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21 Harper

I love her relationship with Monty. Marper all the way! - OmgBoi

Chelsey Reist has really brought such a minor character to life. Hope she gets a bigger role in season 5 and beyond.

22 Bryan

Even though we only got a small amount of screen time with Bryan from season 3 and 4,he was still an amazing character! Most people who watch the 100 know him as Miller's boyfriend (Briller). He has been through as much as most of the other characters and needs more recognition. A deeply underrated character!

He's an amazing character. I love how he enjoys being gay with Miller, and is not afraid to show his feelings.
Just the fact he has survived a room with no air, whatsoever is amazing. He has risked his life so many times, succeeding and going to the top. He knows blood, as he has watched Clarke kill lots of people including Emerson and Finn. If he wasn't in this series, the gay vibe would be missing, and Miller would have no point at all in this show. - OmgBoi

23 Emori Read

Why are there two of Indra, Emori, Bryan, Lincoln, Anya, Lexa, Echo, Harper, Roan and Charlotte?
It does not make sense. - OmgBoi

24 Anya
25 Maya Vie

If she didn't die, Jasper wouldn't always be whining. Thankyou, Maya, for the relief of Jasper actually being happy. - OmgBoi

26 Harper McIntyre

Why did my bro have to add all these? :((((( - OmgBoi

27 Echo McGrath

Echo McGrath is awesome, though not many people know her real full name, same as Emori Read, Harper McIntyre, Roan Cone and Lexa Huggins. - OmgBoi

28 Lexa Huggins
29 Roan Cone
30 Bryan Lockens
31 Charlotte Porteous

Nooo! My brother hacked into my laptop and added the items that have duplicated, and added items spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam. :( SO SORRY - OmgBoi

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