Best 1960s Sports and Muscle Cars

Grand tourers are welcome as well, provided they are "sporty". (e.G. aston Martin DB5) Please take both looks and performance into account when voting.

The Top Ten

1 Jaguar E-Type Series 1

A perfect blend of price (It was 3 times cheaper than an Aston Martin with similar performance), design (One of the most beautiful cars in the history), and driving experience.

Enzo Ferrari himself said that this is the most beautiful car ever!

The perfect balance of beauty and performance. D@mn those American safety regulations that messed up Series 2 and 3.

Had a awesome V12

2 Porsche 911

A long-lasting classic that is still in production today, but with a water-cooled engine.

Fast, and beautiful, especially the Targa.

3 Shelby Cobra 427

Really cool car and whats under the hood

Not much needs to be said about this car.

4 Corvette Sting Ray

"It happened on a strip where the road is wide." One of the greatest car songs ever revolves around one of these babies, and with good reason!

5 Aston Martin DB5

It as a tough pick, between the DB4, DB5, and DB6, but the legacy of James Bond is hard to argue with.

6 Pontiac GTO

The best-looking muscle car ever, in my opinion, and the performance...

Classic 60's muscle car

Fact: GTO was born from the pontiac Le mans lines to race against the 250 gto ferrari in 1964. IT WAS MADE SPECIFICALLY TO KILL FERRARIS

7 Lotus Elan

One of four or five British cars on the original top ten, depending what you call the Cobra. I'm not sure which configuration is the best.

8 Triumph Spitfire Mk. III

The finest mark of Triumph Spitfire, this car almost stands up to the legacy of the fighter plane. Fun with a capital F.

Check out PRI's parts or this car.

9 Ford Mustang

Let's all thank Ford for giving us something to beat on all these years...

The original pony car. Need I say any more?

My dad had a 1968 mustang in the 1990s

Thanks Mr. Henry Ford by creating Ford Motor Company and Thanks to ford by creating the oldest ford brand Mustang.


10 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

A lovely little roadster. Sorry, Dustin Hoffman, you can't quite stack up to Sean Connery.

The Contenders

11 Datsun 240z

Huge commercial success for Nissan in the 1970s. Notable successes in SCCA racing also during the same period. Absolutely stunning little sports car looks amazing. Great, nimble handling and 130 mph top speed, quite fast for that time. Grandad of the 350Z and Jag E-Type's Asian cousin.
Interesting fact: Sports Cars International named this car at number 2 on the greatest sports cars of the 1970s in 2004.

12 Dodge Challenger
13 Lamborghini Miura

It was the fastest car in the 1960s

14 Chevrolet Camaro

Wonderful, sharp and smooth... I wouldn't sell it to buy an Aston Martin for half the price!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,'I LOVE CAMAROS THERYE SO CUTE WONDERFUL CARS SMOOTH SHARP BREATHTAKING AWESOME BEST CAR IN HISTORY OF CARS SHOULD TOP MUSTANG SO MUCH SPORTEIR PUT IT AN NUMBER ONE,!

15 Ferrari 250 GTO
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