Best Female Warrior Cats

here are my top ten favorite female warrior cats feel free to add cats on and vote. :)

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41 Red

This is Russetfur right? If it is I love this cat!

She was one of my favorite cats ever I was so sad when lionblaze killed her even on accident idc I don't like him 😩😩

42 Greypool

Greypool was an amazing cat! I admit in order favourite Clans are ThunderClan WindClan ShadowClan RiverClan because I hate swimming but she is so adorable and helpful to Fireheart in Forest Of Secrets I just had to add her onto this list! PLEASE VOTE GREYPOOL SHE'S MY MOST FAVOURITE WARRIOR CAT ever NEVER MIND FEMALE!

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43 Frostfur

Frostfur is pretty

I love this cat!


44 Moonflower Moonflower

She's nice, but definitely not my favourite cat.

Go moon flower

Yay moonflower y u die?!

45 Fallen Leaves

I LOVE YOU, FALLEN LEAVES! I know he's dead, but that Tom is the bravest I know!

He rocks but he is a guy not a girl...

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46 Whitewing

I absolutely LOVE Whitewing. She is so beautiful, doesn't anyone notice that? She is a great mother and Birchfall and her love each other so much. I think that she should be in the top ten (at least ). I really wish that she was a main character and I don't think she dies, Great. With green eyes and white fur like snow she looks gorgeous and I really think she's the best female and overall cat in the warrior series. If I was a cat in warriors I would want to be her. I love you so much Whitewing you'll always be my favorite no matter what. Whitewing

She is caring and kind, and swift and strong. I think Birchfall is her perfect match!

I like Whitewing but I like Ivypool better!

Go whitewing!

47 Stoneteller

Which Stoneteller?

I loved like all the stonetellers

48 Tall Shadow

Support the introverted characters - Hollysnow

Tall Shadow is a tom..

I love Tallshadow!


49 Dappled Pelt

I love Dappledpelt to!

50 Dewy Leaf
51 Hollow Tree
52 Quick Water
53 Misty Water
54 Silver Frost

Yes this was going to be my fan name but it's silverMIST

55 Snow Hare
56 Fluttering Bird Fluttering Bird Fluttering Bird is a tiny brown she cat with sleek fur and yellow eyes. Her mother is Quiet Rain and her father is an unnamed cat. She died of starvation as a kit and is now in Starclan.
57 Storm

I loved storm! She was so nice, and I was so sad when she died.

58 Bumble
59 Petal
60 Halfmoon

They shouldn't be mates there from another time period! They hardly know each other!

I really really like Half Moon, even though she took Jay-Jay

I love halfmoon! Its sad her and jay couldn't be together

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