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1 Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

I loved Kaichou wa maid sama! It will always be my favorite anime of all time. It was funny, cute, and sweet. I love the story, the characters (especially Usui), and mostly the romance. There were so many cute scenes! It's just the best!

This was the first shoujo anime I've watched, and I've never felt the same way with others as I do for Maid-sama! I never got tired of watching it, and I hope they make a season two. It's never too late!

I expected it to be full of cheesy, stereotypical romance, but I fell in love with this anime halfway through the first episode. I always recommend this anime, it's filled with humour, romance, and fun fillers.

It is one of my favourite anime. I really do love Usui and how their rdlationship has progressed during the manga.
And all of the characters, from the student council and the maid caffé are just awesome.

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2 Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club is a manga series by Bisco Hatori, serialized in Hakusensha's LaLa magazine between the September 2002 and November 2010 issues. The manga has been adapted into a series of audio dramas, an animated television series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, a Japanese more.

The art is better than the manga, and there are lessons shown through the endearing cast at the end of every episode. What I love about Ouran is that it's not just about "a girl and some hot guys". Instead, it asks the viewer to look deeper beyond appearances and despite its cuteness and seemingly over the top moments, it never strays from its main themes. I think out of recent shoujo series, Ouran is the most well-made and classic. (Not to mention the music is just amazing. ) It has that extra something that you'd have to watch to find out.

Ouran has every element that is needed to make a classic series. The others on this list are good, but Ouran is widely known as the "gateway drug" for people who wouldn't normally touch shoujo anime with a ten foot pole. The fact that it can successfully appeal to such a wide audience is what makes it so good - plus the story, the music, the characters, the art, the voice acting and everything in between. This is an overall package kind of anime that you'll never get tired of watching.

I am shocked that this isn't number one. The art and animation are gorgeous and detailed. The music is classic. The characters are hilarious and memorable. I'm usually not a huge fan of slice of life type shows because they tend to all be very similar but Ouran is unique and keeps you at the edge of your seat (or falling over laughing). This series is gold.

Tamaki and Haruhi are way too cute! Best Shoujo anime ever!

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3 Kamisama Hajimemashita

Adorable romance between the two characters, cute secondary characters, nice animations, epic storyline... There's nothing to dislike

Amazing artwork, interesting plot, and such cute romance between the male and female leads! Seriously, I keep coming back to this!

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The artwork is superb, the storyline is excellent, there's nothing not to like. Watch it!

The most unique plot when it comes to shoujo anime. It doesn't have annoying drama and they have the best soundtrack. Tomoe is also hot and Mizuki is the cutest sweetheart. The female lead isn't annoyingly weak like most shoujo leads. Must watch!

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4 Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn

This anime is sooo good! The girl isn't like typical shoujo anime girls she's got guts. There's some reverse harem involved but the plot is really good and I love all of the characters. It has some slight romance and I'm always wishing for more... This is also hilarious! I couldn't watch it in a public place because I was afraid I'll look too weird suddenly bursting out laughing.I'm really hoping for a second season because this is one of the best animes I have ever watched. The manga is still ongoing though so if you like the anime, check that out!

It has literally everything you wish for in an anime. The characters' personalities are realistic, and so are their stories. It will keep you hanging and be begging for more. There was never a dull moment in this anime and manga, and the storyline was delivered well. The only thing you would only wish for is to have the female protagonist to stop being so dense. Although that itself is an amazing factor to the story.

I absolutely love this anime. The protagonist is a princess who gets everything she wants, but after her Father is killed by rebels, she learns the hard way that war is tough, and sees her father's kingdom in a brand new light. The plot is original, the animation is amazing, and I almost cried a few times.

I was really suprised. I never thought that I would love this anime so much. At first I thought the protagonist was just a typical just-here-so-that-my-attractive-companions-can-protect-me-girl but I really love Yona and her character development. I love Hak, the 4 dragons and Yoon so much. They are so unique and they all have their own interesting story. The animation is really great and I really enjoyed the story. (How many times did I uss many? )

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5 Say 'I Love You'

Well realistic when the main characters have no real issue to have a boyfriend and friends since the beginning while she rejected the whole humanity all her life... I don't think so. At least Sawako was just misunderstood but Mei make no sense to me - TopiTaupe

I loved this anime so much! The characters are very relatable, and it's quite a touching anime.

The story is very realistic, it's something that happens in real life. Really cute.

This is a really cute show

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6 Special A Special A

Funny, however extremely unrealistic at times and not to mention quite dull and repetitive.

