Best Singers Born After 1994

We'd like for our readers and music fanatics to assist us to identify the best young singers of the world who will not yet reach the age of 18 by January 1, 2013. Quality and strength of vocals should be considered; not necessarily awards, sales of records or exposure to the world of entertainment; although they should be identifiable with a simple entry of their name on "Google."

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1 Jackie Evancho Jackie Evancho Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho (born April 9, 2000) is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and seven albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. Evancho's 2017 album, Two Hearts, more.

Jackie is the finest singer I've ever heard. Forget about the age bracket. Forget about this century or the last one. Nobody comes close.
If I had been asked to name the worlds best singer a couple of years ago, I would have struggled to choose between Nat King Cole or Pavarotti.
Now there is now argument. Jackie Evancho - simply the best.

I listen to and play many types of music from rock, to pop to jazz to bluegrass, country and classical. Jackie is just a once in a lifetime singer. She is, as others have mentioned, already a "Superstar". I have been listening to music for over 50 years, and have never had anyone bring me to tears, and Jackie does this to me every day. Just a once in a lifetime treasure we are all so happy to be able to enjoy. I just hope to see her live at least once, before I am no longer able to go anywhere. Jackie has something that nobody I know has, and her parents, I give a lot of credit to, but she has the talent that they could never have given her. This is something she was born to do. I am so blessed to live in a time so as to witness such a historic event unfolding before our very eyes. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open. She has broken records already, and is just getting her foot in the door so to speak. How many stars are there, that within a 2 year span, have a world wide fan base, ...more

Jackie Evancho is not just the best young voice in the world, she is one of the finest voice talents of the century. She has the ability to bring grown, hardened men to tears time after time. She also broke Michael Jackson's record, and is the youngest artist in history to have a Top 5 and Platinum album on the Billboard Top 200. Her live concert performances leave people speechless. Definitely a voice for the ages.

The most beautiful voice in the world.

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2 Jonathan Antoine Jonathan Antoine Jonathan Antoine is a classically trained English tenor. He rose to fame after appearing on the sixth series of Britain's Got Talent in 2012 as one half of the classical duo Jonathan and Charlotte.

Jonathan has the most powerful, rich, perfect voice I have ever heard. The passion along with his dramatic flair leaves the listener moved to heights never before experienced. The joy and inspiration one feels is of a healing nature. He's a once in a lifetime experience.

Jonathan has the best tenor voice I have heard since Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti. He is the vocal musical phenomenon of this century. He is spellbinding to watch when he performs solo, and THAT voice is out of this world.

Jonathan is just amazing. Every time I hear him I am in just awe. I cannot believe he is just barely nineteen, Just turned this month. He is one gifted young man that reaches into your soul. He is going to be one of the GREAT ONES.

A voice that makes you go all goosebumpy and cry. Truly a legend of music brewing.

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3 Scarlett Quigley

I am a soprano myself and have been working professionally since 2005.
I was struck by Scarlett's humility. Although she had a lovely voice that is showing real potential, she does not take anything for granted and is very committed to her training and development. She practiced so regularly she even puts me to shame!
I listen for certain things in a voice - a sparkly, fresh quality is so important, and an ability to connect emotionally and dramatically with the subject and themes of the music.
Having heard Scarlett live its clear she does not yet have recordings that do her justice. The next couple of years will be very exciting for Scarlett. I can't wait to see how things develop. Good luck Scarlett!

I met two gentlemen at a concert a friend was singing at, during the interval they asked me if I'd heard Scarlett Quigley sing, I hadn't, but found out she was to sing at a local cathedral. So I went to see her, so glad I did, not only very easy on the eye she sings so beautifully too, she can be many different characters whilst singing, flirtatious, morose, mournful and very very funny. I have seen her since and she was even better. Aside from this ability she Is also very friendly and easy to talk to. I envisage big things for this young lady and the rewards would be well deserved.

I've been following my friend Scarlett Quigley's blossoming career as a soprano for over three years now and I've seen how she has worked so hard to master what she loves to do. And her hard work and dedication have paid off. This young lady is going places! I don't usually comment much but I want everyone to know how much I admire Scarlett. She is not only very talented but also a much loved person for her kind ways and gentle nature. Everything you could hope for in a friend.

So enjoyed your singing of Friday ❤️❤️❤️

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4 Connie Talbot Connie Talbot Connie Talbot (Born November 20th, 2000) is an English child singer, who rose to fame as a finalist on the first season of Britain's Got Talent. She is currently active as an independent music artist on YouTube.

