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21 Snowfur

She's not bad but Bluestar should be higher!

I love you snowfur

You deserve some praise, Snowfur! Giving birth to a kit, mating with the worst cat in the Clan, and being killed by a monster saving your Clan? Wooow!

22 Willowpelt

My favorite

23 Mistystar

She is such a loyal and noble cat she totally deserves her title

Wow she is so underrated I love her, she is awesome she deserves more

She's the best leader she is caring and not snappy to the other leaders. Mistystars a great leader. GO MISTYSTAR

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24 Sorreltail V 1 Comment
25 Tawnypelt

Tawnypelt was so brave. She went to her brother in times of need, even though they were in different clan.

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26 Feathertail

She was so kind and loyal. She was also so selfless, a characteristic that many people lack.

She's cool but I like Silverstream better!

Anyone care about feather-weather? I do she is 8 the fave kitty

She is such a great cat. She saved crowfether

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27 Mousefur Mousefur

Mousefur was a cat who was loyal, determined and overall awesome. She never broke the code, and that was never challenged. That is the makings of an amazing warrior.

She was the only warrior in the first book that was in the battle against the dark forest. My favourite part with her is in I'm not sure which book of the 4th (Possibly) series (if not third) Where Jayfeather is trying to convince her to eat some herbs and he says "For the last time mousefur, Eat these herbs" and she says "The last time? good go away." I nearly cried when she died.

Mousefur is awesome and loyal, she never went behind bluestars back and is one of the smallest warriors yet shes always in fights for the clan

She's a grump that annoyed me.But she's cool.

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28 Hawk Swoop V 1 Comment
29 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

Firestar is TOTALLY AWESOME! LONG LIVE FIRESTAR! But he's not a girl, so I don't know why he's on here...

Firestar is awesome, but he's not a girl, so why is he on the list?

I know he not a girl lol but even if he was I just really hate him I mean after cinderpelt got injured he treated her like crap and loved all over sandstorm and ignored her and when she doed he hardly grieved for her! Cinderpelt doesn't deserve any of the crap cats put her through oh and I'm glad spottedleafs spirit died so firestar can see how cinderpelt felt

So awesome he doesn't even need to be a girl to be on here - Hollysnow

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30 Brook Where Small Fish Swim

I don't like greystripe after he became mates with mille plus I like brook vote for her peeps

Brook is a perfect mate for stormfur plus stormfur is re
Ated to graystripe. Go GRAYSTRIPE.

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31 Leafdapple

I like you like this not as much when your leader.

Love leafdapple, why doesn't she have more votes?

I love her too :3 I have read that book so many times! I love when she becomes leader!

I really like leafdapple, a skyclan cat from skyclans Destiny super edition. When she becomes leaders my favourite bit, I find myself reading it over and over again!

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32 Willowbreeze

Willowbreeze is cool! But why did she die?! I'm happy that Silverstream is her daughter! I love silver!

Very sweet and kind mate of my favorite cat

OH I love willow breeze she gave birth to silverstream my favorite cat

Willowbreeze why did you die I cried

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33 Falling Feather

Falling feather was my favorite shecat. she was brave, kind, and warm hearted.

34 Daisy

I love Daisy. She was cute, funny, and really a good mom to so many kits even though they weren't even her's!


Daisy was really a sissy, helpless hooker in the New Prophecy, but in Power of Three, I don't know what happened. She really changed her attitude, and stopped being all gaga over Cloudtail, who already had Brightheart. She stepped up from a slutty, ignorant, annoying cat to a caring mom.

35 Blossomfall

I actually really like blossom fall she was kind of mean to ivypool when she was an app apprentice at first but then she changed! She is very brave to be in the darkforest training and will go into the tunnels without looking back! I understand why she would be a little mean at first BECAUSE HER STUPID CRAPPY DUMB LAZY MEAN MOM that's WHY #I HATE MILLE so MUCH MORE THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE

She is amazing! I feel bad for her because what Millie did. Silver could have been a better mother!

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36 Bright Stream

She sacrificed herself to help her clan. It was a shame she was supposed to have kits, which died when she did. I wish she was still alive ;-; I started crying when she died lol

It was so brave when she sacrificed herself to help her clan, and she was about to have kits. I cried when she did that, I wished she stayed alive.

She was so nice and sacraficed herself, and she was about to have kits, which made it sadder.

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37 Quiet Rain

Ilysm quiet rain rip.

38 Holly

I gotta vote for myself - Hollysnow

39 Iceflight
40 Nightcloud

She is a great warrior! I don't know why the other cats hate her

Cough-She sucks- Cough. Oops, I coughed through that; she sucks

Ok shut the hellup she was treated like crap so she doesn't suck ahe has a reason for how she treats other cats so yeah

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