At first I stopped watching, because the art was (in my opinion) HORRID. Continued watching about a month later, and I wished it would have lasted longer. Great anime.

The best shoujo anime in existence!

I love it,love,love,love,love IT

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7 Ao Haru Ride Ao Haru Ride

I swear to God, everything about this anime is so cute! To be honest, I originally didn't want to watch this anime after the first few minutes, but the intro song was too sweet so I carried on watching it. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. But I'm just going to say that the ending probably won't be enough for you, so I recommend reading the manga after you've completed the anime.

This anime is heart breaking, cute, and has a slight touch of reality. It shows that people change, and that you can learn to love the new them along with the old them. Of course, some scenes just make you want to strangle the characters, but that's just the life of an anime lover for you. In all seriousness, put this on your lists of "NEED TO WATCH", because this anime is full of feels.

Get out your tissue boxes, y'all. This is gonna be a roller coaster of emotions!

Extremely captivating love story. It might be me having a weak spot for "first love's" but damn this anime made me cry. Tip; if you watch the anime first and then decide to read the manga, play the soundtrack in the background when you read. The soundtrack is one of the best I've heard.

I'm utterly speechless about this anime. I've been waiting forever for the English edition to be serialized but unfortunately, it hasn't been. :'(

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8 Kimi Ni Todoke Kimi Ni Todoke

What makes this anime interesting is the fact that it deals perfectly with a combination of subjects that we all can relate to. Its interesting to watch the development in Sawako's character, see her gain friends and become more open and confident. She appears to be a creepy and scary girl when she's actually the sweetest person ever, it shows how people can be easily fooled with looks. The secondary characters also have interesting stories which enriches the anime and makes it more appealing.

I love that this anime is not entirely focused on the love of the two main characters. Others characters have interesting stories too, and it's also about friendship.

This was my very first anime and I am very happy to say so. It is a beautiful anime that portrays romance, friendship, and a slice of life.

The best anime ever, the draws are just the best, and the screens, and also the love story.

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9 Skip Beat! Skip Beat!

Why isn't this at the top? I love how the main character actually grows and changes and how the male leads aren't perfect. And I just find it hilarious how Kyoko renounces all love and decides to conquer the acting industry. And in the manga, it get so good. Kyoko isn't one of those, "No matter what happens, I will be positive! " characters. She has ups and downs, she get hurt and cries, and she learns.

I've seen many anime where the female characters are made to be useless and powerless before the men, Skip Beat however is not one of them. In Skip beat you will find ROMANCE, COMEDY AND A WHOLE LOTTA GIRL POWER! Kyoko teaches us how we shouldn't let anyone think that they can own us.

This is the only shoujo anime and manga I have watched and read over and over again and never get bored. I agree that this should be at the top. I haven't seen any shoujo anime and manga better than Skip Beat!

I love this anime the most because there are littel anime"s like this one

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10 Snow White with the Red Hair

The best shoujo anime ever! The main character was so sweet! They never fought and keep loving each other no matter what! I love that anime so much! And will watch it for 3 times. Haha its very interesting in every episode and funny too! I laugh so much in that anime! This is highly recommended from me! You guys must watch it and will probably fall in love with the couple!

It's just so sweet, I already watched about 6 times and I'm reading the manga too! I loved and I highly recommend for anyone to watch.

Love. Enough said.

One of the best shoujou anime. I love it
highly recommended

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? HeartCatch PreCure HeartCatch PreCure Heartcatch Precure is a Japanese anime series and the seventh series of the Pretty Cure anime franchise by Izumi Todo that premiered on February 7, 2010, replacing Fresh Pretty Cure! on its initial timeslot. The series theme is flowers, which leads to their true definitions of Hanakotoba as of the season's more.

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11 Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun

Independent shoujo main character who puts herself first before romance. Original storyplot, with progressive and accumulative romance development between two leads. Developed, quirky, non-generic characterization of main cast and side characters. Very little, or overused tropes or common misunderstanding usual in shoujo. Quality animation with bold colors matched with fantastic voice actors which flesh out genuine emotion.

The only shojyo I can respect, doesn't use the typical tsundere that actually gets saved by the (playboy, tragic backstory) guy a million times and never thanks him and hits him instead but for some reason he falls in love and they spend 10 episodes tiptoeing around it, you know what I'm getting at. The girl actually prioritized school (not an oh no I'm such a klutz and never good at anything typical high school girl), had relatable and real character development. She saw Haru as a rival first and actually beat him (ugh some amines where the girl is fine and hard working but for some reason they always had to make sure the guy gets first place and is superior in everything (the entire plot of special a! ) and Haru is just so funny with his chicken

This was the first anime I ever watched and it is truly amazing. The couples are adorable and the characters are hilarious. Watching this show is a fantastic way to spend your time.

