Georgia Odette


Georgia made her debut with the british public when just 13 on 2011 Britain's got talent! Although outstanding then- her voice has now reached a much higher level of maturity and a richness of tone that belies her tender years. Watching her live just a month ago, I was bowled over by her emotional input into her singing of "I Dreamed a Dream" and " love never dies". Miss Odette is a young lady with a big future ahead of her!

What a pleasure to see Georgia performing at St Martin in the Field Trafalgar Square, London. Her voice has matured to a fine timbre, smooth and resonant with a rich tone that entranced the audience. Her wondrous sound filled this Classical building and her wondrous vocals shone above the orchestra. There surely cannot be many 17 year olds who can sing so powerfully with such poise and beauty. She is a rare diamond to behold and we can only wait to see how she develops further

Georgia Odette is one of the most generous, caring young lady's you could ever meet. Her sweet personality combined with her awesome talent set her head and shoulder above the crowd. Her achievements are great and a barometer on how her talent is judged but minor compared to how special a person she is, she is loved and respected greatly.

Georgia Odette Love her singing and a very polite young girl! :-) She is a very young girl with the maturity and voice of a professional opera star! A gift from God! I have not seen her performance in concert but I've enjoyed her music videos! I just love her personality! Warm regards Cathy Alexander

In My opinion Georgia Odette is a very nice young lady with a very fine voice suited for what she loves, Classical singing, Georgia works hard to achieve the level she is at her young age of 15 years. There are plenty of recorded songs and videos to prove hew good she is.

Georgia is blessed with beauty of body and soul. Her voice matches her beauty perfectly. Those that love her know that her gentle and loving attitude is who she is, and that will never change. Than you for giving us Georgia Odette one of God's gifts to us, her fans.

Georgia has one of the best voices I've ever heard. I've been to see her perform a few times and she honestly gets better and better every time (hence why I keep going back! ) Keep up the good work Georgia Odette - the future is looking very bright!

Great talent, very good vocal aptitudes, the presentations Suggested us great theatrical qualities characteristic for big stars.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome this talented 15 year old girl is truly going places. Rich tone and unusual maturity for one so young. Just love her voice. She makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck

Georgia's voice is quite incredible coming from such a tiny frame and her performance has matured drastically during the past year.

From what I know of Georgia Odette, and I have watched for quite a long time now, is that she is a very talented young lady who could go any way she chooses to go Opera Classical Crossover or any other style. I also think she would make a very good actress as she has shown that while singing, over all a very talented young Lady. - dougb510

Saw Georgia Odette at the Buxton Opera House last night. She was spell binding. There are very few young sopranos in the world who could deliver such an enchanting performance. Well done to Georgia Odette! You have to check out her video on youtube

I've seen this wonderful young lady twice now in concert and even in the space of two months she has improved again. Watching her sing "I Dreamed a Dream" last week, it was not just her beautiful voice that impressed me but also her incredible ability to give become the character - Fantine in this case - an amazing performer in all respects!

Georgia has a phenomenal voice. At just 15 she has sung at three UK Arenas and for Royalty. She debuted her talent on Britain's Got Talent in 2011. She has since sung with Male Voice Choirs and Brass Bands around the UK. In October 2013 she will make her first appearance at Buxton Opera House, a major achievement for one so young. Her voice is in a class of its own. Check out her music on youtube and her lovely pics on facebook. Georgia is pure Talent.

A fantastic vocalist with an amazibg range. Makes a song come alive. Also a lovely young lady. Well on her way to being one of the top crossover singers around.

This young lady is very talented and have a fantastic voice. She is a virtuoso in most genres of music

An amazing young lady, she has achieved so much in recent years. This girl has a very promising future ahead of her. Such graceful, individual performances. With the ability to touch so many hearts with one voice, she is just magnificent.

Such a cutie. How that sound comes out from one so young is incredible. Georgia's voice just grows and grows. Really beautiful voice, surely destined to become one of the greats

An amazing voice & so mature & developed for someone as young as Georgia. Also a lovely young lady. A great future ahead.

A bright young lady with a bright future

Georgia is simply amazing - an incredible talent. Deserves to be in the top 3

Great young talent with a voice beyond her years!

Georgia is a natural performer with a gorgeous soprano voice. Seen her 4 times last year - she has such confidence it's hard to believe she has just turned 16! - A future star for sure- got it all!

For one so young to perform at an Opera House speaks volumes about this extremely talented young lady. Not only does she have the most exquisite tone but she delights the audience with her capturing performance. Talent way beyond her years I cannot wait to see how this beautiful young lady and her world class voice develops. P Thursfield

Georgia is just fabulous, so talented and she has a wonderful tone to her voice. A humble but driven young opera singer with a serious chance of a future successfully doing what she loves.