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1 Bellamy Blake

There are infinite reasons to love this character, what he has suffered and throughout the series is one of the amazing thing. 1. He shot chancellor just because he can be with his sister 2. He was selfish at the start but never meant to hurt people 3. Regretted his actions and then did what he has to save everyone. His season 1 arc was awesome in season 2 he proved he's brave and can do anything for the 100 now. In season 3 he kinda messed up again by making some rash decision in anger. Season 4 again tried his best to do everything for his people, did some best things none mistakes from him this season. Season 5 again did whatever it takes to maintain peace even it means to poison his own sister or broke a promise with someone he loves (still not shown in series but everyone knows he loves clarke). Season 6 one of the tough decision of his life he made leaving his sister alone ( what bellamy must have been through after that particular decision) seeing someone you love dying.

my no.1 favorite character. He had fantastic character development, from going into the unknown to protect his sister (even if he was a douche to everyone else in the first episodes), to realizing octavia was no longer his responsibility. I also love his relationship with clarke - it is nice that they both have someone they can trust and just be themselves with.

He has great character development. Even in season 1 when he was trying to save himself over the others, he never wanted people to get hurt. He acted in fear and regretted it every time. In season 2 and onward he tried his best to do what was right and to keep those he loves safe.

He is the best. Only reason people watch this show is because of him especially seasons keep becoming worse and worse.

2 John Murphy

He might be rough and selfish in the first season but he goes through so much and becomes so sweet and I just love him.

He is the type of guy that can kill your best friend but you would still love him.

whee do I start with murphy? Honestly, probably like most people, I hated murphy to start with. Yes, because of that whole charlotte situation, and the whole hanging bellamy incident, but does anyone else remember that time when cooper (Ithink that was his name) said he needed a waterbreak and murphy peed on him...
but honestly, after meeting emori, we have really seen a loving and caring side of john murphy.
Also, he definitely makes the top ten because of his hilarious one liners.

My friends say he is almost the same as me
But over all he is a great character he is funny helpfull some times kind and trys to help if he want to

3 Octavia Blake

I love Octavia Blake her evolution is incredible and the final quote she said to Bellamy was amazing he's been telling her through out the show "my sister my responsibility" and then when she was going to die (we thought) she said "my brother my responsibility" for the Bellamy voters your crazy your just plain crazy Octavia should be first she is a badass and so what she went crazy, I mean come on people if you had to eat other people to live wouldn't you go crazy. Yeah Bellamy is pretty great to but I rank him second because Bellamy was a ass in the first season and then killed 300 yes people 300 people that were trying to protect them that's just wrong also Octavia has been through MUCH more than Bellamy, she saw Lincoln's death the man she loved, the man she said was her home I mean that was heartbreaking seeing her face( she could of turned into a jasper but she didn't because she is the strongest character in the show ) after seeing Lincoln's death and then ilian helped her not ...more

I love her! Very powerful women! She may lack leadership skills, but her loyalty, strength, and compassion still brings the best in her. Great fighter, and a very loyal friend. I like how she evolves in the series.

That sums her up
She is a strong-willed and bad-ass warrior throughout all the seasons. Yet in season 5 she is shown more then just a warrior - but selfless leader as she shoulders the burned of the dark year.

She great at the start and when everyone begin to hate her I get why she do that

4 Raven Reyes

At the start, I honestly wasn't a big Raven fan. I think this was because in the first season, she is portrayed as someone who is just obsessed with a boy - finn. After he dies, we see how amazing Raven is. She is so intelligent and I love that she knows it (through her saying "because I'm awesome" about a hundred times) and I also think it's amazing how she isn't afraid to really show off her intelligence.

This is one of the tragic character everything seems to happen with her_ even in latest episode of season 7 she was broken.

Raven is so cool. If Murphy was never real, as much as that kills me to say, she would definitely be my favourite. She's a total bad ass who knows how to get stuff done. 2nd

She just my favorite of them all she smart funny kind and helpfull

5 Clarke Griffin

Clarke is in my opinion the strongest character by far. You could argue that any of the main character are, but Clarke puts her pain aside to try and do the best thing for her people.
When she initially landed on earth, she had just watched her father get floated, finds out it was her mums fault and then her life long bestfriend gets murdered. However, she stays strong, makes friends with Bellamy and together, they try to do whats best for their people. I also love her relationship with Bellamy - it is nice that they both have someone they can trust and just be themselves with.

The way she is always so protective and would do anything to keep those she loves safe, can be scary and dangerous at times but is also kinda cool. 4th

I love Clarke! Especially when Madi comes in. I love the motherly Clarke. I really wish she and Lexa ended up together. She deserves to be happy after all the sacrifices she made.

