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1 Bellamy Blake

He was the last person I wanted to live at the beginning. I hated him. But by season 2 "whatever the hell we want" seemed to be saving his friends and family, not just avoiding the cops. I absolutely despised how right he has been throughout a lot of the series. He knew they would still be treated like criminals when the ark came down, he was great at getting into mount weather, even without Lincoln. I love how he and Clarke end up together in the end of every season. I feel like in their own ways, they went through a lot of the same pain.

There are infinite reasons to love this character, what he has suffered and throughout the series is one of the amazing thing. 1. He shot chancellor just because he can be with his sister 2. He was selfish at the start but never meant to hurt people 3. Regretted his actions and then did what he has to save everyone. His season 1 arc was awesome in season 2 he proved he's brave and can do anything for the 100 now. In season 3 he kinda messed up again by making some rash decision in anger. Season 4 again tried his best to do everything for his people, did some best things none mistakes from him this season. Season 5 again did whatever it takes to maintain peace even it means to poison his own sister or broke a promise with someone he loves (still not shown in series but everyone knows he loves clarke). Season 6 one of the tough decision of his life he made leaving his sister alone ( what bellamy must have been through after that particular decision) seeing someone you love dying.

He's awesome I love him, he's made some major mistakes throughout the show for sure (*cough* Pike *cough*) but he has done everything in his power to redeem himself and I'll give him credit for that. He is just an all out awesome character. Definitely my Male favorite character on the show!

He has great character development. Even in season 1 when he was trying to save himself over the others, he never wanted people to get hurt. He acted in fear and regretted it every time. In season 2 and onward he tried his best to do what was right and to keep those he loves safe.

2 John Murphy

Best character development I've ever seen. I hated him in season 1, but immediately started liking him in season 2. He literally carried the show with his humor. Also I love how sweet he is with Emori. He was literally willing to die just to be with her for a few more hours. Thank god they both ended up coming back.

Wow. Just. Wow. He went from 0 to -50 then back up to 100. He has been the best character to watch for sure. I tried not to hate him at the start because I saw this ark coming, or something like it. But I still had an emotional roller coaster with how I felt about him through out the series. Still one of my favorite.

Yea sure, he was a dick for all of season 1 and like half of season 2, but the moment he met Emori he changed. His character development went from 0 to 100 and I LOVE IT! A soft side of him came out and it shows in the funniest moments. He is honestly a relatable, funny, witty, and realistic character who simply wants to survive and keep his loved ones safe.
Not only that but people forget his history - he had a rough childhood that made him who he is, but a part of him has always been a softie. Murphy truly is a multi-layered character :)

I definitely hated this guy in the first season especially when he shot my favorite character Raven. But in season 2 I started to see the good in him and realized he ain't all bad. I mean sure he still does everything he can to not die, but in the end he will remain loyal to his buddies. Love him.

3 Octavia Blake

She is literally so amazing and I loved her so much. I hated when she got all the blame for Blodreina when there were other people in the bunker influencing her. Yes I was mad at her for bloodreina, but she got all the blame, and it wasn't 100 percent her fault. Also she is literally so badass. She went from an innocent little girl in season 1 to a strong developing warrior in season 2 on. Also I love aunty O and just her whole relationship with Hope and Diyoza

Honestly, Octavia Blake started off as an extreamly relatable character - in the sense that she wasn't that strong and seemed to trust too easily (yes, I love lincoln, but would you really trust a guy who locked you in a cave). But she grows from the pain of lincolns death and become such a strong person. I o not agree with almost all of her choices (forcing people to become cannibals, burning montys hydrofarm to stay in power, putting bellamy, indra and gaia in the pit, sending someone to kill maddi - who only ever admired he by the way - oh yeh... and that whole bloodreina situation), but she is still one of my favourites.

Another badass in the series. One of the few morally grounded along with Lincoln. Not afraid to stick with what she believes is right.

She's crazy but I love her, especially her character development. she went from sweet and innocent to crazy and independent.

