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Some books get a lot more fame and praise than they really deserve. That'a fact. If there are lists with best books ever, there should be this one as well. Feel free to add any book you consider overrated, I know there are lots and lots of them and I chose picking only the ones I've read, which basically means: the ones popular enough in my country for me to try them out. I'm missing the whole world's perspective, so please help me out there and don't get me wrong when you see books you've never heard of.
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1 Twilight - Stephenie Meyer Twilight - Stephenie Meyer Product Image

Look, I know people love it. I just don't understand why a story about a teenage girl with no personality, a pedophile vampire, and a werewolf guy is so popular. It's full of bad characters, bad plot lines and bad dialogue. You can like it, but seriously, PJO is better.

Why so low? Well, because I know many people who realise it's a total crap but still enjoy the reading just for fun. Although the number of people claiming it's the best thing they've ever read or it's the most romantic story ever is just hilarious and the commercial success is unbelievable. I wish some good authors would earn as much as Meyer does.

As someone who is writing a novel and has some experience in writing, I can safely say that this is one of the most overrated, melodramatic pieces of crap I've ever seen, and probably ever will see. What shocked me the most was when I learned people actually liked this garbage.

I've read the first book, and the only good thing I can say about it is it's addicting. Other than that the plot is dull, the charecters are flat and one dimensional and there is little writing style. He romance is sickening (guy stalks girl girl thinks it's cute) and it's just a stupid romance novel.

2 Fifty Shades of Grey - E. L. James Fifty Shades of Grey - E. L. James Product Image

If you're into BDSM, drawn out sex scenes, and poorly written characters then this book is for you.
If you're not into any of the things I listed above, avoid this book. It's just a repulsive porno, but instead of a video it's a novel.

This book is not overrated. Its genuinely and universally hated by almost everyone and it doesn't even have the decency to have a solid influence (It was based off of a Twilight FanFiction for Pete's Sake! ).

I find it annoying how woman get mad at men for watching porn, while they are sitting there reading this..

The writing is terrible, which makes the book unreadable (at least in my case).

3 The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Product Image

This book was well-written but I don't know why this book was overrated. Great Gatsby was published in 1925 and it's like 90 years old. The characters in the book was'nt really likeable that much but the characters personality traits/development was based on the theme such as sexual relationship, upper-class entitlement, etc.

It is well written, but it was one of the most boring books I ever read. I felt no emotion for any of the characters, even after they died, and the ending felt rushed, like the author was tired of writing it and wanted to tie up loose ends.

Bond salesman has mysterious rich neighbour, who has acquired his wealth through dubious means, and lame love triangle, there are no plot twists, come to think of it there no plot or story what so ever, that's about it really.

I mean, I really loved this book, it was eloquently written and tremendously enjoyable. I don't know why people go crazy over this book, though. "Oh my gawd, the Gweat Gatsby is the gweatest book of all time, jeez. Such an amazing tale of the American dream". I mean, it's a nice book, but come on.

4 The Bible

I think that religious books should not be on this list. You should be respectful to religions even if your an atheist. You all are complaining it being all about morality when that is literally the point. This was not written for just normal reading (although who says who can't read it for entertainment, I mean people read about mythology) it was meant for religion. I am not just talking about Christianity but you should be respectful to all religions. I am a Christian but I would not go up to someone who was Hindu and say "your religion is horrible and I am gonna force you to read a huge book" just please be respectful

It is just so full of holes, Matthew,Mark, Luke and John never met Jesus. Lived after him by at least forty years. Jesus never wrote down his teachings, most of his disciples were fishermen and couldn't write. There were numerous religions with virgin births, saviors who died on a cross. etc. Constantine who kicked off Christianity (so it is said ) 3 or 4 hundred years later, on his deathbed converting, some say he was hedging his bet. He was a pretty high member in Sol Invictus, Sun worshippers, In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun reaches its lowest place on the horizon on the 21st or 22nd of December. Three days later on the 25th of December "The Sun Rises"

Aside from the content of the book, the community that surrounds it is a force to be reckoned with. Fans often build there knowledge format off this book and are known to strike back venomously against any contradictions using heavy reference to the book despite its fidelity of having been translated and revised multiple times. Kinda sounds familiar to other books but there are exceptions to a portion of the fan base. Given that this book is the core of several branches of a religion, the numerous and hard core portion of the of the followers drive it up the wall.

