Best Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address

This is my first Animal Crossing List so... Sorry if it's bad...

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21 Snowbell

Snowbells is a nice original town and has nice villagers. Dream address is 6500-5844-4815

22 Florida
23 Benidorm

A dreamy town where you can explore Amy and her villagers this is one normal cute town where there's no rules but are her friends really nice? this wonderful town's dream code is:7000-5518-4367 its Christmas
and who is festive?

24 Cozytown

I visited this town when I first had the game and I think it's awesome! I think she spend a lot of time working on this town! Since my last visit I saw that she updated her town and it's even better now! I love the patterns and the placemant of the public works projects. Everything feels planned out! It has a cozy and sweet vibe to it it's also very natural and relaxing! I love the paths too that you can get there, she did a very good job with paths. I really recommend it! The dream addres: 6800-6344-5402

25 Japan

Cute little kitten themed town. Still in progress, but I think it is almost done. It is very good to visit I have heard from my friends!
dream address:4800-6130-3636

26 Darwood

Just a lovely calming town for a calming visit. the: 7000-3181-4641

27 Rainfall

A pretty little garden town with plenty of water features. The plaza is cute as well! The villagers houses are also decorated very sweet... Worth a visit! Dream Code is 5100-5492-0313

28 Celestia

I think it's pretty blank but it has potential.

29 Star Town
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