I love her voice, one of the best singer I have heard in a long time. She can make a song sound better then ever :) She is always happy on and off the stage. I never seen her without a smile or a laugh and I think that is the different in most of the singers today. Number 1 singer for a long time to come she only 13 and has a very long road ahead of her. Thank you Connie for you being you.

The first time I heard her singing I had no words, Connie has achieved a great amount of thing in her short life and she will keep growing as an artist and a person, she is the most modest and polite person I know. Connie has improved a lot in public performances and playing the piano and I'm really sure that she has a really bright future and will become a legend in music. Really looking forward for what would come to her.

My Family and I absolutely love Connie Talbot's Music we've got everything by her! And we all think that Connie Talbot is the world's Greatest singer ever no one is better than Connie Talbot at Singing!

Connie Talbot is a Music Legend and Connie Talbot deserves to be in the Music Hall of Fame! Connie Talbot is simply the Best better than all the rest in the Music World!

Over The Rainbow & Beautiful World & both of her Christmas Albums are Legendary! Connie Talbot is #1 to me and to all Connie Friends!

I really have enjoyed watching her grow up. Always enjoyed her music and singing.

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5 Katie Marshall

Very impressive soprano, she has a lot to offer to the classical world. I feel that she can easily transition from crossover to classical. She has wonderful vibrato and vocal color, something that is not typical in sopranos in her age range. She lacks that thin almost "tinny" ring that is heard in most soubrettes or light lyric singers of her age. Katie Marshall has a beautiful rich voice that is such a breath of fresh air to listeners.

A hard working, lovely and talented girl who deserves every success.

Katie is an amazing Classical/crossover soprano. She has win numerous awards. Next Brit Thing finalist. Lousada cup for best singer at Farnham. Sheila Armstrong award for most promising singer in Farnham. She has a great range and fantastic tone and is a star of the future.

Voice of an angel!

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6 Anastasia Lee

Anya is a 16 year old soprano from Green Bay, WI. She sings several genres from Elvis. Tunes to classical and has several awesome videos on YouTube.

Although she is young, I find her extremely professional. I was at her concert at Festa Italiana in Michigan, and she stayed after the concert for HOURS. Professionals that are paid millions of dollars don't even do that. She was even playing with the kids who came to her performance afterward, ball gown and all. I saw her sniffling a couple hours later and I came up to her and asked her what was wrong and she told me that a bee had stung her by a sign and that she didn't want to cry because she had some makeup on and because people were still crowding her for pictures, etc. And she didn't want to 'scare them away'. At that response I started laughing and she did too. Such professionalism from this girl. Whoever signs this girl is one lucky dog, she was so easy to talk to, and she knew a good amount about most everything. We had a 'heated' conversation on who makes the best Italian cannolli's. (I was actually working one of the food stands at the time. You can tell she is classy, but ...more


Ms Lee has the Most Unique Voice of most on Any List. Contraltos are extremely rare.

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7 Hollie Steel

Voice as pure as crystal! Can do them Arias like a pro even though she started to sing opera aged 10! Prodigy and such and amazing little girl! She is extremely kind and caring and has a beautiful face to go with it.
Best singer ever!
Love you Hollie if you're reading this!

After having singing lessons for just 3 years her voice has improved so much.
Before it was so angelic, light, powerful and refreshing and now it is all them plus controlled and emotional and much better breathing! Pure talented. She has over come nerves and is now (in my opinion) the best singer on this earth.
She is not just a singer she is an artist, a prodigy.

Besides her wonderful voice Hollie is a beautiful person with a warm and caring heart. She does a lot of charity events and her version of Pokara Ana" was dedicated to the Earthquake victims in Christchurch NZ

Not only does Hollie have a beautiful voice; you can hear in every song that she enjoys singing. That's the reason she's after all the number 1. Just continue the things you do and take good care of yourself Hollie!

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8 Anna Graceman

"Young prodigy piano self-accompanist with vocal range similar to Rhema Marvanne, Ana Graceman does quite well in 'So Complicated;' this young Alaska native has a very bright future ahead of her! " (Credit quote from comment "The Top Tens - Best Child Singers of Today") Also did quite well in "America's Got Talent. "
United States of America.

Anna is a great singer and songwriter who has a great future. She is such a talent, I would say she is the one singer in the list who will sustain a career for the longest time I believe. I also like Connie Talbot and Hollie Steel and it was a close call between all three but Anna has edged it for me because I see the long term potential. They were my top three but one vote only goes to the girl who ranks for me as the best here and one of the greatest singers ever even at her young age.