I respect Christianity and all, despite the millions upon millions of people that have clearly been slaughtered in its supposedly good name; however, I tried reading an unabridged version of the first section of the Bible (Genesis) secretly while in bed one night when I was with my parents on a Christmas vacation at my great grandparents' house. After reading about 17 pages, I just said "Sorry, God, but I just can't read this crap anymore, I'm way too tired and unimpressed" and went to sleep.

5 Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins Product Image

I loved the first book and tolerated the second. This one though...I could barely get through it. It was honestly really boring. And oh, God, I'm not going to spoil it but if you read this book, your heart will break. In. Two. Read it once to finish the series, then never again because this poor trilogy deserved better.

This book ruined the Hunger Games for me! Katniss starts a new hunger games and forces the capital children to fight, she doesn't name her kids, take disappears after Katniss loses it on him for accidentally killing Prim, she chooses Peeta whose chemically induced by Snow to kill Katniss! Think about it! She fought to end the Hunger Games and she rebuilt it (albeit for one last time, but still...), and she doesn't name her own kids! That's not just depressing, it's utterly sinister, unrelatable, and sick! Nothing is resolved happily, and the plot holes (such as Gale's disappearance) left me more than dissatisfied!

I'm 12and I like it .Sue me. I like kids killing kids it's awesome and I learned a lot about Rome in the last book. Mocking Jay is the best book in the series.
PS: Just so you don't bash me out tin the comments I do like the Harry Potter books better.

Oh Lord this franchise is awful. Whatever happened to REAL dystopias like 1984 and Brave New World? Every time the Hunger Games receives praise, a part of me dies inside.

6 The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger Product Image

I grew up in the late 60's, and never could understand why some of my generation idolized this book so much. The ones who thought this was "the greatest" were usually the kids of upper-middle class wealthy parents. I guess being the child of working stiffs that I was, I found it hard to identify with a character that was a snooty rich boy, whining about how hard the world was. "Poor little rich boy", was what kept passing through my mind reading this book.

And from things I've read elsewhere, it seems the author himself was a rather strange character with a huge ego.

Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a sociopathic serial killer, but amounts of praise I hear about this book is just too much compared to the quality of the book. Holden is simply annoying, he doesn't know what he wants, is neither a role model nor an anti-hero. What's so great about it? Many people could write similar thing way better.

I am 16. Holden is a huge idiot and I cannot relate to him! I do not want to take drugs, drink alcohol or whine everything or everyone in the world or have sex before I am married! This book is awful!
And why is the the Vinci code on here! Please get it off right now!

Do you want to know why we think its annoyingly overrated? Because even when we were stupid teenagers, we couldn't relate to the main character at all. Or at least I couldn't. I'm fairly glad this book wasn't shoved down my throat at school.

7 Divergent - Veronica Roth Divergent - Veronica Roth Product Image

I voted for this, because it's just a book like all the other books that are in hype right now, like the hunger games and the selection trilogy. They all have a tomboy girl as protagonist and live in the future, and have the folk divided into definitive groups. There is also in all three book series a fight to overthrow the government. So I can go on for way more, but it's just to prove the point. You can say what you want about Isabella Swan, but at least she has a different personality from Katniss, America and Beatrice.

This is a horrible, overrated book that should be ranked third behind Twilight and 50 shades. Author Veronica Roth wrote it when she was in college, and it shows in the insane amount of dei ex machina and tropes used. That it is a Hunger Games rip-off isn't even the main problem. None of the characters actually have any personality besides caricatures. Tris is anything but likeable, and I can't see why anyone cares that she died. Four fails to serve the one purpose he's around for, as a compelling love interest.

I had to be honest, I read this book after watching the movie, and the movie was actually great. The book? Not so much. It's so bleh. The characters are so bleh. People kept on talking about how amazing this book is, how it's so much better than The Hunger Games ( NOT TRUE ), how Fourtris is so perfect and so on. No! No! Tris is a weakling, Four is boring - Divergent is most definitely overrated.

Ok, so I was told to read the book and it was really boring. Before I read it, I expected it to be a master piece the way every one is talking about it. The characters are boring and don't really stick to me and the only reason why people read this is because of the hot and mysterious four.

8 The Quran

Stop, this shouldn't be on here. I'm christian, but seriously, people should have the right to believe and worship whatever they want. It's hideous this is on here.

What were people smoking when they put this on here?

The Koran and the Bible are both life destroyers if taken literally.

Really? A holy book?

9 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Product Image

Whoever put this on here has absolutely no taste!

