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61 Berna Karagözoğlu

Viewers are brought to tears as Bernaa sings a beautiful song; she is greeted on stage by her mother, who has not seen her in months. The video can be seen on YouTube.

Berna Karagözoğlu sings with emotion and great undulations; has an excellent duet with Mehmet Das on YouTube. Listeners are moved by her performances.

She is fantastic singer
Reminds me of Ceylan but definitely sings better

62 Naatalie Tuvey

I had no idea you were on this list, the sad thing is so are about ten others that are my friends! The best I can do is pick one of you each week and vote! And that really doesn't help anyone!

The best singer songwriter in the UK so far. Her name is actually spelled Natalie with one T. Thanks

Should be in the top 10. amazing songwriter for her age, already written her debut EP "Moving Forward" and I believe in the middle of writing her debut album

63 Diana Kalashová

Also known as "Dianka;" great presentation of song popularized by Celine Dion, "The Power of Love;" Diana is popular with a wide range of audiences.

64 Mehmet Das

"Ibrahim Tatlises mehmet das - Yemin ettim" will get you to a vocal/strings presentation featuring Mehmet Das singing with impressive undulations. Vocal range is excellent for his age.

"Mehmet, " also spelled "Mahmet" on some sites, has the potential to be a world entertainer. He has the ability to hit quite difficult notes. Turkey.

He is a great singer. His voice is fabulous. And also he is so cute. I lovr him too much

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65 Jada Facer

Jada Facer is an excellent singer/actress/songwriter who is sure to accomplish a lot during her trek to the top. Untied States of America.

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66 Nika Turković

Yes, "Times Change" is a beautiful song sung by a very talented young artist -- and she wrote it! Nice undulations, inflections, soft vocalization! Her piano player also plays to her voice quite well.

Strong performance singing "Rolling in the Deep" on YouTube production; Nika Turković is developing into a "Gem" which attracts wide-range audiences. She has the capability to sing in various languages.

Nika Turković Croatian entry for Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Light, medium-soft vocal timber; has done very well in Duets with adults. (Credit Google entries for some information). Croatia.

67 Bekah Costa

She is a good singer you should check her out she was on raul gil she sound good in english and portugues she real good I think did a mash up of descansarei with jotta a and her video together

68 Lee Hi

3 number 1 singles in 6 months and has been dubbed monster rookie and the Korean adele

69 Hala Alturk

Was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Participated in an Arabian Talent show which made her popular.

Actress/singer already has plenty of experience in front of the cameras. Arabia.

70 Xuân Mai
71 Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She stars as the young version of Chloe Goodwin in The Goodwin Games and as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. She plays Jenny Parker in the Disney Channel Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting . (She) more.

Sabrina upcoming singing artist, has soft vocalization, will merit higher ranking; is published in iTunes; already listed in "Best Child Singers of Today. "

She should be number 1

She is awesome

72 Asanda Jezile

She is an amazing singer and performer.

Best of all time.

73 Ekaterina Ryabova

One of the best to have around if you need someone for a duet. Russia.

74 Cleopatra Stratan

With world records since she was three years old, Cleopatra Stratan has made an impact on international recognition of child singers.

Also known as "Cleo, " has cat-like softness in her vocalization; tremendous popularity for her age. Born in the country of Moldova, presently likely in Romania.

75 Viktoria Petrik
76 Jasmine Clarke
77 Jocelyn Yeh

This girl is so amazingly talented. Not only can she sing in both English and Chinese, she can play piano, cello, violin and even dance. (Chinese, ballet and jazz) Bonus: Sign language. Her vocals are great (check out her youtube: jjparents) and has appeared on numerous shows in China.

78 Lexi Lanni
79 Júlia Maciel

Great voice very polished

80 Shaheen Jafargholi

Shaheen has been invited to perform in several international events, including Michael Jackson's funeral; both actor and singer; well-received by audiences. Wales.

He was amazing on Britains got talent. Should be in top ten. Strength, control and beauty in his voice. Did an excellent job with Michael Jackson's songs

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