Top Ten Cutest In K-pop

K-pop is full of pretty guys and attractive girls;but it's also full of cute singers and as you all know,some of them are cuter than others and so we call them "The cutest"!now,what do you think,who is the cutest in K-pop?!Here is my list,vote for your cutest one!:D

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41 Jonghyun - SHINee Jonghyun - SHINee
42 Luhan - Exo M Luhan - Exo M

He is the cutest :D just look at the video when they join an interview. His head moves up and down when someone speak.. Aww, its so cute, adorable. His face also so cute, kyeopta :D

43 Kang Daesung

His beautiful voice brings out his sexiness! Plus his smile brightens the day.

Daesung oppa! Is cute inside and outside!

Kang Daesung --> Smiling Angel.

Daesung, fighting!
Bigbang, fighting!

44 Seungri - Big Bang

V.i suengri oppa fighting, for us, v.i.p you cute also, but Gd is cuter! Love you oppa!

45 Ricky - Teen Top

He is so adorable, his personality makes him even more cute I just love him

46 Goo Ha-ra - Kara

Kara is the best

47 Tiffany Hwang - SNSD Tiffany Hwang - SNSD

She's cute even her voice is cute and beautiful as herself

Tiffany jjang! She is so pretty ♥ I love her voice too

48 Victoria Song - f(x)
49 Nicole Jung - Kara

Kara is the best

50 Krystal - f(x)
51 Jessica - SNSD

She is so cute, pretty, and perfect for me

I once had a fantasy of going out with her when I grow up!

52 Kang Min Hyuk
53 Bae Suzy - Miss A

She is cute and perfect!

54 B1A4 ~ Sandeul

He's really adorable with his cute eye smile and he's really innocent. He also have good vocals plus I find him cutest when he's asking for food.

55 Minzy - 2NE1

Ohh my baby minji ♥

Minzy unnie! You're very cute, very nuce, bery talented, a very cool dancer, a very good singer, the very cute makne! Stay strong unnie, we will always love you.. All the blackjacks will always support you where ever you go.. Saranghe! 2ne1 fighting!

56 Song Seunghyun - F.T. Island
57 Ilhoon - BtoB

In weekly idol, he really cute, watch it!

58 Niel - Teen Top

He is so good looking and he has the most amazing funny polite personality. He also has a beautiful face

59 Kai - EXO

He's so cute, his sleepy eyes and his aegyo is the best.

60 Ren - Nu'est

Is so cute I love it! ')

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