1) Great plot with TONS of twists and terms that you never see coming.
2) Harry, Ron and Hermione are some of the greatest characters in fiction. They are so complex and emotional but still actually act like normal kids.
3) Harry potter has a huge world with tons of lore and amazing spells and magical stuff.
4) anyone of any age can read this and enjoy it, weather you are in diapers or have started waring diapers again.
5) the lesson is that love is so much more powerful than death, which is not a theme that you see in many other books.
6) did you even read the book?

I'm so sick of hearing that Harry Potter's one of the greatest books ever written. Sure, it's one of the most extravagant and creative, but there isn't anything deep, and the part about wizards and magic and dragons is the only realistic part! Almost everyone finds their true love, and I don't think I've heard of anyone there who's divorced. Harry Potter is pretty good but I personally think it got to much fame and praises. And I really hate the fact that to be a wizard, you have to be born into it even when your a muggle, because when you're a muggle, it's because an ancestor was a wizard but the family had forgotten. And probably one of the worst things about it: Harry Potter's parents were very gifted. The only thing that these books taught me is that instead of making this a book where you can realize you can be whoever you want to be regardless of your parents, the only way you'll be good is if you're parents are as well. It makes me sick whenever I think about it. Almost ...more

I'm a huge potterhead, but I do have a problem with the relationships and the character development in Harry Potter. I believed it was an amazing series, but when I read Percy Jackson I realised how much better the character development was. There were no gay characters in Harry Potter, and I don't count Dumbledore because that was 'revealed' years later and I think this was just because everyone was angry that no one was gay. The romances were dull and Romione, the main focus, was forced and rushed at the last minute during the last book, and the whole relationship was based on jealousy. Percabeth in Percy Jackson was clearly built up and it found myself falling in love with their relationship a lot more than I did in Harry Potter with Romione, as well as all the other relationships. So, although the plot was incredible and the series was fantastic, the relationships (friendships included) were not as good as they could have been since they weren't focused on enough, and this made ...more

I read this book. I do respect others opinions, so you should now respect mine. First, Harry Potter is a Mary Sue. His parents died, he has magical powers, he never loses or dies. Obvious Mary Sue. Second, it's all about Slytherin and Gryffindor. J.K Rowling basically ignores Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Third, Hermionie wouldn't be smart in real life. She is smart (not). She acts smart but is sad because she is unpopular. If she really were smart, she would know that all the popular kids will grow up to be poor. Fourth, the entire series ruins your imagination. Only 10 types of dragons. Mermaids are ugly. etc.

10 The Fault In Our Stars - John Green The Fault In Our Stars - John Green Product Image

The book was okay.
The characters were okay.
The plot was okay. It wasn't super exciting. I don't think there was even a climax.
"The fault in our stars" is totally overrated in my opinion. I've read much better books than this. And also, you might think heartless, but like, I didn't even cry at the ending. It was so predictable and cliche. I couldn't connect with the characters at all. It wasn't even that romantic. This book is boring. The only reason I got to the end of this book was to see what everyone was praising on and on about. The plot was flat. And seriously,Augustus? You're gonna carry around a box of cigarettes just to be all like "it's a metaphor! "? Wow.

If my friend ever finds out that I wrote this I am dead because she LOVES this book. I personally am not a fan of either the writing style or the storyline. While it wasn't exactly bad, it was far from being the best thing I've read. If I'm being completely honest (Lauren, please don't kill me) I much preferred reading The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight.

I enjoy reading The Fault In Our Stars, but I don't think it was THAT incredible. It made me teary-eyed, sure, but no more than that. I don't stay up thinking about it (like I did after reading Ender's Game), I don't wonder about Hazel Grace and her life after (spoilers) Gus passed away, I don't pity both Gus and Hazel. It's just an okay book.

I really liked this book, but everyone said that it was the saddest novel they have ever read. Personally, I think that The Book Thief was the saddest. Probably because healthy, happy fourteen year olds are more real to me than teenage cancer patients. Like I said, I like the fault in our stars, it's just not my favorite.

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11 Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer Product Image

Yeah its stupid

12 The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien Product Image

Good grief, was this boring. I'm a fan of world-building but the world of this book was so boring! And why does it have to be so long? I love long books, I generally dislike books if they're below 250 pages, but this book-you could read 50 pages and barely anything would happen! Halfway through book 2, I don't even know the characters. Are Pippin and Merry brave or comic reliefs? Does Aragorn have a personality, or is he just 'I'm a brave king' the whole time? Are Frodo and Sam even friends, because they hardly even tell us anything about them! The plot is so boring. Reading this awful book was honestly one of the most boring things I ever did. 3.5/10. Worst book I've read to date.

