Top 10 Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Movie Quotes

The best quote you will never forget. Disney will grow your own life to a villain/princess/prince or sidekick life.

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1 He is the boss, I'm just only making it cooler- Iron Man

From the movie Marvel's Age of Ultron - Princesssmooth

2 I'm surrounded by idiots. - Scar

From the legendary movie The Lion King - Princesssmooth

3 I am not a prize to be won. - Jasmine

From the first princess movie which princess was deutragonist but the prince was hero, Aladdin and not the character - Princesssmooth

4 Keep moving forward - Wilbur Robinson
5 Just keep swimming - Dory
6 That's a dingelhopper! - Scuttle

From the first renaissance movie The Little Mermaid - Princesssmooth

7 To Infinity & Beyond - Buzz Lightyear
8 Some people are worth melting for - Olaf

I'm suprised that there were only seven things in this list in the beginning I can think of thousand Disney Quotes. - egnomac

From the movie either had the same record breaking Disney movie Frozne - Princesssmooth

9 Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus - Mary Poppins
10 Every time she finds a minute that's when they begin it Cinderelly Cinderelly - Jaq

The Contenders

11 Look at that Abu it's not every day you see a horse with two rear ends - Aladdin
12 They call me Thumper - Thumper
13 Off with their heads - Queen of Hearts
14 Look for a new angle. - Tadashi Hamada
15 How may - Flash
16 I'll get you for this Pan, if it's the last thing I do! - Captain Hook
17 So play nice! - Woody
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1. Keep moving forward - Wilbur Robinson
2. Just keep swimming - Dory
3. To Infinity & Beyond - Buzz Lightyear
1. He is the boss, I'm just only making it cooler- Iron Man
2. I'm surrounded by idiots. - Scar
3. That's a dingelhopper! - Scuttle


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