Top Ten Best 101 Dalmatians Characters

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1 Pongo

I love Pongo - Patch-101-Dalmatians

He is the best. He's really cute too but perdita is cool and cute too
Cruella is actually quite funny
Even though she's SO evil
Patch saved the Dalmatians so he should be on the list
Thunderbolt is the wonder dog
Lars is the French MentalMan. The funniest
Person in the movies
The parrot is from
102 Dalmatians - RockStarr

2 Perdita
3 Cruella De Vil Cruella de Vil is a fictional character who appeared in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Disney's animated film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, and Disney's live-action film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians as the main more.

Great villain, who is very funny - iliekpiez

She really needs another hobby

4 Patch

My favorite of the pups.

5 Thunderbolt
6 Lars
7 Anita Radcliffe

I like anita Radcliffe she can do a lot of stuff like when she walks her Dalmatian dog perdy anita Radcliffe is the all time best Disney character of the top ten best 101 Dalmatians list now I rank her as the best Disney owner in all of 101 Dalmatians movies

She is the best 101 Dalmatians character there ever was anita can do every thing like shes walks her Dalmatian perdita and she tells roger to come down for tea this woman is so super awesome I rank anita as the Disney woman that's never been on Disneys cinema I like her so much she can cross her legs on her knees now she is the wonderful lady that girl can be in the movie anita rocks this list of the Disney top ten best 101 Dalmatians characters Disney list she is a fan of Disney I am also a fan of Disney yeah

I love anita radcliffe she is the best character that Disney had never done now this woman walks her dog perdy out side of the apartment when pongo saw them coming she loves her husband roger all the time that radcliffe girl can tell people what to do she does cross her legs every day I rank anita as the good character in Disney list

Anita is the best character in Disney films I like her and she does a lot of walking I seen her do things like walk her dog perdy out side

8 Parrot
9 Lucky
10 Nanny

I like her she is the best Disney character of this list nanny is the house keeper of roger and anita nanny can clean mop the kitchen do laundry watch the puppies this housekeeper is so wonderful Disney you need to rank her as the greatest housekeeper in all of Disney movies I like to see her in 101 Dalmatians Disney films she was awesome nanny I think you is the coolest Disney housekeeper in your 101 Dalmatians movies I like that woman nanny was the reason she is the nicest housekeeper in the most famous Disney character list rock on nanny

I love nanny she was so cool in the Disney movies this house keeper opens the door for some henchman strangers crooks burglars nanny does like those man that broke in her house now Disney made a housekeeper so that people can watch in the films like Disney movies nanny dances when she holds a feather duster in her hand she went around and around at the end of 101 Dalmatians 1961 Disney films are so great for adults and grown ups I like nanny she is the maid of anita and roger Radcliffe she lives with them in that apartment

I rank her as the best grandma in the world she is the grandma to roger and anita that granny can cook clean wash the clothes when she works she opens that door for some strangers named jasper and Horace who she don't know nanny can be tough and she throw a tea pot at jasper when she told them to leave her home she also sweeps the floors grandma can fight in the house nanny tried to close the doors on jasper and Horace nanny has been fed up with their mess she gets tired of those two men that broke in her house

Nanny is the awesome maid housekeeper and woman she the coolest maid of the house this lady does a lot she cleans cook wash dishes do laundry things she do walk with a cane now I love her this HOUSE KEEPER is the reason that her clothes need to be wash in the washing machine nanny is the best Disney character of this list she helps with the cleaning she feeds the puppies and she keeps the puppies safe from jasper and Horace she rocks I rank nanny the all time greatest housekeeper in 101 Dalmatians films

The Contenders

11 Horace
12 Cadpig
13 Lil' Lightning

Cute little guy

An awesome sidekick. I felt so bad for him in the movie.

14 Jasper
15 Sergeant Tibbs
16 Colonel
17 Penny
18 Roger Radcliffe
19 Oddball

Awesome pup

20 Domino

Cool, too.

21 Little Dipper


22 Rolly
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