4 Clarke Griffin

Clarke is in my opinion the strongest character by far. You could argue that any of the main character are, but Clarke puts her pain aside to try and do the best thing for her people.
When she initially landed on earth, she had just watched her father get floated, finds out it was her mums fault and then her life long bestfriend gets murdered. However, she stays strong, makes friends with Bellamy and together, they try to do whats best for their people. I also love her relationship with Bellamy - it is nice that they both have someone they can trust and just be themselves with.

I love her. She is literally so badass. She does make me a little mad at times with her choices, but she bares it so everyone else doesn't have to. Every decision she made during the show I've understood except 1. Spoiler warning for season 7.

Killing Bellamy. WHYYYYYY. I literally love Clarke and I know she was protecting Madi but I'm a complete Bellarke Stan. They also did Bellamy's death n o justice by making everyone hate him. I literally cried for hours.Clarke has literally been through so much though. The saddest scene in the entire show in my opinion was when Madi died. I cried for hours. I love how goof of a mother Clarke was to Madi. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the ending, but it warmed my heart when all of them came back for her although it doesn't sit well with me that the human race is ending, they can't have kids, and Madi and Bellamy aren't there. Also I wish they could have reunited with everyone else who died.

She was a priss mommy's girl all through season 1 and I wanted her to die. I wanted her to be killed off. Then Finn died, and Lexa died, and Jasper died, and Clarke just felt so responsible. If I were her, I would've (sorry about this) pulled a Jasper by now, so I give her credit for her survival. I would've pulled a Charlotte or a Jasper and killed myself bc it would be too much to bear.

A lot of people put a lot of pressure on her and so many raven stans hate her but raven refuses to make the hard choices then gets mad at Clarke for following through with them sooo... I don't know neither of them are my favorite but I like Clarke better than raven

5 Raven Reyes

I love Raven. Throughout the seasons I feel like she's the only character who never does anything that bad besides the nuclear reactor. She is literally so inspirational with how she can literally do anything. She was dying, but she's literally so smart she found a way to cure it. I mean she literally built a bomb out of a tin can in season 1. It's also hilarious watching her be the 7th wheel in space. Also she deserves so much better. Literally everyone she ever loved died.

She is sooo tough, smart and loyal. Wayyyy better than Clarke. She suffered so much but still managed to pull it through in all episodes. At least, seriously, without her - everyone would have died long ago... Love this gal!

At the start, I honestly wasn't a big Raven fan. I think this was because in the first season, she is portrayed as someone who is just obsessed with a boy - finn. After he dies, we see how amazing Raven is. She is so intelligent and I love that she knows it (through her saying "because I'm awesome" about a hundred times) and I also think it's amazing how she isn't afraid to really show off her intelligence.

She really did no wrong, except killing that guy. She's always there for her friends no matter what and they wouldn't have gotten very far without raven. so badass, love her.

6 Monty Green

The best character overall he did everything for them when they were asleep, imagine how he felt to die alone and basically put himself down. His and harpers death broke me.

He was always here for his friend and always tried to save them. In season 5, he was the only who tried to make a real peace and to find solution with his farm. Then when he was in the space ship, he tried his best to save everybody and creat peace again.

One of the smartest people on the whole show. Usually did the right thing. Sad he had to die. At least him and harper found happiness

Monty didn't have a bad decision except for killing his mom to save Octavia. But he was the kindest character in the show and his son.

7 Marcus Kane

Yes, Marcus Kane started out as an antagonist, but after season 1, we quickly saw that all he wanted was for the survival of the human race. After landing on earth, he quickly connects with his humanity, and I truly believe that every descision he has made has been with an equal measure of his heart and head - he doesn't let his emotions get the better of him, never makes rash or irrisponsible decisions, and isn't afraid to show the ones he cares for how much he loves them (also his and Bellamy's father=son relationshp is one of my faveroutires?)

My personal favorite character from The 100 is most definitely Marcus. I hated him at first, as most of us did, but then he became one of the most intelligent ones. I feel like with most characters in The 100 they go through stages where what they do is a bad decision or just really stupid (not naming anyone-cough Clarke cough) but I think that Kane probably made the least amount of bad decisions after Season 1. I can’t think of one bad thing he did and everything he does is less about fighting for his people- and more for fighting for love. Also Kabby is just too cute I can't even

Kane started off as a total jerk, but after his mother died and the arc went down his character started improving. Since then he’s always striving for peace and usually succeeds. At first he would do anything to be the leader and now he would die for his followers. I’m not a huge fan of Abby but Kabby makes me very happy so these two better stay on the show At LEAST for another season. During season five he made some questionable choices so I agree that he should not be number one but every character on this show has made a choice that the fandom hates, let’s be honest we all hated Bellamy when Pike was around. Yeah so Kane definitely deserves to be top ten.