Anna, my friend. To me what really stands out about Anna is that she only performs her own songs. She has become an accomplished song writer, Currently writing some great pop and rock songs that I like very much. As a performer and singer she truly puts on a show. Great entertainer. You can't help but love this young lady. She has more energy than three people her size. I believe Anna will go far, people like her and she writes killer songs. Her great singing voice is reminiscent of famous entertainers of years past. Can't say enough good things about Anna

I think Anna will rise to the top one day. I say that because she has the unique ability to sit down and write songs, GREAT songs. VERY talented young lady..

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9 Georgia Odette

I have not had the pleasure of seeing Georgia live yet but her performances on Youtube videos are breathtaking for such a young person. Her voice is mature to the point where she could perform quite readily in a musical such as Les Miserables or West Side Story, and can also perform an operatic aria amazingly well. It is therefore no surprise that she gets selected to perform at major events. In addition to that, Georgia is also an amazing artist, a young lady of many talents. - ronjdavis

Georgia Odette (15) has got a beautiful voice, when she appeared 2 years ago in BGT she showed all her talent and ability, a great UK operatic / classical crossover singer. Her style is incomparable, a powerful range, so pure and extremely professional. A winner of course when singing at the Royal Gala and many other events. Georgia's got a beautiful personality, not only singing but a wonderful people's gift. Believe this: She's an angel.

Please check out her music by contacting her on facebook, twitter and youtube. It's easy to find her and, You'll never regret. A splendid feeling indeed.

Georgia Odette is a fifteen year old soprano whose voice belies her years. Her voice is so strong that Odette could easily pursue a serious career in opera... Though her heart is in crossover (fine by us)! Odette made an appearance on 2011's Britain's Got Talent where she received a standing ovation from both crowd and judges - since then she has won several prizes at competitions and festivals. She has recorded a demo of arias and standards - but this is only to showcase her hugely mature voice

Xx Love you Georgia Xx

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10 Alesi Summer

If anyone deserves to be in the top 5, in my opinion 1st place, that would be Alesi Summer. I remember chatting with her after her 13th birthday in March. Alesi has grown so much since then. Her voice has matured and her tone, range, and vocal quality is getting more and more amazing. Alesi works very hard at her craft and she has an amazing talent. She is also one of the sweetest people I've ever known. Alesi, I've known you a good 3 years and I know that you are destined for greatness. Love you so much sweetie. Your dream will come true.

Amazing young singer with an outstanding vocal range, every performance comes out stronger, expect to hear a lot more from Alesi Summer in 2014

Wonderful performer. So talented.

Alesi summer I believe should be in the top five she's amazing singer and I beautiful person

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The Contenders

11 Faryl Smith

Skilled vocalist and soloist with clear, pitch perfect voice. Powerful sonic presence and visually appealing young woman. Impressive portfolio of performances.

Perfect voice for musicals; major film industry agents should be lining up to sign contracts! United Kingdom.

Just astounding. Great future. Pulchritudinous.

Fabulous voice and look. Star waiting to happen!

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12 Irlanda Valenzuela

Love her voice! Very powerful...

You can sample the powerful vocalization of Irlanda Valenzuela on YouTube: "irlanda - cielo rojo (15-07-12 pequeños gigantes 2. " She can hit deep, clean notes. Mexico.

See the new videoclip "AHORA TÚ" in the YouTube chanel: Irlanda Valenzuela. Awesome!

Salvo Jackie que es muy buena, Irlanda es mejor que las demas

13 Jotta A.

Jotta is a messenger from God. He is anointed of God to bless His people that so desperately need to hear the voice of God, and he sent it through Jotta A. So many people are singing with beautiful voices, but they are not singing to God; they don't have Gods anointing. Jotta A. Sings to God he sings for God. Praying God protection, wisdom, and knowledge as you move forward in Jesus name.

This boy is way better than anyone who I ever heard sing. His voice is change lets pray that when his voice breaks he could sing just as good he is getting more and more popular thanks to me because nobody used to listen to him because he sang gospel but thanks to me everyone who is my friend in trinidad etc know him because of me and the news about him is spreading may god bless you jotta a e familia e keep you on the right track. Enjoy your birthday in advance

Jotta is Gods doing. An Angel on earth spreading the word of God. He inspires me and I cannot go by a day without listening to his voice. His love of Jesus is clear in his voice and his animated beautiful face. I pray this gift of God is protected in this shallow and cruel world. I pray the Archangels protect him and he keeps alive in the spirit of God. Amen Jotta. You are loved by Jesus. Amen x simply Amazing - the grace of God.

