Top Ten Cutest In K-pop

K-pop is full of pretty guys and attractive girls;but it's also full of cute singers and as you all know,some of them are cuter than others and so we call them "The cutest"!now,what do you think,who is the cutest in K-pop?!Here is my list,vote for your cutest one!:D

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61 Yewon - Jewelry

She is cute and nice..

62 Lee Gi Kwang - Beast
63 Soyeon - T-ara

My personal bias of K-pop. She has talent, she has looks, she has personality, she's a star. And of course she's the CUTEST OF ALL for me. Hands down.

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64 Sehun - EXO Sehun - EXO

He is the cute maknae. Even his appearance looks cold, but his aegyo is super cute never watch his aegyo? Search at Youtube when he does the gwiyomi moves.

65 Yooyoung - Hello Venus

Wow all hello venus members are cute
And lovely yooyoung is one of them
Love you our lovely maknae

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66 Baekhyun - Exo

He should be on first he is so very very cute and also handsome

Baekhyun is the cutest boy in exo.

67 Park Chanyeol - Exo

Chanyeol is so cute and handsome and he needs to be higher on this list!

Why Park Chan Yeol at number 66! - SarahSaleha_1311

68 Tao - Exo-M
69 Minwoo - Boyfriend
70 Do Kyungsoo - EXO

Naturally cute! Don't even need to try 😍

71 Rain!!!
72 Eunhyuk Eunhyuk Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

He is definitely the cutest and loveliest one I love him so much he is the most talented one for making people smile to his cute acting

For me he's no1 perfect idol

He is the most innocent and the fluffiest idol ever <3 his gummy smile slays me TT hyukie is lifeuu

73 NS Yoon Ji
74 Seo Joo Hyun - SNSD
75 Hoya - Infinite
76 Sunhwa - Secret
77 Bomi - A Pink
78 Chunji - Teen Top Chunji - Teen Top
79 Changjo - Teen Top
80 L.Joe - Teen Top

He is the sweetest and prettiest of kpop! His sweet smile, his beautiful eyes. Everything about him is perfect! And he has such a cute way and is so shy. He is just adorable sweet. I love you my little Byunghun!

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