This book is so godammed overrated. There is enough plot to fill a book of mabye 1/4 that size, with the rest being pointless filler. It is a mediocre at best book that has a following approaching that of the bible, and is the "gold" standard for all modern fantasy books, leading to an endless parade of the same tired elves, dwarves, and orcs routine. The lore makes zero sense and all of the supposedly "powerful" characters spend the whole book doing jack while the author tells you how awesome they could be if they actually used their powers.

You people are don't know anything about what real liturature is. This book is timeless, just becuase you guys can't read a book made for high schoolers doesn't mean it is bad. This book has been one of my favorite forever as a child.

This is awful and unreadable. The interesting parts are glossed over in the same monotonous narrative and it just is so boring.

13 Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health - L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health - L. Ron Hubbard Product Image
14 New Moon - Stephenie Meyer New Moon - Stephenie Meyer Product Image
15 Frankenstein - Mary Shelley Frankenstein - Mary Shelley Product Image

Tedious and thin, filmmakers pretty much have to do a lot of the work to get something out of this when adapting it for cinema. A lot of purple prose...and not much else.

16 Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer Product Image

Wait! People actually like twilight! No way!

17 Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee Go Set a Watchman - Harper Lee Product Image

I'm still not convinced this book is legit. Things only truly have resonance if you've read Mockingbird first. If it's legit, then it's best forgotten, it's just the first draft of a book that became something else. Either way, it's seriously overrated and incredibly disappointing. Potentially dubious.

What a truly cynical marketing con this book turned out to be. Harper Lee wrote one great novel, and that should have been the end of the story, but some literary lowlifes conspired to sully "Mockingbird" with this pathetic epilogue.

18 The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins Product Image

Oh my jimmies why isn't this at the top? All you ever hear from teenagers today is Hunger Games this, Catching Fire that, Katniss is mah savior swag YOLO! UGH, what happened to the good old days with HP? The writing in this book was lazy, the characters severely underdeveloped, and the premise is not a tenth as original as everybody says! Hasn't anybody ever read The Running Man by Stephen King? Or the Long Walk for that matter? It's all been DONE BEFORE, and MUCH better at that! Why is Twilight number 1? It's definitely horrible, and I will grudgingly admit that even the crappy Hunger Games is better, but it's no secret that those books suck. Some people clearly don't know the meaning of "overrated" - it DOES NOT mean worst.

Bleh, I hate this book. It's just poorly written, unrealistic, unoriginal garbage. All of my friends are just obsessed with it, but really it's just stupid. Why don't we learn anything about the other tributes? I don't care when they die because of this lack of connection. We don't even learn their names, for God's sake. Why all of a sudden, after 74 years of killing kids, are the people of Panem suddenly so disturbed by the death of Rue? And no, some stupid girl singing and placing flowers around the kid just doesn't cut it. Most importantly, Katniss is a horrible character. She's just so selfish and unrelateable. Bella Swan + Athleticism = Katniss. Sorry to anyone who likes The Hunger Games. This is just my opinion.

I read the first 3 parts and then I couldn't read another word for the following reasons :

1. Its terribly written.

2. you always see everything coming

3. its boring

After that I was like "forget it. I'll just go read the summery" and it was exactly what I predicted. The same thing for catching fire and mockingjay. And the worst part is that so many people actually like it. It's #3 on the greatest books of all time list on this website. And a book like "A Game Of Thrones" which is so well written, creatively plotted and exciting is no where to be seen? What?

I remember when my teacher in the 6th grade read this book to us and I found the plot so boring. And it wasn't the teacher making it boring, she was actually putting effort into her reading. Like giving the character's voices and using different tones for certain parts of the book. I also remember watching one of the movies (don't remember which one, but it was the one where Katniss got that fire dress) in the 7th grade and it was so boring. Though I couldn't really hear it since kids were talking very loudly, but still.

19 To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee Product Image

It's quite a shame, because this book does teach important lessons on racism, but there's just one problem with this book that makes it pretty bad. That problem is the plot. For some reason, this book doesn't stay relevant with the plot. Supposedly, the main plot of this book revolves around the trial of a black man named Tom Robinson. However, this book tends to go off topic with the lives of Jem and Scout. Also, the part where Tom Robinsons's trial appears at a very unusual time in the book. I also feel that Atticus is the only character with in depth personality. The pacing of this book also feels slower than it should've been.