A lot of people put a lot of pressure on her and so many raven stans hate her but raven refuses to make the hard choices then gets mad at Clarke for following through with them sooo... I don't know neither of them are my favorite but I like Clarke better than raven

6 Monty Green

The only time I ever questioned Monty's morals was with the whole 'being on Pike's side'. But I don't really blame him for this, as his dad just died, so he was really just following and putting his trust into his mum.
However, Monty has been through so much, especially havig to kill his mum and then watching his bestfriend fall apart and die.

Loved the character all the way. His death and the way he said goodbye and stuff to Bellamy and Clarke over video in the season 5 finale just broke my heart. 7th

By far the wisest, sweetest, most reasonable character to come from this show. He deserved the world and I'm glad the writers gave him a "happy" ending with the woman he loved. It's harder to choose to not fight than it is to fight. he was the strongest character.

The sweetest guy in the whole show. His death still breaks my heart.

7 Marcus Kane

Just an all around great man. How can you not love him? He became a wonderful leader.

One of the characters whom I loved.
Till season 5 he was awesome. And in 6 he chose to die,Yeah that's the better he could've never lived in someone else's body.

Yes, Marcus Kane started out as an antagonist, but after season 1, we quickly saw that all he wanted was for the survival of the human race. After landing on earth, he quickly connects with his humanity, and I truly believe that every descision he has made has been with an equal measure of his heart and head - he doesn't let his emotions get the better of him, never makes rash or irrisponsible decisions, and isn't afraid to show the ones he cares for how much he loves them (also his and Bellamy's father=son relationshp is one of my faveroutires?)

The best leader. Things were best when he was in control because he makes the most rational decisions and is not violent. He should have never lost control of Arkadia.

8 Lexa

Lexa might have a tough rough exterior but a very sweet heart and her and clarke just melt my heart. She died way to soon

lexa is one of the best character in the series. Her looks , eyes just amazing

Lexa is the best character of any series. She should be number 1.

Lexa is inspiring. For me, she is one of the best characters ever.

9 Lincoln

He is the best character in 100 , even thought his role ended but Ricky played his part better than anyone in this show . We all still miss him

Up there with Monty, the most reasonable character. Desperate for peace and love, he chose the right way each time. He didn't deserve to end the way he did.

His death was the saddest and the most meaningful to the development of other characters.

He does anything for anyone. He knows when to shut up unlike most of the characters.

10 Jasper Jordan

You made him commit suicide. In season 2 he was awesome. But you ruined everything I liked his dark humour in 3&4 but still he was ruined

Like his dark humor but he gets so dark and sad and he just kind if disappointed me

So relatable tbh.
It's sad that honestly I can see people taking the sad path he did in real life.

He's kinda funny. He knows what to do all the time, and w out him, a lot of people would have died.

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11 Echo

Echo is probably one of the only characters in The 100 that I love (other than Indra)!

Is a good character that was raised wrong and made bad choices. But she is still a good character

Sick character.

Pretty god tier. I hated her at first tho.

12 Thelonious Jaha

I love Jaha. I don't know why everyone hates on him. If he never found the city of light Clarke never would have found out about Primfaya and everyone would have died. Jaha was the one who found the bunker. He always did what he thought was best for his people. He's my favourite character in the whole show.

Please kill him off

He should die. Not a very nice character.

Easily one of the greats

13 Roan

One of the most badass characters and he was killed. Great who’s next? Bellamy? Or maybe Octavia?

roan was very back and forth and you could only trust him as far as you could through him, but he was still one of my favourites.

King Roan was really cool, he shouldn't have died. They should've made his death sadder.

Roan was a bad ass. Wish he would've made it for season 5. Another moronic mistake by the writers for killing his character off

14 Emori

Emori was a great character. Murphy was a nice guy really, he just had a lot of terrible things happen to him so he took it out on others but Emori brought back his nice side so yay her and the way she would do anything for him to save him and stuff was just so sweet. 9th

The lengths she would go for Murphy was so sweet.

Such a change and a beautiful character

Very conflicted, and very cool

15 Indra

so strong - yes, she let her need for vengence and blood drive her emotions, but she is truly an amazing character, and I love her relationship with octavia.

Indra has a lot of really good character development through season 1-3.

I just over-all like her spirit and her wisdom.

She's spectacular

16 Paxton McCreary

Pretty cool

McCreary was so awesome! I was hoping he'd live past season 5 :(

One of the best characters in the show so far! I would have enjoyed seeing him kill this crazy bitch Octavia.


