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41 Jonghyun - SHINee Jonghyun - SHINee
42 Luhan - Exo M Luhan - Exo M

He is the cutest :D just look at the video when they join an interview. His head moves up and down when someone speak.. Aww, its so cute, adorable. His face also so cute, kyeopta :D

43 Kang Daesung

His beautiful voice brings out his sexiness! Plus his smile brightens the day.

Daesung oppa! Is cute inside and outside!

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44 Seungri - Big Bang V 1 Comment
45 Ricky - Teen Top

He is so adorable, his personality makes him even more cute I just love him

46 Goo Ha-ra - Kara

Kara is the best

47 Tiffany Hwang - SNSD Tiffany Hwang - SNSD

She's cute even her voice is cute and beautiful as herself

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48 Victoria Song - f(x)
49 Nicole Jung - Kara

Kara is the best

50 Krystal - f(x)
51 Jessica - SNSD

She is so cute, pretty, and perfect for me

I once had a fantasy of going out with her when I grow up!

52 Kang Min Hyuk
53 Bae Suzy - Miss A

She is cute and perfect!

54 B1A4 ~ Sandeul

He's really adorable with his cute eye smile and he's really innocent. He also have good vocals plus I find him cutest when he's asking for food.

55 Minzy - 2NE1

Minzy unnie! You're very cute, very nuce, bery talented, a very cool dancer, a very good singer, the very cute makne! Stay strong unnie, we will always love you.. All the blackjacks will always support you where ever you go.. Saranghe! 2ne1 fighting!

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56 Song Seunghyun - F.T. Island
57 Ilhoon - BtoB

In weekly idol, he really cute, watch it!

58 Kai - EXO V 1 Comment
59 Ren - Nu'est

Is so cute I love it! ')

60 Yewon - Jewelry

She is cute and nice..

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