The book is slow, boring, confusing, and flawed. It's anti-racist message could not possibly be any more of a no-brainer (of COURSE you shouldn't treat people poorly solely for their skin color), and yet Scout's limited perspective somehow manages to make the narrative incomprehensible. The dialogue, with the thick Southern accents written directly onto the page, is unbearable. The supposed symbolism surrounding the Mockingbird and the rabid dog are actually meaningless. It's an overrated pile of garbage, and I proudly chucked it in the fireplace once my 8th grade school year was over. Congratulations Ms. Lee, you are singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of my love of reading.

I have just finished reading the book in English 9. It wasn't bad. It was one of the best books we've read this far. It is actually very good.

OH GOD YES! The writing is uninteresting and boring, the characters have absolutely NO depth or personality except for the hyper-Marty Stu Atticus, the pacing is slow as a snail, and the moral of "racism is bad" may once have been groundbreaking, but nowadays is just kind of a "no, duh" thing.

20 Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Product Image

Bradbury spends so much time building the world that he forgets to write his characters. They're all boring, one-dimensional, and stupid. That would be fine if they became interesting, multifaceted, and intelligent over the course of the narrative, but they don't.

Bro this book is damn amazing. It reflects the dark nature of exponential human progress, and how things will get left behind. If you don't like it, you simply don't understand it well enough. End of story

This book gets irony all the time. Because the book is about burning books. This book was a legend for trolling people.

It was so boring... I was almost on board with the whole "burning books thing"

21 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling Product Image

Each Harry Potter book + the characters deserve all the glory they get, roll in it until they smell like glory, eat it, become famous for it, break a record for most glory ever, marry glory, have kids with glory, become old with glory, and DIE with GLORY! Harry Potter is friggen' awesome and has taught me that love and friendship is the most powerful thing on earth and can conquer death. Thank you.

I like the series, but I find this final book a bit of a mess.

I honestly only like the first book. That's just me.

Bad ending to 6 brilliant books.

22 Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins Product Image

These YA dystopias make me lose my faith in humanity.

I totally disagree with this!

This is actually a great book.

23 The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien Product Image
24 The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho Product Image

The plot is simple - a journey in search of one's true self. But in fact almost nothing that happens to the main character affects him in any way. All the people he meets just pop up and disappear and even if they said something worth listening, they get no mention later in the book. As a pack of quotes suitable for any occasion it works - as a book it fails.

Simple things written in complex way and for normal English speaking people, with average to slightly above average vocabulary also need to take a dictionary to understand some meanings. Number of times need to reread the paragraph to understand its summary. Weak story line.Was able to complete it once with lot of effort.

25 Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney Product Image

Never, ever have I seen a book more overrated. Kids are starting to call it 'The Greatest Book of All Time.' Obviously, they have never read another book, because Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the WORST book of all time! Now, I know what you're thinking: Why is it so bad? I'll list all the reasons:

1. It's so boring. There are no plot twists, no riddles, no action. Nothing.

2. The plot is weak. Almost nothing happens that's worth my time. All the books are exactly the same. I can't even differentiate them.

3. The characters are 3-dimensional. I don't know why, but the characters never stuck with me. Never. They have no goals, traits, or deep backstories.

4. It's just pictures. There are barely any words. I can't believe certain kids find this hard to read!

5. When it tries to be funny, it fails miserably. Sure, Diary of a Wimpy Kid has its funny moments, but there's not too many. Once every two books, actually. It's mostly just mean-spirited humor and ...more

Well, some people says it's the worst book of all time. Just because it's a children's book does'nt mean it's bad. I mean take a look of Dork Diaries series and see it sucked so badly. But this one was great. It does'nt need any tough vocabularies and stuff. It was made for kids. Jeff Kinney worked so hard and he drew all of his characters on paper (nowadays was on Cyntic Tablet just before he connected to his laptop according to his interview). With a style of cartoon illustrations, it follows the story. And people also says the book has no plot. It's a DIARY!
The book focuses on day to day life of our protagonist as he explored to the world where he has so many problems to fix (and sometimes he failed or sucessfully did to fix it in each chapter). Also, the book was the same except Long Haul because it focuses on the trip rather the same on the house. The humors was'nt that bad either the morals were. The book also has too much plot twist (lame plot twist but I don't really care ...more

The main character is a selfish jerk who manipulates his 'best friend' and is only interested in making sure the girls in his school like him. It's soooo boring and just keeps going on. We don't care if Greg went on a vacation or not! Just end the series already!

This is absolute trash. No good morals, weak plot, and the same thing over and over again. It's extremely overexaggerated and not relatable in the slightest. The protagonist is immature and the humor is incredibly repetitive.

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