Uo such a blessing jotta

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14 Amy Rowlett

Amy has a nice voice but it is not that unique in my opinion but she is young so may find "her " voice at some time - jinny10

Dreamy. The world needs more like Amy. But not too many or she wouldn't be so special as she is now.

Amy has a very unique voice that just seems to touch the soul effortlessly. I love listening to her dulcet tones.

Beautiful voice!

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15 Rhema Marvanne

Rhema marvanne is the best she sing's like a pro and like an angel... She sing's with passion and she is a wonderful child... Rhema has inspired million's of people and many people were blessed because of her because she is spreading the Good news to the people and encourages them to accept jesus as their personal savior

I love rhema she is gifted and god used her as an instrument to share The Gospel and god gave her a wonderful talent to encourage people God bless you rhema

Rhema has the capability to end songs strongly. The termination of "Note to God" is tremendous!

"She shares her gift with the world and has a very beautiful and angelic voice unlike others I have hear off, I still miss her since she became inactive.

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16 Charlie Botting

Charlie is a wonderful singer who has had an outstanding career as a treble soloist. His voice has almost seamlessly transformed into a strong and powerful light baritone which continues to evolve bringing with it great control and warmth. Wonderful!

Wonderful voice on this young man. I wish him lots of success

A brilliant young singer. A strong new voice emerging. Looking forward to hearing more from Charlie

A superb award winning young tenor. I wish him all the best, a future star I'm sure!

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17 Sapphire

Looking at her, you could say she is small, tiny and fragile. And you would be right. You could say she is shy and uncertain. And you would be right, too. But on singing field she is a different person. Being just ten she can operate her voice very well and gets high notes at ease or use its softness in a way that you find yourself on the verge of crying. With her unique voice and great personality she leads her listeners just where she want them to be. She's got to the Open Mic UK Grand Final this year and she can be the winner.

She is a brilliant singer and a enjoy to listen to

Sapphire is very grown up in her performances:) Brilliant little friend to me:) Thanks 4 you and your singing which I enjoy very much

She is one fantastic singer and the music in her voice is magic to listen to brilliant

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18 Rachel Crow Rachel Crow Rachel Kelly Crow is an American singer, comedian, and actress. Born in Mead, Colorado, she participated in the first season of the American version of The X Factor in 2011, where she finished in fifth place.

Seriously? This amazing Girl should be on 1#

She should be number 1 in the top 10

19 Elena House

An excellent performer! Not only a voice that is very light, sweet and airy, but also a graceful dancer, a kick-butt martial artist, a great actress, a lovely pianist and a beauty to behold! I believe that in a few years she will be the next greatest star of stage, screen, etc. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself!

This amazing girl is surely a prize

20 Tayla Alexander

Tayla has a beautiful, natural soprano voice which is very controlled and un-forced. She sings the right material and doesn't try and push her voice at all. Can't wait to see how her voice develops!

Tayla is just a beautiful soprano singer and while very good this young lady is still improving, we will see her at her best at a later date as she is only 12 years old

Discover one of the World's premiere young talents. Tayla has the talent, poise, and drive to become an International Star. It's now just a matter of time!

Tayla has a wonderful, sweet, crystal-pure voice. She's still quite young but I sense a Coloratura in the making. I have been following her for years & never tire of her music.

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21 Nita Blanc

Nita has the potential to be the next Judy Garland; her voice clarity and power merit her ranking, although she is still yet to develop into a superstar. We expect her to gain confidence as she increases live-performance experience and exploits her wonderful talents, contributing to the development of a better world for everyone!

Nita Blanc is motivating fan comments of her sounding like Judy Garland, Alicia Keys and Adele; as has Jackie Evancho, Nita has been accepted into the list of "Best Singers of All Time, " and "Best Female Singer of All Time" and is rated in the top ten of the "Most Powerful Female Voice Alive" (number eight or nine) as of July 4th, 2012.

Clarity, power and beauty of voice. Vocal development of an adult. The Top Tens " most powerful singing female voice alive #11 as of April 14, 2012. Argentina, presently in Netherlands.

Vocal power is as impressive as the best adult female singer greats! Where is Nita Blanc? Perhaps somewhere up in a Swiss Alp mountain! We wish her better success in 2013.