17 Charlotte

This bitch is in 2 episodes, kills off a developing fan favorite in Wells, and is still getting votes as the top character? Y'all are idiots

She killed my guy who I knew would’ve been with out a doubt one of my favorite characters
she allowed murphy to get beat up and hang
only good thing she did was speak up and leave the show

also the people’s of arcadia r so dUMB?!? anyone else get fr annoyed w them because they act like they have a damn bout wells, then they get swayed by pike, and lalalala

18 Finn Collins

His death was the saddest thing in the whole show. He probably should've waited longer to move on from Raven, and just told her when she got to the ground that he loved Clarke. But, he was one of the nicest people. He was my favorite in the beginning, but then Octavia met Lincoln, and from that became a better person, so now she is my favorite.

Can't stand this character one bit. He started as an overpowered All Day-Hero. He was a Nice Guy, did Nice Guy-Things, said Nice Guy-Words and of course he isn't guilty but sacrificed himself for his loved girlfriend. Then he came down to earth, didn't see Raven for a few days and immediately started to betray her with a boring blonde girl he just met. When he met Raven again, he pretended everything was okay. Raven broke up with him (Thank God! ) and he started again to flirt with Clarke. In Season 2 he killed 18 innocent people and didn't listen to John Murphy who tried to stop him, just because he THOUGHT they had kidnapped Clarke. When he saw Clarke coming and realized that the men, women and children he had killed were innocent, he didn't care about it and was like "Finally I found you". He rectified his crime a bit when he delivered himself to save the others, but I still don't like him.

Didn't I talk about Season 1? I didn't like him anyway, in both seasons. Yes, I hated him more in Season 2 when he was just a psychopath. But this Finn is more interesting than the Finn in Season 1, isn't he? In Season 1 he was just annoying. I mean, is there anything he was not able to do? He was such an overpowered character. He was smart, perceptive, glib, selfless, brave, valiant, faithful, trustworthy and protective. Seriously? I've seen the first four seasons, now I watch it again with my sister. And she really knows what I mean. She hates him too. I mean, look at him. Look at the characteristics I've numerated. Now tell me anything bad about the Finn in Season 1, besides the fact that he cheated on beautiful Raven with not so beautiful Clarke. Got anything? No? That's it. He is perfect. That's the mistake, the writers did in the first season. If he had any bad characteristics, I would have liked him. Maybe. Whatever. I don't like him. In both seasons. I'm sorry.

His character started off a bit one-dimensional and like a plot device, but later on he became a major character. His death was the saddest on the show, and I believe the show was sitting on a golden mine with a character like Finn, but instead they killed him off for the massacre. Lexa orders his death even though she was probably behind the first few attacks that started the war in the first place. I don't like the show after his death, because there is no such thing as justice in this show, and Finn will always have his fans.

Finn was the first person in the show I considered one of my favorite characters if not my favorite. It's a damn shame how the writers turned him into a psychopath in season 2 to kill him off. Yet another moronic decision by these writers. I'm beginning to think these guys may arguably the biggest idiots alive. Never seen a show kill off so many fan favorites it's outrageous. Seek help retards

19 Luna

She was very intresting and tough. She was probably one of the strongest characters on the whole show. I don't understand how she's only twenty fourth.

Her relationship with raven was amazing



20 Madi

CUTE! She just is the cutest thing just like clarke and their mother daughter relationship is the best

The cutest girl I've ever seen. Hope she gets a big part in season 7.

Who the hell is Mandi?

I love yet relationship with Clark and plus she is so cute and she definitely needs to be higher up on the list at least like7

21 Charmaine Diyoza

She’s pretty cool

22 Harper

It's so interesting how a minor character was given a bigger part in season 3. She should definitely be in the top ten instead of Jasper.

An interesting character since she was very minor up to season 3

I'd hit it

She awesome I don't know why people hate or don't like her

23 Wells Jaha

I've read a comment accusing Wells death to be because of racism. He died to develop Thelonius. If the show were racist towards black people Indra,Gaia , Thelonius, Tsing wouldn't have been on the show.

He was probably gonna be the best character in the show, but because he was black they killed him off

Are you accusing the show that has pushed the limits for equality more than most shows of being racist.

No he is not gay

awww why did he have to die
I love wells

24 Charles Pike

This guy makes me want to scream

Couldn’t stand this character one bit, but at least he looked and fit the part. Not a great character, but the actor did a solid job. Much more of a convincing villain than McQueery

25 A.L.I.E 2

Best villain on the whole show

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