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Even though this is an instrumental, it deserves better than 30. It brings about a huge, overwhelming feeling for me and it feels so good when listening to it.

42 Heads. Cars. Bending

This song has so much emotion. The beat is amazing and when I first heard it, I felt nostalgic. When the line "If you're alone in your room" and the background vocals play, it's a feeling of joy and euphoria for me.

43 The Ballad of Me and My Brain

This song is so awesome it makes 2.5 minutes feel like 90 seconds

This is one of those songs that screams 'alternative' but makes you feel so many things all at once that you wish it was longer

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44 Lostmyhead V 1 Comment
45 Intro/Set3

WHY IS THIS SO LOW? I love the laid-back feel of the track.

46 Hnscc V 1 Comment
47 Please Be Naked
48 Talk!

This song is amazing! Why is it the bottom of the list? I love the chorus and honestly this song is very underrated.

My least favourite song from them. Still good though. - Tristan1975R5

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