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Best characters from the show based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher.

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Jeff Atkins

He influenced Clay as his mentor and friend. The most positive, kind and caring character on the show.

It's so easy to hate a lot of characters in this show, but Jeff is the only one that is an exception. He supported Clay and helped him throughout the show. He is such a simple character, but holds a lot of positivity.

Even though he wasn't truly alive and only appeared in flash backs he was the best character, especially for him to stand out this brightly in my head though not present for the actual series

Jeff was the nicest character who inspired Clay to get out of his comfort zone and get a life. He was supportive, true, and honestly hot.


The smartest, toughest and one of the most important characters in the show, he always steals the show when he shows up.

Tony is the most likable character on the show. He's a good person and friend, kind, compassionate, smart, hard-working and mature for his age.

He's the guy who is really a true friend - to Hannah and Clay. He proved himself as not just a "fair-weather friend", but stuck with Clay despite everything Clay did to him and blamed him for. Level-headed, funny, protective, cool, (dang good looking), and kind, Tony's #1.

Tony always stood with Clay and was a good friend to Hannah. He also supported the Bakers in tough times.

Justin Foley

I truly feel so bad for Justin it's not his fault how he acts and clay is super annoying Justin is my number one character he tried to save Jess he did

Great Guy, Number 2 on my list. He did some bad things but when you consider what he did at home. He had a good heart deep down

His character development is great. Poor guy was born into a hopeless situation causing him to rely on the wrong person and associate himself with the wrong people. Justin made a lot of bad decisions but he's really sorry for them so I hope he finds a way recover and get his life back on track. I just want a happy ending for him.

Though he did terrible things, I don't think it compares to what some others have done. Especially considering his home life.

Alex Standall

He's very realistic and he sees things as they are. He's smart and even though he doesn't talk that much, his words says a lot.

He is the best period, he is adorable, the best personality, I love him

If this show was directed at Alex and not Clay, I would 100% still like it. Alex plays such a good rule

Alex was one of the closest Hannah's friends. He's probably the most sane character on the show.

Zach Dempsey

The kind-hearted jock. Lonely and misunderstood, the character you didn't expect to like.

Considering some of the other characters on the show I didn't feel like Zach was completely awful after watching season 1, many did worse things and he kept the note which gave him some depth even though the first season didn't give him too much of a plot line. Season 2 is where he really starts developing which made me like his character even more. He's great and I really enjoyed episode 7 (S2).

I have to admit, I didn't like Zach until I saw episode 7. Now he's in my top 5!

He is the sweetest guy and he is good at everything I love him so much

Clay Jensen

You can tell he has a kid soul, and really cares about everyone.

The main character. Sweet, kind and good, but also irrational. We all know that he might have just listened those tapes at once and help people who needed that (Tyler).

He was a caring, kind, and likable protagonist. His only problem was taking so LONG to hear the tapes. Otherwise his socially awkward, and emotional character was a standout in the series along with characters like Tony, Alex and Jeff.

How is he only at 5? he's obviously the best character.

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker. I cry over this girl's words. My mom commit suicide a few months ago so it's really hard. She's so beautiful and she is just a innocent person.

The main character, she was kind and smart. The story focuses around her suicide. Bullied by her peers and misunderstood.

Hannah is my favourite character by far! She was not selfish, "a dick" anything like that. I know many people say that it was awful that she made these tapes and that they could cause that 13 persons will now kill themselves as well but I don't think so. The point of the tapes is not to make them suicidal she just doesn't want them to get away with what they did and in my opinion that's totally understandable. I mean they practically killed someone. Hannah is for me just really relateable and gorgeous. And she's extremly sassy! She deserved better!

The fact a user can call her 'kinda a dick' meanwhile voting for her bullies is everything that this show is all about - Stop victim blaming.

Jessica Davis

Jessica is definitely my favorite. Especially after season 2 and 3. She is such a strong character. She's been through a lot and came out as a badass, funny and unbelievably strong warrior. She truly is a survivor and she deserved so much better. I hope she'll get happiness in season 4

She suffered so much and made a couple mistakes which is only human

Another bae bites the dust

She is the one Who suffer the most and of course She can be a trainwreck but She has the right to do so

Sheri Holland

She is a nice person. Even that she did stupid things she went to the clubhouse a help Clay a lot.

Good person, scared of the consequences of her deeds. Tries to fix things up.

Nice person that was scared

Boyfriend kisser

Ryan Shaver

Ryan is very funny, but sometimes doesn’t express enough of his emotion.

He's ' hillarious.

He is the ONE thing that prevents me from crying 24/7 of watching.

I'm surprised by how low he is. Here's real list
5. Alex Standall
4. Jeff Atkins
3. Hannah Baker
2. Scott Reed
1. Ryan Shaver

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? Diego Torres
? Dr. Robert Ellman

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Mr. Porter

He is on e of the characters who showed the most developmwent from season 1 to 2, although sometimes displays anger on level with Clahy when he tries to write other pepople's (and his own) wrongs

Charlie St. George

he is just cute and sweet cinnamon roll

Olivia Baker

Hannah's mom. Wants the justice and truth. Struggles after losing her only child and shows what parents feel.

Next to Sheri and her Husband, the only characters I liked and didn't want to punch in the face every time they made a dumb decision o simply said something annoying as hell.

Bryce Walker

Bryce has been my favourite character since season one. I believe Justin Prentice is the best actor on the show, and the detail and emotion put into his character is amazing. I love watching him, despite the things Bryce has done.

His character may be an ass but hs character development in season 3 was beautiful and is acting was amazing.

Along with Tony, he was the only character in season 3 who made sense.

R U KIDDING ME?! Bryce shouldn't even be on this list AT ALL!

Officer Ted
Deputy Bill Standall
Kevin Porter

Actually not a bad guy to be honest, he is caring as he has a family for his own. I really like him, as he cares for a lot of children.

Totally kidding

Did nothing wrong but ok hannah

Sheriff Diaz
Scott Reed

Nice guy, realised that. Bryce was not the right person to be friends with.

The new Jeff

he did some cruel things but he is a swetheart


Montgomery de la Cruz

Even though he was on Bryce's side, I felt so bad for him in season 3. He was one of my favourite characters

Literally all this guy did was bully people though

LMAOO okay to be honest I can't hate montgomery. I really just can't- I love him and it hurts

Sorry how is he number 10 someone please explain

Tyler Down

I cannot help myself, but I find him cute, even though his character is perceived as a bad parson. There's a way I understand why he's done all the things

He was just doing what he does with pictures. Also, he may have a death list and may shoot some people. Lastly, he sent the picture of Hannah and Courtney around because when Tyler asked Hannah if she would like to hang out, Hannah laughed. So Hannah was rude to Tyler

To be honest, not as bad as he's made out to be. hannah was really rude to him and no one acknowledges that

Tyler is down.

Matt Jensen

Looks like Messi

Underrated. He is a good father and helped supported his son good. Also he gave Clay privacy when he needed it unlike her mother.

This man is amazing. A very good father. Vote for him

The future is him

May Dempsey

The actress who plays her is so talented!

She is talented young actress but not big enough of a rule

She cared for zach and she was just doing her duty like all mothers do

What a goddess ma life

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