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1 Bellamy Blake Bellamy Blake

Bellamy is a sweetheart. Did you see how he broke inside when he thought his sister died? (Hah that rhyme though) He loves everyone so deeply. I just can't with him. He's changed so much since the show started. In a good way, though.

Clarke may be the main character at the beginning of they story, but Bellamy is just something else. Incredible.

Most complex character on the show, portrayed by the show's most gifted actor, written to perfection in that we've seen the good and the bad of him. Bellamy Blake is fascinating on his own, and his relationships with Clarke and Octavia are the two strongest on the show hands down.

Don't think I have a bigger love/hate relationship with any other character. Guy pissed me off in the first few episodes, but redeemed himself big time throughout the show. Then season 3 rolls around and I find myself wanting to punch the damn T.V. screen. Once again redeems himself in seasons 4/5 and is a favorite again. Shame the writers had to incorporate the beginning of S3 into his character, but other than that one of the best if not the best character in the show right now. - Flyeaglesfly17

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2 Octavia Blake Octavia Blake

She has always been fun and my favorite character in my opinion she should be the main character not Clarke she's a warrior really strong a fighter she should get best female actress on the 100

When Echo stabbed her through the guts by Echo and she fell off a cliff, it would have killed her in reality. Anyway, she is a survivor, and that is what we like. - OmgBoi

Fantastic and realistic character, hot girl and big badass. What can be better than this? - aldoloponi

Love her character

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3 Raven Reyes Raven Reyes

Such a complex character and because of some outstanding acting from Lindsey Morgan, we become attached to a girl who tries her best to portray an ego to those around her yet can't help but show her inner weakness, in self-belief, and throughout all four seasons we see this constant battle between her incredibly strong side which we love to see and her more hidden side of not being good enough to face a challenge. Also produces some amazing quotes, "This is Raven Reyes, and I'm alive".

I love how she always has a solution to everything. She is an amazing genius who as she says on the last episode, 'saves them countless times.'

Didn't really like Raven at first but over time she became one of my favorites!

I think she's a bit selfish for saying 'I hate you' to John Murphy. I must admit though, she had some tough times with Mr. Murphy, but she has a cool character and Lindsey Morgan is a really good actor. - OmgBoi

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4 Clarke Griffin Clarke Griffin

She is a selfish brat. - OmgBoi

Please put her in number 1.

Literally the best character in the show, please put her at 1 - fangirl1967

The best character in this series

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5 Lexa

One of the biggest character developments in the show. She had to balance between her leadership and her love for Clarke. Also, the battle between Roan and Lexa is probably one of the coolest on the series.

I can't help but like Lexa, she is so cool. - Songwind

She is a badass and I love her

Should be number 1

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6 John Murphy

He is a survivor, and met death face to face several times. Keep calm when its necessary, he is simple and mysterious at the same time. I think he is the only one who is becoming a good person, despite the others, that goes in the other way. Simply the BEST.

He started off as a bit of a dick like Bellamy, but later on we empathized with him time and time again. Also why the hell is Bellamy first? Bellamy caused 320 people to die by taking off everyone's wrist bands in season 1, and in season 3 he massacred grounders who were there to protect them. I mean I'd like Finn, Raven, Jasper, Monty, Clarke, and of course Murphy ahead of the overrated Bellamy Blake.

He's a badass and will walk down the earth himself to survive and I think he's gonna be a big part in upcoming seasons him Bellamy raven clarke Monty and Octavia

Best character in the serie...without him ill drop watching the show

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7 Marcus Kane Marcus Kane

Kane is number 1. on my list! In season one he was cold hearted, but changed so much. Watching him slowly become more kindhearted and improving as a person made me happy. Season 3 Kane was amazing! He was such a badass and overall a great person. I don't necessarily hate or like Abby, but I love their relationship. Go Kane

Probably my favorite character next to Lexa and Lincoln. I may have to pull a Steve buchemi in billy Madison and snipe this fool if he kills Kane off - Flyeaglesfly17

My personal favorite character from The 100 is most definitely Marcus. I hated him at first, as most of us did, but then he became one of the most intelligent ones. I feel like with most characters in The 100 they go through stages where what they do is a bad decision or just really stupid (not naming anyone-cough Clarke cough) but I think that Kane probably made the least amount of bad decisions after Season 1. I can’t think of one bad thing he did and everything he does is less about fighting for his people- and more for fighting for love. Also Kabby is just too cute I can't even

Best character development. I love him and Abbie together. They are a worthwhile relationship

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8 Jasper Jordan Jasper Jordan

I liked him before he went psycho from Maya's death, he was funny and sweet. Even in season four I kind of agree with him, because while everyone around him is rushing to prepare for Praimfaya and not enjoying what will be a lot of them's last days alive, he's enjoying the beauty of life. I hate that it takes him being broken and portrayed as crazy to show that perspective. - Songwind

He is a complete Badass in Season 2 disk 4

Funniest character, becomes the good guy in a series where there are few complete heroes in season 2

He is litteraly the best! I cried a lot when he died...he was ( and still is ) my favorite character so I think he deserved better,i keep thinking that if clarke would wait a little longer,jasper would kill cage and there would be no need for them to kill everyone including maya

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9 Lincoln

He was hands down the best character from the beginning of the show. Ricky whittle was the most fit character for the show and he deserved to be in the following seasons. It's a pity he had to die.

