Best Singers Born After 1994

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81 Park Ji-Min
82 Poppy Mills

Poppy has a beautiful voice.

83 Lexi Lanni
84 Tyshawn Colquitt
85 Brielle Fattori

Beautiful young lady with an amazing voice. What a talent!

86 Sammie Libman

Awesome performer. Amazing vocals.

87 Dove Cameron Dove Cameron Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. She is known for playing a dual role as both title characters in the Disney Channel teen sitcom Liv and Maddie.
88 Chenle Zhong

"tell me why chenle zhong" on YouTube will get you to the beautiful song sung by Chenle in a duet; highly recommeded; the timing is nice; the audience begins to participate!

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89 Lisa Ajax

Lisa Ajax's performance at the "New Wave Junior 2011 Contest" in Artek is quite impressive. She has excellent stage movement/presence for her age. Intonations are similar to Anna Graceman and Rhema Marvanne. Ukraine.

90 Amanda Nicole Roit

Popular, energetic singer/actress who has played the Role of "Annie, " singing songs like "Tomorrow" similar to the original soundtrack. "Stayin' Up All Night" is being received quite well. United States of America.

91 Sayuj Jain

Sayuj has good inflections, intonation accords to the region; great showing in India's Got Talent" 2010; has lots of potential as a live performer; crowd pleaser with his intensity. (Quoted from "The Top Tens - Best Child Singers of Today. ")

92 Cymphonique Miller

Also known as "Cymphonique;" has excellent timing and dominating stage presence; great group-singing artist. United States of America.

93 Grace McGee
94 Jacob Latimore

R%B singer, already has professional backing, vocal intonation is smooth, although he is going through voice change; multi-talented.

95 Mana Ashida
96 Denis Midone
97 Lerika

"Lerika - Sensation (Russia) 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Official Video" on YouTube will provide a sample of Lerika's explosive power and vocal control. She represented Moldova in an earlier competition.

98 María Parrado

María Parrado has soft intonation and very good timing in "David y Maria - Dibuja mi Nombre" on YouTube. She plays piano and has sung with a few popular artists. Spain.

99 Sabrina Vaz
100 Candice George
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