Months With the Best Weather (Northern Hemisphere)

This list may differ since I live in the Northeast in the United States, but here is my list of the months with the best weather.

The Top Ten Months With the Best Weather (Northern Hemisphere)

1 October

We sometimes get snow here in october where I am, october had nice weather sometimes too, 2018 october was nice - trains45

The weather is always cool.

The weather is usually dry, sunny and a bit cooler than September, what I like best. - ARedguy59

2 May

May where I live us rather sunny with daytime temps in the 70s! -Isma

Very comfortable temperatures and sunny.

May usually has pretty nice weather where I am

You have to deal with tornadoes though

3 September

September is still quite warm but it starting to get cold a bit but not too cold yet

Whoever wrote this list obviously doesn't live in California... it is consistently the hottest month where I am. Today, it was just 113 degrees in my area and it will be the same tomorrow. Hottest days of the year. September is the peak of summer where I am and it's too hot!

Like October, dry and sunny, but a little warmer, not that I hate warm weather but after waiting for few months for cool weather, this will be the last month where temperatures are actually warm.

It is very hot in California. I don't even consider summer to end until October because it is that hot. I think the hottest day of the year in my area was in September.

4 June

It rains a little bit but temperatures are hotter and days are longer.

June usually has nice weather where I am

5 November

It always snowy in november where I am - trains45

I love November weather

I love the cool and windy month of November! - ARedguy59

I like how it's cold, cloudy and snowy in November

6 July

July usually pretty warm where I am always nice to go outside and stuff

Its sunny and the temperatures are at it's highest in July, and I love when the nights are rainy and there are often thunderstorms.

7 April

We sometimes have snow in april, this year in 2020 we starting april with snow on the ground it sucks

The first full month of spring. Everything starts to warm up but not too hot.

A lot of people say it's rainy in April, but April in Pennsylvania are actually sunny, and breezy at night, also, it's the best month to be playing baseball.

The weather is so nice in April

8 August

August is still quite warm where I am we sometimes get our first frost in this month

Who doesn't love August? Can't believe it's last place.

My birthday month

In the UK, august is pretty special as it's the only month with decent weather. Also my birthdays on this month lol!

9 December

December is great in Britain. I think speaking for the entire northern hemisphere is a bit inept, though, as it's really hot in Spain but really cold in Russia, and many other points. - PositronWildhawk

It snows which I like but days are shorter and temperatures are low, in the teens in Fahrenheit. And it rains a lot in December. - ARedguy59

Methilotically December is the last month of fall. - Curtis_Huber

10 March

March is usually snowy where I am most years the snow melts by the end of march, but it didn't in 2018 and 2020

The Contenders

11 January

I despise January, because nights are too long and days feel like they go on forever. And it never snows in January any more in PA. - ARedguy59

12 February

Its always cloudy in this month and it never seems to rain, it also never snows and temperatures are colder in February than January. The only positive thing about February is that it only has 28 days. 29 on leap years. - ARedguy59

No! January is colder than February. Everyone knows that

Feb 2019 had too many days that was -30°C or -40°C it was super annoying - trains45

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