Scarlett Quigley


Scarlett is a wonderful, hard working young lady who has discovered a beautiful soprano voice at a relatively older age. She is determined to be the best she can be and the effort is paying off. She has a wide fan base as a singer and, just as importantly, a delightful 15 year old finding herself full of attention handling it with grace and humility.

I have heard Scarlett sing on many occasions and each time she brings a tear to my eyes -for one so young she has the most beautiful voice and I am sure we have another Katherine Jenkins in the making here. I am looking forward to watching her grow as she gains more and more experience Scarlett is also a very charming and likable young lady ----Jean Berman

Dear Scarlett is a lovely person as a lovely singer, her personality shines as a delightful addition to her blazing hair that sets her apart, I could go on and on but just one look and one listen of her voice will tell the story why so many people from even across the pond as I love her as a lassie of talent who excites the heart and mind, yes indeed there is something special in Miss Quigley..

Beautiful young singer inside and out with her feet firmly on the ground.Looking forward to watching her blossom.

Been to every Scarlett concert for the last 2 years so I'm well qualified to make a judgement on this young lady's progress.I knew Scarlett was one to watch the first time I seen her sing live and time has proved me right. Her voice, always good, has now developed a more rounded, richer tone and tremendous power too. Still just 17, this young lady has the potential to be one of the greats!

I've been a big fan of Scarlett's for a few years now and think she has a stunning voice. I've watched her grow from a shy girl to becoming more confident singing and owning the stage when she performs. Listening to her sing can bring you to tears. She's one of the loveliest young lady's I know. She's going to be a big star

Scarlett has the most beautiful voice that comes out of her when she sings. Her voice makes you want to just sit and listen to it all day long. From just hearing her talk you would never think that she would sing the way she does but when she starts to sing it is like wow that girl can sing really good. Scarlett is highly talented.

A lovely young lady with an amazing voice that seems to take you on a wonderful journey when you see her sing. She is able to sing with sadness or joyfulness in her voice in equal measure. Sadly only seen her once in concert but will be seeking very much so to remedy that.

Scarlett is a very talented singer and will be in the lime light very soon her talent and determination will see her get there and I am so please to have met this beautiful young lady who has that girl next door appeal and not likely to be big headed giant hug james richardson

Scarlett is certainly a star in the making, I have had the pleasure to meet her and to hear her sing live. Scarlett has a lovely voice and engaging personality, well worth listening to and following. I am looking forward to the next couple of years watching and listening Scarlett progress.

Stunningly beautiful and to me Scarlett is what I'd perceive to be an English rose. She speaks beautifully too, indeed as mentioned with such "grace and humility". As for her voice, it's fantastic and she's only 16. Ye can see her determination, work ethic and willingness to learn which of course is vital. She has all the attributes and as is very apparent, I think she's wonderful. - DigitalBhoy

I first met Scarlett when she was 14 she sang for us at a gallery I was visiting in Cheshire I spent my youth in a church choir and new then what a talent she had she has got better in every way and can see her performing at the highest level in the next year or so she has the looks of the girl next door and a wonderful personality and smile james Richardson Artist

I think Scarlett Quigley is amazing such a strong and controlled voice for someone of her age just fabulous

The gifted young soprano Scarlett Quigley just keeps improving with each concert. She recently sang "Bring Him Home" at a musical review and put so much emotion into it, the audience just erupted when she finished! - a rare talent!

An absolute beautiful and talented member of the soprano family, so talented for a young lady I have had the pleasure of meeting Scarlett and impressed with her personality and family values. A lovely lady who will do very well in her chosen care of singing.

I just started listening to scarlett's music and I think it is amazing when she talks she sounds like a young girl but when she sings it's like she is a woman that has been doing music for a long time. And it's kind of hard to tell that she had confidence issues.

Scarlett has an amazing voice that is now really beginning to mature and develop a natural roundness of tone. Been to umpteen of her concerts so seen her talent develop. Scarlett also has a wonderful stage presence and, one has to say, a natural beauty.

Scarlett is a rising star of the classical crossover world, a young lady who I have the great honour to know. The last time I heard and saw Scarlett was in Rugby, her voice was divine. I look forward to each time I hear Scarlett sing.

Scarlett has such an amazing voice for being sixteen years old when she talks she sounds a young girl but whenever she sings it is like listening to a woman sing. She is extremely talented for her age and she should be very proud of her achievements.

Followed Scarlett for about 5 years and have been to many of her concerts. Always a pleasure to listen from the start but now Scarletts has matured into a beautiful sounding soprano with effortless power in her singing. Scarlett is also a very approachable and down to earth young lady with a natural grace and beauty.

Our lovely Scarlett is becoming so busy but she still has time for her online and social media friends. She's achieving so much with her music and her life. I'm so impressed by this delightful young lady. Bravo Scarlett

I've only just found this poll but I haven't only just found Scarlett Quigley who is a very special young soprano with a loyal following. She has a long future ahead of her & I will be watching her journey with excitement.

I have over 10 years in music education, Scarlett is a lovely talented lady, her voice is incredibly smooth from phrasing to pitch, I'm really proud to know this lady and the future is bright for her ---- Ali Campbell

Amazing young singer such a powerful voice fabulous she will eventually become one of the most profound singers I am sure of it wonderful natural talent

I have been discovering young talented sopranos all through 2015, I had the pleasure of listen Scarlet and when a lovely voice, comes with a lovely and kind lady you just can's stopping listening and appreciating. Thank you Scarlet