One of the characters whom I loved.
Till season 5 he was awesome. And in 6 he chose to die,Yeah that's the better he could've never lived in someone else's body.

8 Lexa

Lexa is one of those characters who's in the show for a short amount of time but still makes such an impression. She is literally so badass. (by the way I'm both a Bellarke and a Clexa) I love her relationship with Clarke. Her death was definitely in my top 3 saddest. I literally cried for like hours. Especially because I didn't see it coming. I loved blood must not have blood. The only time I ever got mad at her is when she betrayed Clarke in season 2, but she redeemed herself for sure in season 3. Also I cried throughout the series anytime someone mentioned her, especially Madi's mentions of her. I had a freak attack when she showed up in the finally even though she wasn't herself. The finally would have been much better if it was actually her. yu gonplei ste odon

She is literally my favorite character out of any show that I have ever watched. She also helped me discover that I am bisexual and not to care what anybody thinks as long as you have respect and passion for what you are doing.

Lexa is my favourite character. She is strong, intelligent and she is the first commander to establish peace. The sudden death of lexa even without a fight is heart breaking for many of the 100 fans. Characters like lexa doesn't deserve this type of end. Although the fan of the 100 expecting the role of lexa at the final season. Let's hope and see.

I knew it! I knew her and Clarke would end up together, I just though Clarke would die not her. I hoped Clarke would die. Don't get me wrong, I love Clarke, but love can't begin to describe how I feel about Lexa. It's funny, after Lexa died, I cried until my mascara looked like her makeup. Once I realised this, I cried more. She was amazing.

9 Lincoln

He is the best character in the 100,brave, selfless, always trying to do the right thing and looking for the best for everyone, he definitely shouldn't have died, without him the 100 would not have survived the first season.

I don't think there anyone who dislikes Lincoln. His morals are incredible and he is so sweet. Linctavia is one of my favorite couples and I cried like a baby during his death. I hate Pike! He did everything to protect everyone. Not just my people, but all people.

Up there with Monty, the most reasonable character. Desperate for peace and love, he chose the right way each time. He didn't deserve to end the way he did.

He is the best character in 100 , even thought his role ended but Ricky played his part better than anyone in this show . We all still miss him

10 Jasper Jordan

I loved him and was really sad when he committed suicide. He was supposed to be there till the end but he couldn't hold on anymore and I understand that.

jasper is the most realistic of all of the characters. I don't see why he gets so much hate, he has been scarred for life and just wants to forget.

You made him commit suicide. In season 2 he was awesome. But you ruined everything I liked his dark humour in 3&4 but still he was ruined

I liked him before he went psycho from Maya's death, he was funny and sweet. Even in season four I kind of agree with him, because while everyone around him is rushing to prepare for Praimfaya and not enjoying what will be a lot of them's last days alive, he's enjoying the beauty of life. I hate that it takes him being broken and portrayed as crazy to show that perspective.

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11 Roan

A great character for the season he was in. Would have loved to see more form him but his death made sense. No way could he have lived in the bunker.

Roan was a bad ass. Wish he would've made it for season 5. Another moronic mistake by the writers for killing his character off

King Roan was really cool, he shouldn't have died. They should've made his death sadder.

This guy has sooo much potential. It's really too bad they killed him off. He could've been great.

12 Echo

I love how you learn about her character the more the show goes on. It’s really interesting and intriguing. She is definitely the most badass character on the show. She was broken from a young age and on the arc she learns to be caring and loving. I wish she learned to be more independent but I just love how they developed her throughout the show.

Is a good character that was raised wrong and made bad choices. But she is still a good character

Echo is probably one of the only characters in The 100 that I love (other than Indra)!

Echo had no other choice than to become a spy. Season 6 was her season.