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22 Carly Rose Sonenclar

Carly Rose Sonenclar is going to be huge! She has tremendous vocal power and confident control! United States of America.

Carly is a musical genius. Not just her singing, but her songwriting too.

This girl is beyond amazing and she inspired me a lot she sound be #1!

She is just great!
I love her voice

23 Charlotte Jaconelli

Charlotte Jaconelli truly has the voice of an Angel. This young lady is going to go places for sure.

Part of Jonathan and Charlotte. Came second in BGT

What a wonderful talent and voice

Not only as a singer you are good. You are also very human and I am sure, you are the best friend for people you love

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24 Tania Cirilo Chiroque

Tania, a young lady that the Peruvian Criolla music and all kinds of music to interpret it puts a distinctive style that makes you feel and you get the soul

The best young female singer that Peru has! We love Tania, keep up the good work. Peru is Tania, Tania is Peru

Great voice and sweet personality. Loves all kinds of music but has a sweet spot for her native Peru's Criollo music. If she ever gets interested in out world!

Canta divinamente, podria ser una soprano si se decide. Aqui en Peru no la valoran como se debiera. Si se fuera a Mexico o a España trinfaria facilmente.

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25 Greyson Chance Greyson Chance Greyson Michael Chance is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. His April 2010 performance of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" at a sixth-grade music festival went viral on YouTube, gaining widespread attention and over 59 million views as of May 2017, as well as an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show more.

Greyson is already in "The Top Tens" list: Best Child Singers of Today; piano self-accompanist, soft vocalization.

Greyson is talented and perfect. He is my world.

26 Caroline Costa

Caroline brings a unique oscillating singing voice, as well as being a T.V. presenter. She performs with confidence and challenges herself with difficult songs. France.

There is nothing more that I can say about Caroline than just stunning. It is amazing how a girl from France can sound like she is American. Caroline is also very beautiful. The mixture of looks and sound is going to take her very very far.

Caroline is an amazing singer she has an incredible personality. Her voice is so strong and beautiful. She deserves to be known all around the world.

A part Abraham Mateo je ne connais qu'une personne alors je vote pour elle car elle a une belle voix et de belles chansons

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27 Calum Hood Calum Hood
28 Zara Larsson Zara Larsson Zara Maria Larsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She first gained national fame for winning the 2008 season of the talent show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent, at the age of 10. Larsson signed with the record label TEN Music Group in 2012 and released her debut EP album, Introducing, in more.

Zara Larsson has a unique singing quality; she won the Swedish version of Britain's Got Talent back in 2008; she is also listed in "The Top Tens - Best Child Singers of Today. " Sweden.

Swedes got to love swedes, and she has a very mature voice for her age, like most on the list

29 Lee Hi

3 number 1 singles in 6 months and has been dubbed monster rookie and the Korean adele

30 Amira Willighagen

This 10 year old young lady from Holland just won the "Holland's Got Talent", and just released her first album. She is an awesome Classical singer who, some are saying, is the next Maria Callas. To hear her is to love her.

At the time of my vote, Amira is sitting at No. 61 in this list. Is that because the people who have voted may not have heard of her, or to me alternatively, it means the list lacks credibility.

Amira is an amazing singer. Even more so because she was self-taught when she won Holland's Got Talent.

Watch her performances of the Flower duet and Amazing Grace, in 2017

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31 Sivan Ben-David

Sivan Ben-David is an 11 year old young lady from South Florida. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress who sings many genres. She recently appered at Carnegie Hall where she sang "Somewhere". Listen to her music and you will know you are listening to a future superstar.

This young lady is an awesome singer. Check out her videos on YouTube

Sivan is an amazing young singer and an awesome person.

Here is a multi-talented young lady who is just great.

32 Eden Wood

Wonderful singer and actress
Loved by many of the world she is also a model who one many competitions as she enterd

33 Sammie Libman

Awesome performer. Amazing vocals.

34 Chevelle Barrett

Barrett is a good singer just working her way up to be famous she a great fan of Jotta a which is number 3 please sign her up she will surprise you thank you

35 Cody Simpson Cody Simpson Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor from Gold Coast, Queensland, who was previously signed to US record label Atlantic Records.

Cody works with professional producers and recording companies, excellent workable voice. Plays guitar, and brings other talents "to the Table. " Australia.

