10 Nastiest April Fools Day Jokes


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41 The owner of this phone is single, desperate and horny!

I did this to my friend. I waited to call him when he was at dinner with his girlfriend, his parents and her parents. He chased me around the neighborhood twice the next day! So funny - tackler90210

I secretly made this my ringtone on my friends phone and called him when he was on a date with his girlfriend... He chased me around the neighborhood two times the next day. - tackler90210

42 Replace Conditioner with Nair

They'll be bald for a while! Make sure you only do it if it's a ma

Only do this to a man that's already going bald! You don't wanna be cruel!

43 Tell Someone to Be Careful Not to Run Into a Wall or Tree In Front of Them When There Is Nothing In Front of Them

Its funny when you tell them this because they scout over so that they mess the fake wall they will actually believe therre is a wall or tree infront of them they need to miss

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44 Tell someone you saw their dog dead on the side of the road **CAPS**

Laugh out loud gets them every time

45 Ask a Coworker, "Are You Getting Fired?"
46 Point at the Ceiling In a Building and Tell Someone to Look at the Dead Bird or Body

Seen this done before it is reall funny because they will ask where when there is nothing on the celling

47 Say "I'm a Rapist and Would Like to Have You for Dinner"
48 Place Siblings Hand in Warm Water While He/She is Sleeping
49 Will You Marry Me?
50 Switch salt with sugar
51 I Dated Your Mom In High School
52 I Just Did a Poo in Your Bed

The poo was yummy. - PrinceAntho

53 I'm a brony

Did this to my friends. Man did I fool them

54 Put hair removal in someone's shampoo

This is pretty cruel I advise using like itch cream when someone asks if they can use your lotion (if they are black) or something

I am the prank master at my school and this is what I thought when I saw this:
My time has com for some serious PRANKING.

55 I Have Cancer, There's a Tumor Growing In My Brain.

You don't have one m8

56 I Have a Crush on You

I did this once to a guy and he actually believed it. I told him April Fools before I found out if he liked me. It was ridiculously funny, and he was just so confused. (I didn't have a crush on this guy at all, I just did it for the LOLs)

57 Warm water trick

The "hand in a bowl of warm water trick". Such a classic.

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58 Switch cupcake frosting with mayo
59 Put soy sauce in their coffee cup
60 I'm a Prostitute
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