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1 I'm Gay

I think this works best with parents or significant others...

I tried this once. I think it worked because I'm a girl and I wear a lot of black and chains and skulls and I listen to Metallica. But I'm not gay. - CrypticDeath666

lololol I wouldn't be able to becuase I would laugh too much - freezerman75

I think I'm gonna do this :P :P

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2 Someone Died

My cousin has done this before. - moose4life19

Making a joke out of this is just wrong. - Minecraftcrazy530

As this list is "The Nastiest April Fools Day Jokes", this one has to be voted upon by me. Not a joking matter - CheesyNachos

That would of been horrible to say.
My first grade teacher told me we had to pass a test to get 2 second grade and guess what; worst april fools joke everrr. - PrinceAntho

3 I'm Pregnant

I tried it. my friend believed me. I'm an 11 year old boy.

Hum I told my mom I was pregnant and I found out THAT day I was.. I was like no way

The girl I'm seeing just did this to me. Turns out it was the fastest way to get dumped. Women want men who are responsible. Good men don't find it funny when they are there reflecting on all the things they'll have to change to become a great father and make a life for this child. To find out hours later it's all a joke is a good way to ruin an otherwise healthy relationship. Probably speaks to a lack of character and good judgement to joke about something so serious.

I think its just plain dumb

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4 I'm Dying

That is horrible. No need to panic people like that!

I love this one "mom... the docter said I'm dying" - JonasStartsARiot

I mean come on Im gay thats sorta making fun of Gay people but saying I'm dying people will like hate you this is definitely the cruelest

Well,of course you are dying of laughter,it's April fools. - DapperPickle

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5 I'm Moving Away

I just did this to my boyfriend, he was lost for words, but found it really funny. only do it to people who can actually take a joke

I just did this to my boyfriend of exactly 8 months, he fell for it and wa completely heart broken. Haha but laughed when it was over

currently doing that on my guy friend it rocks and he's believing it.! Playing sayin he's moving to he said he'll miss me and I was like awww!

I need to do this to my enemy... - Minecraftcrazy530

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6 You Forgot to Zip Your Pants

It's the greatest man

This is more effective on april fool day for someone

I love doing this to people because as soon as you say it they look down. Haha laugh out loud


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7 Someone Wants To Go Out With You

LMAO!... I almost got slapped when I told my cousin this... :( - SmoothCriminal

So messed up, if you do this you need to die. - HotRod

Just had this done like 5 min ago on messages my enemy did it to me - I'm so upset

My bestfriends did this to me stuck love note in my locker I called them like who did this and they were like haha lol it was a prank, this one really funny cause its harmless

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8 I Crashed Your Car

Haha My cousin done that to his girlfreind it was so funny

Laugh out loud yeah it car is in a tree laugh out loud

9 We're Breaking Up

Never tell your boyfriend this. Its not funny. I did it to my boyfriend and he ignored me all day. He was so pissed!

Don't do it. My friends cousin did this and her boyfriend committed suicide. Its not funny.

My boyfriend did this too me. I thought he was serious at first.

Braking up on purpose this might be intense and ligit
I did it before u should of seen the look on his face like he was constipated

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10 I Burned Down The House

I did this once
I biked all the way to the house of my friend wearing half burned clothes
And told my friend that I accidentally burned the house down
She practically half fainted

Haha laugh out loud
My friend did this once 2 me as a joke and I totally fell for it - she had messed up her hair and got her family to join in with her
She ended up staying round my house till April Fools was over and then told me - JasC

Told this one to dad he's so sarcastic so he didn't believe me

Hhi will someone please reply to me

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11 I'm Going to Kill You

It's even better when you get a friend's number from a different friend, call friend 1 and say this. - AnonymousChick

I do this all the time not just on april fools.

Its like an expression that everyone uses

U are an idot

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12 Remove the Cream From an Oreo

And replace it with TOOTHPASTE

Whoever dose this is a MONSTER

Put toothpaste in its spot

Yeah, and eat all of it.

13 Excuse Me Sir I Think You Just Dropped Your Pocket

Awesome! I love this one! I was laughing for an hour!

When people do this to me I just say thanks and walk away

Very cute, like it

what - Doggus

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14 Tell a friend that someone they recently slept with has an STD

But don't worry, because I just saved a load of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.

I actually set up a fake (but real looking medical certificate) work awesome - djperth

Told my friend on Facebook
And all my friends laughed there heads off
And nice one

15 I Slept With Your Mum

What if you actually did though...?

I think that's why I didn't see her last night.

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16 Place Saran Wrap between the toilet seat.

No spread vaseline or lotion on the toilet seat and wait till someone sits on it!...LOL

It works every single time I do it and the best thing is it works with unels too and they urinate all over there legs try it for yourself if you don't beleve me

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17 I Drowned Your Puppy

I tried this to my wife well we're getting divorced on tues.

I have a puppy and when I saw this, I started crying, because I kept thinking of it.

This is horrible! Not even worth a laugh.

Douchebag : Hey,dude,i drowned your best friend!
Me : Sure you did...
Douchebag : And your favorite teacher.
Me : Whatever,dude...
Douchebag : And your dog.
Me : WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! - UltimateHybridX

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18 I Broke Something

Like your nose...

19 Their Shoe Is Untied

This is way too mean, I do not want to meet the person who has the nerve to pull such a horribly mean April Fools Day joke on someone. This is the most nasty April Fools Day joke by far!

20 Telling Someone They are In Trouble With the Boss

The best one ever why to feel the jolly in this one you rock keep up the really good jokes do you say this to everyone they would crack up at are school I told my friend and she started crying cause she was laughing so hard it was funny!

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