Top Ten 1st Generation Total Drama Characters

Please don't add 2nd or 3rd generation characters to this list. This is strictly 1st generation.

The Top Ten

1 Noah

I like noah because once he said in season 3 come fly with us come die with us laugh out loud

Definitely the best total drama character. He is so funny and shoudlv'e made Top 5 inWorld Tour - alexcousins

2 Heather

Definitely the most strategic player in the cast (except maybe Alejandro). She totally deserved to win World Tour - alexcousins

This girl can play like a pro! She's my favorite.

She is so mean I hate her.

3 Owen

Who doesn't love the big guy? - alexcousins

4 Harold

Harold is the absolutely best Character in the Total Drama series. His attraction to Leshawna is absolutely adorable, and it's so funny when Duncan calls him Doris. Please let Harold win one season. He always gets so close!

He is without a doubt the weirdest cast member, and that's what I love about him. Watch Get a Clue to watch him shine - alexcousins

Finally! Harold is in the top ten! - sdgeek2003

Hope he beats Duncan! - sdgeek2003

5 Duncan

Duncan was awesome, and then cheated on the girl that loved him, for someone who's a heartbreaker and sucky friend. I lost all my respect for Duncan after he changed. He lost his secret soft side and become someone with no feelings or compassion what so ever.

A great player who has come in 4th, 1st, 5th, and 8th on the show. I wish he had stayed with Gwen, though - alexcousins

6 Gwen

She was good in Island, bad in Action, good in World Tour, and awesome in All-Stars. Wish she wouldn't have dumped Duncan though. She is a very enjoyable character. - alexcousins

Gwen is a good character. She is one lovely goth, and I love how she doesn't care what others think. She's the best!

7 Alejandro

He is his last name means dead donkeys.

First a stat; Alejandro had a hand in eliminating 14/17 World tour contestants. He was definitely the most devious player. In All-Stars I acutally found him humorous, especially in No one eggspects the Spanish Opposition and The Final Wreckening. - alexcousins

8 Tyler

He's a background character, but a great one. Part of my second favorite couple, and is overall just hilarious. - alexcousins

I would love to see Tyler with a bigger role in future seasons. He's really cute and his relationship with Lindsay is so sweet!

9 Leshawna Leshawna

If that weird stunt that Chris pulled in the episode that Leshawna got voted off on, I'm pretty sure that she would've won the first season. No one stood a chance against her. A real shame what happened...

Her elimination was forced, very forced. - DapperPickle

She is another strong player. I wish the writer would"ve kept Leshawna like she was in Island through action and World Tour because she was awesome in Island - alexcousins

I watched Season 3, that's just part of her character - alexcousins

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10 Lindsay

Lindsay has always been my favorite, and as will. - Turkeyasylum

Lindsay is an amazing contestant. She dumb but that's why we love her! She makes it far in TDA. She's also sexy. She is the best character, and my favorite. Go Blondie!

She s very cute and funny. But what happened in TDAS? But she's still good character. - alexcousins

The Contenders

11 Cody
12 Izzy

She's my favorite maniac

The Only one who has voice wise faced the wrath of Zeus Cervas

13 Sadie
14 DJ

He is awesome. It's a shame what happened in season 2 and 3

15 Courtney

She's smart awesome and brought the best out of duncan

16 Geoff
17 Bridgette Bridgette
18 Beth
19 Ezekiel
20 Justin

Justin had a lot of development in total drama action, I loved how he played the game. Should've been in tour!

21 Katie
22 Trent

First of all why is blainley listed TWICE! She was so annoying just like Sadie and Katie

23 Sierra
24 Eva
25 Blainley
26 Blaineley
27 Ellody
28 Crimson
29 Brody

Brody is one very awesome dude.

30 Jen

Miss fashion got it going on!

31 Jay

Jay is a great character, I feel like he deserves to be in the top ten on this. He goes through so many misfortunes yet always has a smile.

32 Rock
33 Mike
34 Stacie
35 Miles
36 Gerry

I like the fact that they are letting older people compete.

37 Stephanie
38 Dawn
39 Lightning
40 Lorenzo
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