Ten White Girl Stereotypes

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1 They're Crazy

I am crazy because I can. - funnyuser

You should do a Metalheads stereotype list.

Hell yeah! :3

2 Always On Instagram

Once a day? That sounds like always to me because it's EVERY day!

Nope I go on it once a day that's it

3 Obsessed With iPhones

Not necessarily iPhones, but phones in particular. Sure, girls love using their phones but don't guys too? Society as a whole is obsessed with upgrading to the most recent smartphones. - Doctor_Derpless

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4 Loves Starbucks

I hate coffee I rather tea and theirs sucks

5 Obsessed With Selfies

We're not the only ones

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6 Obsessed With Miley Cyrus

I feel sorry for anyone who actually follows that skank.

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7 Always Wants Boyfriend

I don't want a boyfriend, but I'm ten so. But there are people in my grade that Is really into drama and I'm not one of them. It's true. - funnyuser

We're stronger with friends than special Friends and how homo is this some girls like girls

8 Annoying
9 Always In Groups

I just have one best friend and that's all I need. - funnyuser

It's easier to intimidate you

10 Talks a Lot

We like annoying you it's funny

This one is actually true. - funnyuser

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11 Sleazy

YOUR A JERK! Ps men never shower

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