Most Underrated Dream Theater Songs

Most underrated songs by the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

The Top Ten

1 Honor Thy Father

This is one of my favorite songs by DT. Highly underrated!

2 Build Me Up, Break Me Down

Epic I love the heavy tone its ausome and underrated

3 The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
4 Misunderstood

Sort of gets lost in the masterpiece album SDOIT, but if you listen to it alone you'll understand that this is a brilliant and perfectly executed song. It's one of those that just takes time to get into. - Songsta41

5 Repentance
6 The Glass Prison

Sort of overrated but I don't give a crap its ausome

7 Panic Attack

Fantastic song, a lot of their shorter songs are very underrated

Amazing but not underrated - Songsta41

Awesome song it is the song which got me into DM

8 Innocence Faded
9 The Root of All Evil

Definitely not by me, I've definitely heard this more than any other Dream Theater song - Songsta41

Their best song actually.. Pure awesomeness! - nooreldeen

The second best song on the already know what number 1 is.

10 Another Day

My personal favorite on Images and Words - Frantic713

The Newcomers

? The Ministry of Lost Souls
? Beneath the Surface

The Contenders

11 A Nightmare to Remember

I think 21 is just a tad low for what this song deserves, but not enough to really call it underrated. - Songsta41

12 The Bigger Picture
13 New Millennium
14 Wither
15 Beyond This Life

It's such a god song but very underrated compared to 'Home' and 'Dance of Eternity'

16 The Shattered Fortress
17 Surrender to Reason
18 On the Backs of Angels

Now, Jordan Rudess show you all of his skill. And all of his skill is combined to this song. Simply awesome - razors15

I LOVE THIS SOLO. Every note is perfect

19 The Count of Tuscany

Not underrated but amazing

I love this 20 min. Song first ausome then heavy then finally peacefully

20 Never Enough

Underrated only because is short... and is like muse... but still been awesome

21 As I Am
22 The Dark Eternal Night
23 Forsaken

My vote made Forsaken jump from 14 to 7, in the Top 10 where it belongs! This whole album is underrated because everyone questions the short songs (despite ITPOE being they're 2nd longest to date) and the more metal over prog feel. But realistically, the album is phenomenal, much better than the simple, radio friendly sounds of an album like Falling into Infinity.

24 Learning to Live

Favourite song from Images and Words. - IronSabbathPriest

25 These Walls

How is this not on the list? It's such a beautiful song. Great chorus and verses. Petrucci's solo is pretty awesome as well! - IronSabbathPriest

So great and amazing yet so underrated. - Beatlesboy9

26 Sacrificed Sons

Amazing! no one even mentions this song's breathtaking instrumentation & solo as they are overly obsessed with the title track & other pop songs on the album... - Arhaan95

27 A Rite of Passage

An excellent song. That is all there is to be said.

28 The Mirror
29 Prophets of War
30 Lost Not Forgotten
31 A New Beginning
32 The Killing Hand
33 A Change of Seasons
34 Wait for Sleep
35 Lines In the Sand

All of Falling into Infinity, for that matter - Songsta41

36 Strange Deja Vu
37 6:00
38 Dance of Eternity
39 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
40 You Not Me
41 Stream of Consciousness

Incredible instrumental and show's the amazing musicianship between the band members. Each instrument has a solo in the song (If you count the bass instrumental part) and each instrument compliments the other perfectly. Super big stretches, melodic, and incredibly fast guitar solos, and possibly the most beautiful keyboard solo I've ever heard at the end of the song. If you want to show how incredible each of these musicians are, this is the perfect song along with The Dance of Eternity. Although, I'd say this song is much nicer in my opinion.

42 Take the Time
43 Surrounded
44 Lie
45 Bridges In the Sky
46 Trial of Tears

My favorite from FII. In my top ten favorite songs of theirs.

47 The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater
48 Pull Me Under
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1. Learning to Live
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3. A Nightmare to Remember
1. Beyond This Life
2. As I Am
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1. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
2. Panic Attack
3. The Root of All Evil

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