Where can I find a haru for myself too? :3

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12 Shugo Chara! Shugo Chara!

Absolutely loved this one! I know there's a ton of episodes, but its worth the watch! I did hate the cosplayers in the last season though. That's just annoying.


The first anime that started me on the road of mangas and anime. Shugo Chara is life!


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13 Itazura Na Kiss

Really the best shoujo ever with a lovely final

This was honestly very adorable. Memorable main characters. Kind of hated Irie.

I love this anime and the dramas and manga are incredible really recommended, the final with Irie, kotoko and kotomi is the best in my opinion


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14 Kamichama Karin

The animation is a bit outdated, but it's still adorable and surprisingly darker than expected. (Not Puella magi Madoka Magica dark though), and if you can't handle the animation, the manga is very beautiful.

Really cute anime with an adorable animation and plot definitely worth watching

I absolutely love this series, it's so cute! Plus the manga is amazing too! ^ ^

15 Bokura Ga Ita

She loved him even though he literally he told her he still loved his ex. And then he got mad at her for breaking up with him and was an annoying bugger. I remember this one episode he said "What did I do to you? " when he literally pushed her to the group 5 min ago. Yano and the main characters are crappy. Worth watching if you enjoy criticizing it.

The first shoujo anime that made me cry so hard! I'm still hoping for the next season!

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16 Hotarubi No Mori E

I love this anime so much! I hope there would be a second one though.

I cry every time I see this, but somehow I keep coming back...

It was so beautiful! It was sad... but you just can not stop loving it.

One of my favorite anime movies... wish it had a happy ending :(

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17 Wolf Girl and Black Prince Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Extremely sexist drama, this kind of media perpetuates the bad (verbally abusive, arrogant, narcissistic personality disorder) big and good ("innocent" "cute" but more like dumb and extremely self centered, unconfident, typical, in fact rather below average in intelligence and everything else and I would have even allowed it if she had a heart f gold or whatever but no she's usually thinking of herself and she's only attracted to him because of his looks (yes later it may have developed but honestly I can't believe in any love if you imagine the two characters as the most conventionally unattractive and poor people and still thought they were cute because their inner character was so perfect. I don't think this was made up o anything other than external fluff, and I'm sure if this has offended and hurt people's feelings but it's just so worrying to see this kind of anime as culturally acceptable and even mainstream.

I loved the female character, she's just big masochist hearted girl. I have to admit that you simply fall in love with them for no reason. He treats her so bad, (literally like a pet) and it's fun to watch that trough the episodes, he starts liking her, and protects her. Really sexist, no comments about that. Still, really cute anime. I wouldn't lose the opportunity to watch it!

It's lighthearted so no need to take it too seriously

So it's lighthearted that a man treats you like a slave and calls you a dog? Yeah, say that next time after someone calls you that. - RoseRedFlower

This anime is just way too cute

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18 Your Lie in April Your Lie in April Your Lie in April, known in Japan as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or just simply Kimiuso, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa.

Very heart warming and touching. You'll definitely enjoy it

Even though it's a shounen. Not every romance is a shoujo boy like to read about romance too - TopiTaupe

This isn't too romantic, but it leaves something in your heart. It was breath taking. Watch it to your hearts content.

This is technically a shounen, but it's amazing nonetheless. - Absolite

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19 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

Got many people interested in anime and manga. The best show. Wish they didn't English dub it. Too many dubs. Wish they had it in English original.

For me, one of the most popular shoujo ever produced

This is the best in the world for me yay!

This is the best anime I have ever watched!

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20 My Little Monster

Dude, this is tonari no kaibutsu kun. Its way hisger on the list

This anime has my favorite heroine so far! Not wishy-washy, a damsel-in-distress, falls in love easily especially with hot guys! She's cynical, practical, cold or emotionless and prioritize herself and studies more than anything as she wants to be successful and earn lots of money in the future which I can totally relate! She doesn't care if she's always alone since she can manage herself and she also does not depend on others. I just really really love her. She also "grows" throughout the series and learns from her mistakes.

That male lead with the chicken was also funny as hell lol Loved that he's always bugging her. YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH THIS AS IT DESERVED TO BE WATCHED

ANAZING! A unique plot with with lots of comedy.must watch

The way that everything unravels is just amazing!

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