36 Jessica Sanchez Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez is one of the best, her voice has a vocal range a lot of others can only dream about

She has this... Effortless strong voice that could bring a whole choir down. Thumbs up to this gal (y)

37 China Anne McClain China Anne McClain China Anne McClain was born on August 25, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia . She is of African-American descent . China Anne McClain is a singer for her band, McClain, which she is in along with her sisters, Lauryn and Sierra . China Anne McClain is known for her starring roles in Disney's Ant Farm, and Tyler more.

China is an amazing American singer, teen actress and songwriter who can also play some instruments, such as the piano, and guiter. China's career began in 2005 when she was seven years old acting in the movie The Gospel. However, she became nationally known after 2007, when she joined the cast of the series Tyler Perry's House of Payne as Jazmine Payne, and internationally as Chyna Parks, the star of the Disney Channel television series A.N.T. farm. She is young, talented and has a beautiful matured singing voice.

38 Stefan Roșcovan
39 Jordan Greaves

At 10-years-old, Jordan is considered a very talented, up-and-coming classical crossover singer. She is from the United States and has vocal maturity well beyond her years. Definitely one to watch out for!

Sings like an angel. Hits very high notes for a 10-year-old

A Very Beautiful and talented young Lady

A very beautiful young lady with a voice to match!

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40 Abraham Mateo

He is also known as "Abraham Mateo Chomorro;" singing and acting, she is truly a well-rounded performer. Vocalization is smooth, soft and relaxing. Spain.

He's an amazing talent. I got to know him because of Caroline Costa because they did a duet together. I've been a fan ever since.

Beautiful singer, equally talented actor and dancer, has PROPER talent unlike a lot of singers these days!

I think he has got an amazing voice, I have loved him since I heard him for first time

41 Tiffany Ferrary

Tiffany writes beautiful songs of her own. Additionally, she takes songs by other singers and sings them better. For example, "Baby" by Justin Bieber sounds much better sung by Tiffany and Jeslyn Ferrary. She chooses good songs, and her voice is well suited to all of her songs on iTunes. Recently, I have been listening to her music album "Music and Me" over and over again. It seems like her voice never gets too old. She brings songs to life, and never seems boring. Her songs have moved me to tears repeatedly, and I do not cry very easily. Hearing such beautiful singing just has such an emotional impact.

42 Jordan Jansen

Jordan Jansen is a young talented product of Australia. He has an appealing raspy voice and is quite proficient singing in duets.

Great voice, funny, always willing to talk to his fans on social media. Every fan is equally important to him.

43 Eleanor Williams
44 Beatrice Miller

She has a really really great voice. She has this charm in her voice that could lure and relax people

45 Maisy Stella
46 Noelle Maracle

See Best Singers Born after 1996 - A superstar!

Exceptionally talented young lady. She sings with such soulful expression. Her voice is hard to forget. When Noelle sings, you don't just listen to her but she makes you feel every word. That's the mark of a truly special artist.

Noelle is a young singer with a rare depth of talent in one so young. Her vocal range is exceptional, with a warm slightly husky tone that lends itself so naturally to the blues and jazz. It is also obvious from her latest postings to YouTube that she works very hard to produce a quality product.

Noelle has a most uniquely beautiful voice. The tone of her voice is incredible and she is so very expressive and sings with such emotion. Captivating, unforgettable voice.

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47 Giulia Soncini


Giulia you re the best!

This girl is an awesome singer. Check out her videos on YouTube!

The voice kids brazil 2017

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48 Chrissy Costanza Chrissy Costanza Christina "Chrissy" Costanza (Born 23rd August 1995) is an American musician and internet blogger, known for her works as a cover artist on YouTube and as the lead vocalist of the New York-based Pop Rock/Pop Punk band Against the Current.

She is great, love her voice its so perfect.

She has an amazingly awesome voice. It gives me goose bumps. But sometimes she overdoes her voice and sound like she's shouting just to hit high notes. Still fab and glam though. Lavya Chris!

49 Joshua Wheatley

Amazing talent!, Very creative song writing techniques, strong vocals, Deserves so much more!

Fabulous voice - beautiful songs! Josh writes all his songs himself - a really talented guy!

A young upcoming artist, sings, plays Ukele and Guuitar. He is a Student and Studying Music in college.

Joshua has à nice voice, and is doing well in this poll.

50 Amanda Nicole Roit

Popular, energetic singer/actress who has played the Role of "Annie, " singing songs like "Tomorrow" similar to the original soundtrack. "Stayin' Up All Night" is being received quite well. United States of America.

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