13 Thelonious Jaha

I will say I loved his character in the first few seasons. Was a great leader on the arc. I loved how he volunteered himself for the culling. I will say by season 4 he got kinda annoying but his character went through a lot of change. And he always put his people first.

I love Jaha. I don't know why everyone hates on him. If he never found the city of light Clarke never would have found out about Primfaya and everyone would have died. Jaha was the one who found the bunker. He always did what he thought was best for his people. He's my favourite character in the whole show.

I’m not sure why everyone hating on Jaha. He was the most wise and caring character. People may say he was bad because he found the city of light? Truth is, he saved everyone after he found it. It released and revealed information on Allie and without him finding the city of light, They wouldn’t have known about Primfya. So all the characters would have died except the remaining nightbloods.

Jaha ruins everything, he brought ALIE and killed hundreds if not thousands of people doing.

14 Emori

I literally love Emori so much. First of all you can't tell me I'm wrong, but she and John literally carried season 4. Memori is my favorite couple on the show. I cried so hard when I thought she died in season 7. I also love her friendship with Raven. I know she did some bad things at the beginning, but like every other character she developed, and also compared to some people, she never did anything that bad. I love it when in season 7 she and Murphy are protecting everyone else in the reactor. It really shows you how much she has grown as a person. I also feel like her development has a lot to do with the six years in space. She finally started to feel like her life actually mattered and she was worth something. Also, she finally felt like she had a home and family.

not many people agree but emori is my second favourite in the show (murphy is first). emori is so sweet and kind but also super badass and fearless, her character development is so underrated and people need to start recognising how great she is. she went from being a scared girl who had been kicked out of her home standing in the middle of the dessert to the queen of sanctum protecting hundreds of people with a family that loves and accepts her and a boyfriend who would die for her (and basically did).

Emori was a great character. Murphy was a nice guy really, he just had a lot of terrible things happen to him so he took it out on others but Emori brought back his nice side so yay her and the way she would do anything for him to save him and stuff was just so sweet. 9th

The lengths she would go for Murphy was so sweet.

15 Indra

My favorite part from her is in season 7 where she finally steps up and becomes a leader her self. To be fair she always was but just never showed it.

Love this woman. She’s the mother figure for another fierce woman on the show (Octavia) And they’re both fricking awesome and no one can tell my otherwise. I just am so passionate for the bond Indra and Octavia have. Love you Indra!

so strong - yes, she let her need for vengence and blood drive her emotions, but she is truly an amazing character, and I love her relationship with octavia.

she is seriously an immortal queen. I mean crushed under rubble, survived pike’s massacre, shot millions of other times, and just overall a queen

16 Madi

I love Madi. She is literally so sweet and I love her mother daughter relationship with Clarke. Her death was the saddest on the show for me. I physically couldn't handle it. I was really upset when she turned herself in. I know she was trying to do what was right, but I feel like it made Clarke killing Bellamy all for nothing. It also ended up leading to her death. I think that Madi was definitely one of the greatest editions to the show.

I wish we got to see more from madi. She came late and never really got as much screen time as she deserved. I also hated how she never got to be a kid. In season 7 you really got to see a lot of growth since she was no longer the heda. I really enjoyed her dynamic with Clarke. I think she made Clarke understand a lot about doing better.

She is the person Clark holds closest. She is so much like Lexa. They are both fearless, detrimented, and they both hold Clark close. And seens Lexa died Clark feels guilty for her death. So she does everything in her power to , save , help, and keep Madi from death. Madi helps Clark through emotional times even if she doesn’t know it. She really has a lot of help in the important of clark’s New self.

I have much to say about that it’s just she is the best her mother and daughter relationship with Clarke is unimaginably amazing that’s what I love about her she’s different than all the other people of the human race and the thing I love about her most of that Lexus started something that she couldn’t finish but MadiRose and became commander she let her people to peace

17 Charmaine Diyoza

The character growth is amazing.

I really like her on the end.

I love Diyoza. Shes such a freaking badass

She’s pretty cool

18 Finn Collins

My favorite charachter , he did kill 18 innocent people but he did not even know it at all and he also did it as he thought it would save his beloved ones (Clark and the others) . They didn't know his value unfortunately. They vasted a huge potential of the Finn charachter by doing it by the way. Also Why didn't Clark even remember him any time in any other seasons ? kind of nonsense. Love ya Finn the Spacewalker ... :) you won't be forgotten.

