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1 Bellamy Blake Bellamy Blake

Most complex character on the show, portrayed by the show's most gifted actor, written to perfection in that we've seen the good and the bad of him. Bellamy Blake is fascinating on his own, and his relationships with Clarke and Octavia are the two strongest on the show hands down.

Clarke may be the main character at the beginning of they story, but Bellamy is just something else. Incredible.

He changed so much and it is amazing

I've loved Bellamy since day 1 and still do now. If he dies *knock on wood* we RIOT. Well I will, the writers will be getting a long phone call from moi. Bob Morley is love Bob Morley is life!

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2 Octavia Blake Octavia Blake

The strongest person I've ever seen! She's the heart of the show, she is just an awesome woman and warrior. Love her very much

Octavia is amazing just an incredibly amazing! I love her character, and Marie Avgeropoulos is a great actress. - fangirl1967

3 Clarke Griffin Clarke Griffin

Please put her in number 1.

Literally the best character in the show, please put her at 1 - fangirl1967

4 Raven Reyes Raven Reyes

Didn't really like Raven at first but over time she became one of my favorites!

She's the best!

Everyone else is sucky - SuperSmash

5 Marcus Kane Marcus Kane

Kane is number 1. on my list! In season one he was cold hearted, but changed so much. Watching him slowly become more kindhearted and improving as a person made me happy. Season 3 Kane was amazing! He was such a badass and overall a great person. I don't necessarily hate or like Abby, but I love their relationship. Go Kane

6 Lexa

One of the biggest character developments in the show. She had to balance between her leadership and her love for Clarke. Also, the battle between Roan and Lexa is probably one of the coolest on the series.

7 Jasper Jordan Jasper Jordan

Best character

He is a complete Badass in Season 2 disk 4

Funniest character, becomes the good guy in a series where there are few complete heroes in season 2

Jasper had suffered the most out of all of them...when they killed maya they didn't know that they killed jasper that day too.
A great human...cheers to jasper jordan

8 John Murphy

He is a survivor, and met death face to face several times. Keep calm when its necessary, he is simple and mysterious at the same time. I think he is the only one who is becoming a good person, despite the others, that goes in the other way. Simply the BEST.

He's a badass and will walk down the earth himself to survive and I think he's gonna be a big part in upcoming seasons him Bellamy raven clarke Monty and Octavia

He may be sarcastic, but he is a good person.

John Murphy is my favorite character. He isn't a good person. He isn't a smol bean or cinnamon roll. But, I love him, and I root for him. I ship him with Bellamy and Emori. Both ships are my favorite ships in the show. He is super funny. When he cries, I just want to hug him. - Disneylover

9 Finn Collins Finn Collins

My favorite characters are
Raven, Bellamy, Finn, Jasper, Monty, and, Murphy. I love Clarke, Linclon, and Octavia, but I'm trying to narrow down the list.

10 Monty Green Monty Green

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11 Thelonious Jaha Thelonious Jaha

Please kill him off

Easily one of the greats

12 Charlotte
13 Lincoln

i love him

14 Abigail Griffin Abigail Griffin V 1 Comment
15 Wells Jaha

He gay

16 Emori
17 Echo
18 Roan
19 Indra
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