Top Ten Reasons Why PCs Are Better Than Consoles

PC is superior to consoles for many reasons, here's the top ten reasons why PCs are superior to consoles. If you prefer consoles, no worry. There's also a list for you. (Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PCs) I didn't make that list but you can look at it.
I was wanting to do this list for a while but only wanted to make it when I could make it well.

Note: I'm not a PC elitist, I just prefer PC over consoles.

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21 Cheaper games

Steam Sale. Humble Bundle. Shall I give more reasons?

22 Not tied to one online service
23 More games

Idiotic console peasants who say "PC has no games" make me laugh. - PCEnthusiast

24 Mouse & keyboard support

Just like with game controllers this is a subjective preference, however one thing that anyone with eyes should note is that keyboards have a lot more options for keys than game controllers, and the mouse has much bigger range of motion than any analogue stick ever has.

25 Legal modding
26 Unofficial fixes for older games
27 PC can play every console's game

Not EVERY. Some games are exclusive to consoles

28 PCs can play any console game

No, consoles have exclusives, pcs are nothing

Any? - marmalade_skies

Even if it hasnt realesd for it! you can emulate consoles

ex: ps4 emulator just but your disk in your pc with emulator it work or if it doesn't worked use an iso and use a console controller or a pc one or use the superior keyboard and mouse

29 Custom Call of Duty Zombies
30 Steam allows games to be sold while Sony and Microsoft have to approve a game on the console
31 Upgradability

Seriously? Not on this list? This is one of the major factors of why PCs are superior compared to consoles. - PCEnthusiast

32 Backwards compatibility

The Xbox one may have backwards compatibility now, but still it does not cover all previous-generation games. PC still reigns superior in backwards compatibility by far. - PCEnthusiast

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1. Say goodbye to having to buy a new console every 5 years
2. Play with console controllers
3. Be more intelligent when it comes to computers
1. Better graphics
2. PC is a cheaper experience
3. The modding community
1. PC is a cheaper experience
2. The modding community
3. Consoles are essentially PCs without the freedom



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