my enemy did it to me - I'm so upset

So messed up, if you do this you need to die.

If someone tells me this joke, I'm gonna smash them into oblivion.

Change All the Clocks

HAHA laugh out loud

I'm Dying

That is horrible. No need to panic people like that!

I love this one "mom... the docter said I'm dying"

I mean come on Im gay thats sorta making fun of Gay people but saying I'm dying people will like hate you this is definitely the cruelest

Dying of laughing.

Remove the Cream From an Oreo

And replace it with TOOTHPASTE

Replace it with a child

Whoever dose this is a MONSTER

Put toothpaste in its spot

We're Breaking Up

Don't do it. My friends cousin did this and her boyfriend committed suicide. Its not funny.

Never tell your boyfriend this. Its not funny. I did it to my boyfriend and he ignored me all day. He was so pissed!

My boyfriend did this too me. I thought he was serious at first.

My boyfriend and I both tried to do this to each other last year, but still not funny at all haha

I Drowned Your Puppy

I tried this to my wife well we're getting divorced on tues.

I have a puppy and when I saw this, I started crying, because I kept thinking of it.

This is horrible! Not even worth a laugh.

That is so mean I have 2 I don't think that is funny

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I'm Going to Kill You

I do this all the time not just on april fools.

It's even better when you get a friend's number from a different friend, call friend 1 and say this.

Its like an expression that everyone uses

I think this is a bit over

Your House Is Burning

Funny one my mom ran so fast and belived me

I've Been Stripping for Money

Not that bad if you mean walls.
- TheDuttyGyal

I'm Transsexual


You Forgot to Zip Your Pants

It's the greatest man

This is more effective on april fool day for someone

I love doing this to people because as soon as you say it they look down. Haha laugh out loud

This must be higher! The most effective one. All you need to take care of is the timing.

Update Your Status On Facebook With Your Birth Date and the Date of Today and Saying R.I.P.

That'll get everyone pretty scared. Try doing it to someone else's Facebook page!

If I had a FB I would totally do this to teach my relatives a lesson to notice me more!

Switch salt with sugar
I Crashed Your Car

Haha My cousin done that to his girlfreind it was so funny

Laugh out loud yeah it car is in a tree laugh out loud

Stupid as you

If anyone had said that joke to me, whether my car has been crashed or not, I'd be very angry. 😡

Tell a friend that someone they recently slept with has an STD

But don't worry, because I just saved a load of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.

I actually set up a fake (but real looking medical certificate) work awesome

Told my friend on Facebook
And all my friends laughed there heads off
And nice one

Place Saran Wrap between the toilet seat.

No spread vaseline or lotion on the toilet seat and wait till someone sits on it!...LOL

It works every single time I do it and the best thing is it works with unels too and they urinate all over there legs try it for yourself if you don't beleve me

This is so gross and mean!

They found out.

Switch lotion with mayo
Turning A Computer Background to Goatse
Make Up Disease and Tell Someone You Have It.

A fictional deadly disease that anyone can catch.

Reminds me of the SpongeBob episode "Squiditis".

Damn cool

Switch cupcake frosting with mayo
I Have Cancer, There's a Tumor Growing In My Brain.

You don't have one m8

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