Can't stand this character one bit. He started as an overpowered All Day-Hero. He was a Nice Guy, did Nice Guy-Things, said Nice Guy-Words and of course he isn't guilty but sacrificed himself for his loved girlfriend. Then he came down to earth, didn't see Raven for a few days and immediately started to betray her with a boring blonde girl he just met. When he met Raven again, he pretended everything was okay. Raven broke up with him (Thank God! ) and he started again to flirt with Clarke. In Season 2 he killed 18 innocent people and didn't listen to John Murphy who tried to stop him, just because he THOUGHT they had kidnapped Clarke. When he saw Clarke coming and realized that the men, women and children he had killed were innocent, he didn't care about it and was like "Finally I found you". He rectified his crime a bit when he delivered himself to save the others, but I still don't like him.

OK, I LOVE Finn sm. But this is what irritated me, almost EVERYONE ( Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia,etc) has killed someone. But Finn killed people because he though they had his loved ones and now he’s the bad guy? I also hate how he was like never mentioned again. Rest easy spacewalker :(

His death was the saddest thing in the whole show. He probably should've waited longer to move on from Raven, and just told her when she got to the ground that he loved Clarke. But, he was one of the nicest people. He was my favorite in the beginning, but then Octavia met Lincoln, and from that became a better person, so now she is my favorite.

19 Paxton McCreary

McCreary was so awesome! I was hoping he'd live past season 5 :(

One of the best characters in the show so far! I would have enjoyed seeing him kill this crazy bitch Octavia.

20 Luna

Had you not gone loco at the end, you’d be in space with your astronaut girlfriend. I really liked you, why does Jason feel the need to just kill of any characters the fandom might really like? What’s up with that dude?

She was very intresting and tough. She was probably one of the strongest characters on the whole show. I don't understand how she's only twenty fourth.

Her relationship with raven was amazing

21 Charlotte

My 12 year old sister, who looks similar to Charlotte were watching this show. The episode before Charlotte died, I told my sister she would be Charlotte. It was honestly the funniest conuncidence ever. Still I hated her death. Also, when she kills Wells, I jumped. It was out of no where.

She killed my guy who I knew would’ve been with out a doubt one of my favorite characters
she allowed murphy to get beat up and hang
only good thing she did was speak up and leave the show

also the people’s of arcadia r so dUMB?!? anyone else get fr annoyed w them because they act like they have a damn bout wells, then they get swayed by pike, and lalalala

I don't know why but I like her.

This bitch is in 2 episodes, kills off a developing fan favorite in Wells, and is still getting votes as the top character? Y'all are idiots

22 Harper

It's so interesting how a minor character was given a bigger part in season 3. She should definitely be in the top ten instead of Jasper.

Chelsey Reist has really brought such a minor character to life. Hope she gets a bigger role in season 5 and beyond.

An interesting character since she was very minor up to season 3

She awesome I don't know why people hate or don't like her

23 Charles Pike

I am probably only one who likes him, but I think he deserve redemption on the end.

Couldn’t stand this character one bit, but at least he looked and fit the part. Not a great character, but the actor did a solid job. Much more of a convincing villain than McQueery

This guy makes me want to scream

24 Wells Jaha

I've read a comment accusing Wells death to be because of racism. He died to develop Thelonius. If the show were racist towards black people Indra,Gaia , Thelonius, Tsing wouldn't have been on the show.

No he is not gay

awww why did he have to die
I love wells

He was probably gonna be the best character in the show, but because he was black they killed him off

25 Abigail Griffin

I put it on my list because she actually sucks but she was actually really good night and the first and second season and the third eye she went down for me but I actually really like her she’s really nice I think she was perfect for Clarke’s mother and Paige Turco was perfect for a Abigail Griffin

I agree with "Terrible character... sorry" and "I want them to kill her off"

I've liked Abby from the very beginning. Very complex character, in my opinion. And Paige Turco portraid her so greatly.

She saved so many people. She deserves better.

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