By far the best character in the show. Damn shame those idiot writers killed him off. Can think of so many more worthless character who actually deserved to be killed off. - Flyeaglesfly17

After Finn and Wells he was probably the most selfless and Good characters which was the end of him. Rip

How does everyone not think Lincoln’s the best. Without him the 100 wouldn’t have survived season 1. He was more selfless then Anyone else I can the show and is easily the best and most badass character cause he can kick anyone’s ass

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10 Monty Green Monty Green

Was a great character throughout seasons 1-4, but the writers have turned him into a depressed drama queen in season 5. He needs his fire and tenacity back - Flyeaglesfly17

Best character in the entire series. He is the most focused and mentally strong member of the 100.

The only smart character in the entire series who doesn't need others to survive

The Glenn Rhee of the 100

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11 Finn Collins Finn Collins

Can't stand this character one bit. He started as an overpowered All Day-Hero. He was a Nice Guy, did Nice Guy-Things, said Nice Guy-Words and of course he isn't guilty but sacrificed himself for his loved girlfriend. Then he came down to earth, didn't see Raven for a few days and immediately started to betray her with a boring blonde girl he just met. When he met Raven again, he pretended everything was okay. Raven broke up with him (Thank God! ) and he started again to flirt with Clarke. In Season 2 he killed 18 innocent people and didn't listen to John Murphy who tried to stop him, just because he THOUGHT they had kidnapped Clarke. When he saw Clarke coming and realized that the men, women and children he had killed were innocent, he didn't care about it and was like "Finally I found you". He rectified his crime a bit when he delivered himself to save the others, but I still don't like him. - Mesel

His character started off a bit one-dimensional and like a plot device, but later on he became a major character. His death was the saddest on the show, and I believe the show was sitting on a golden mine with a character like Finn, but instead they killed him off for the massacre. Lexa orders his death even though she was probably behind the first few attacks that started the war in the first place. I don't like the show after his death, because there is no such thing as justice in this show, and Finn will always have his fans.

Finn was the first person in the show I considered one of my favorite characters if not my favorite. It's a damn shame how the writers turned him into a psychopath in season 2 to kill him off. Yet another moronic decision by these writers. I'm beginning to think these guys may arguably the biggest idiots alive. Never seen a show kill off so many fan favorites it's outrageous. Seek help retards - Flyeaglesfly17

Finn was juste perfect, why did they kill him? He was the best, and he HAD to finish with Clarke!

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12 Thelonious Jaha Thelonious Jaha

Please kill him off

He should die. Not a very nice character. - OmgBoi

Easily one of the greats

Jaha ruins everything, he brought ALIE and killed hundreds if not thousands of people doing. - Songwind

13 Charlotte

This bitch is in 2 episodes, kills off a developing fan favorite in Wells, and is still getting votes as the top character? Y'all are idiots - Flyeaglesfly17

14 Abigail Griffin Abigail Griffin

I agree with "Terrible character... sorry" and "I want them to kill her off" - OmgBoi

Terrible character... sorry

I want them to kill her off

15 Wells Jaha

No he is not gay

He gay

16 Indra

She's cool, but my votes go to Emori, Murphy, Finn and Monty. :P - OmgBoi

17 Nathan Miller

He's awesome!

18 Emori


19 Roan

King Roan was really cool, he shouldn't have died. They should've made his death sadder. - OmgBoi

I liked his character it was a shocker when he was shot in season 3 but saved in season 4 he could've been a good character or potential villain in season 5

Roan was a bad ass. Wish he would've made it for season 5. Another moronic mistake by the writers for killing his character off - Flyeaglesfly17

20 Echo

Sick character. - OmgBoi

21 Harper

I love her relationship with Monty. Marper all the way! - OmgBoi

I'd hit it - Flyeaglesfly17

Chelsey Reist has really brought such a minor character to life. Hope she gets a bigger role in season 5 and beyond.

22 Bryan

Even though we only got a small amount of screen time with Bryan from season 3 and 4,he was still an amazing character! Most people who watch the 100 know him as Miller's boyfriend (Briller). He has been through as much as most of the other characters and needs more recognition. A deeply underrated character!

He's an amazing character. I love how he enjoys being gay with Miller, and is not afraid to show his feelings.
Just the fact he has survived a room with no air, whatsoever is amazing. He has risked his life so many times, succeeding and going to the top. He knows blood, as he has watched Clarke kill lots of people including Emerson and Finn. If he wasn't in this series, the gay vibe would be missing, and Miller would have no point at all in this show. - OmgBoi

23 Atom

I like him

24 Kara Cooper

Can't stand this Bitch. How is she even an option? - Flyeaglesfly17

25 Zoe Monroe

So annoying and cringey

26 Maya Vie

If she didn't die, Jasper wouldn't always be whining. Thankyou, Maya, for the relief of Jasper actually being happy. - OmgBoi

Maya was really good character and they just killed her off. That’s stupid.

27 Sterling
28 Nyko
29 Ilian

Only was in several episodes throughout season 4, but turned into a likable character in the long run. Shame they had to kill him off so soon. - Flyeaglesfly17

30 Jacapo Sinclair
31 Mandi

Who the hell is Mandi?

32 Anya
33 Cage Wallace
34 Fox
35 Dante Wallace
36 Callie Cartwig

A big unexplained character. She was Abby's 'Best Friend' in Season One's first episode, and we haven't seen her since. The wiki says she was floated. Since when did that happen?

37 Niylah
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