Best Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address

This is my first Animal Crossing List so... Sorry if it's bad...

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1 Aika Town

Of COURSE this one's first! Its like the most popular town on the internet

I haven't visited this town yet, but the story sounds creepy!

I dare you - Gehenna

The infamous town of Animal Crossing New Leaf... You all saw this coming, if you haven't been there, the code is 2600-0218-7298. WARNING, NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG PLAYERS - Silverbronwyn

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2 Marshal Town

This town is amazing I love the rose arch and all the flowers you've really shown your love for anime. the front room is a tip the room to the left looks like you attempted to make an office. the room at the back you've tried to make a directors theme by flaunting your golden things and bells. the room to the right looked like a bomb hit it. the room upstairs was beautiful covered in dresses and rococo furniture with a touch of their own style the basement looks creepy with candles in a circle cauldrons and Jewels everywhere.

People really like Marshal. Sure, he's cool... but out of all things... there's a town dedicated to him. Just... wow.

I don't enjoy this dream

How can I play it on the comuter.

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3 Town Of The Artist

My opinion of this town? well, it's very weedy so get off your backside and work a little harder. The main room is breath taking the clocks just give it that perfect hint of crazy by running backwards the black room gives it that great effect. the candle that's out I just want to move on to the next room and see what happens next. I'm moving to the left room it's covered with rococo furniture what is it with these towns and their obsession with rococo please what about regal or classic? I'm now moving to the right room! a banquet with a lit fire and untouched food this is just unreal. this person must have spent a great deal of thought into this room. Moving to the back room lots of ancient looking stuff but nothing to appealing what's wrong running out of items to keep your guests entertained? lots of creepy stuff happen in the basement see if I'm interested finally some action the blood bed, blood stained everything how much blood did this dude have? the sound of dripping blood how ...more

If you walk into the woods today... You may never return. Discover what happened when an artist was given a doll... 3200-0330-2755 - Silverbronwyn

Well, it's a great dream town! I think a artist gets a doll and it's an evil doll! The artist gets killed in a bed by the doll at night with an axe! Won't tell the rest! See for yourself!

Well this town is great but scary at the same time! Let me guess,the artist gets a present from somebody and it was the doll and the artist took the doll up to his room and after that he went to bed and while he was sleeping the doll/evil doll went to the axe! And the killed the artist and there was blood all over the bed!

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4 Kiss the Bride

It was cute seeing the nice things around town

A cute town based on love, filled with happiness! :D Filled with flowers... And FUN! 1500-0272-8516 - Silverbronwyn

It's Awesome! I would give it ten

I absolutely LOVE kiss the bride it's the best my best anoyed me until I told her the dream adress which isn3200-0330-2755 Hope yall injoy it

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5 Shacipanda

I found this one to be more funny than creepy, which I don't think was the intended result? (spoiler warning) the pot growing room made me laugh out loud - I was expecting some sort of dramatic terrifying reveal but instead...LOL

Great city, even if I don't get the real meaning. Marijuana, a dead girl, and some happy rooms...? Anyway it's a beautiful and interesting town, you should visit it if you haven't yet!

Explore the town to uncover the memories of a dead girl and her killer
2100-0784-7385 - Silverbronwyn

Loved it


This town is funny. Those faces on the floor are cool

This town is kinda cool I recommend it

This town is hilariously bizarre. 1300-0108-1523 - Silverbronwyn

I laughed at the end.

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7 Sunville

I apologize because I'm unsure of the code for this town, but the creator is called Topia, so you should find it easily, this town is beautiful, it is full if flowers and public works, it has a corner for love birds and... Its just gorgeous! Go see for yourself! - Silverbronwyn

8 Counting Sheep

This is a town full... Of SHEEP... But the story... Well I won't ruin it ;) I'll just say it includes a werewolf. - Silverbronwyn


9 Nintendo

This is a town for true Nintendo fans, full of everything Nintendo! You may meet a famous figure... 000-0100-0017 - Silverbronwyn


10 Hitokui Village

Not for

Not suitable for young ages, Hitokui is a horror-based town with a dark story of cannibalism told through a combination of outward images and subtle clues that tell a very detailed story.

Where is the code?

Wuts the the 2017?

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11 Sonic Village

This town is based on Sonic The Hedgehog, amazing drawings and houses, 3800-0781-6986 - Silverbronwyn

I want to have sex with sonic

12 Cinderella Themed

A town where you can play with Cinderella and her mice!

Where is the dream code? I know this isn't a opinion but I just want to check it out and see

Where is the dang code?!

13 Kanto
14 Pink Sea

Ooh maybe it should be called bubblegum lo[llipop rainbow land instead lol

Everythings Pink in this town. Very Pretty
510021401457 - zehnlovatic

15 Twinkle

This is my town in the top 10!

This dreamy town is really really cute and cool :D and filled with flowers bushes and best of all sweet perfect apple trees!

16 Flowery

The Most amazing town ever! Dream adress is 6800-3015-3984 - zehnlovatic

17 Clue

It's such a mystery, you have to solve the mystery to who killed "Clue". Its amazing! 430032217292 - zehnlovatic

Never knew that the killer would do this but who is clue? and it explains about those things in? 's house

18 Squishla

Squishla is a pretty nice town its pink themed and most of the villagers are pink dream address is 4400-5286-9308

19 LoveDay

Sorry, I forgot her dream code is 6100-5372-3130

20 Ocean Sparkle
21 Star Town
22 Snowbell

Snowbells is a nice original town and has nice villagers. Dream address is 6500-5844-4815

23 Florida

cool lol

24 Benidorm

A dreamy town where you can explore Amy and her villagers this is one normal cute town where there's no rules but are her friends really nice? this wonderful town's dream code is:7000-5518-4367 its Christmas
and who is festive?

25 Cozytown

I visited this town when I first had the game and I think it's awesome! I think she spend a lot of time working on this town! Since my last visit I saw that she updated her town and it's even better now! I love the patterns and the placemant of the public works projects. Everything feels planned out! It has a cozy and sweet vibe to it it's also very natural and relaxing! I love the paths too that you can get there, she did a very good job with paths. I really recommend it! The dream addres: 6800-6344-5402

26 Japan

Cute little kitten themed town. Still in progress, but I think it is almost done. It is very good to visit I have heard from my friends!
dream address:4800-6130-3636

27 Darwood

Just a lovely calming town for a calming visit. the: 7000-3181-4641

28 Rainfall

A pretty little garden town with plenty of water features. The plaza is cute as well! The villagers houses are also decorated very sweet... Worth a visit! Dream Code is 5100-5492-0313

29 Celestia

I think it's pretty blank but it has potential.

30 Fartbiz
31 Palette

Very Cool town

32 A-Nation

I added this one because it is the town of my favorite youtuber AbdallahSmash026

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