Top 10 2-D Games

From jumping on goombas to raging mermaids... Here are the Best 2-d games

The Top Ten

1 Terraria

I've always liked Minecraft it's so addicting but when terraria came out I was overjoyed! Its just like Minecraft but its 2-D it's so enjoyable to play - Bronceye

I'm addicted, about 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have a problem

Better than Minecraft in my opinion

This game is so fun to play no more waiting 5 minutes to smelt my porkchops and iron bars

2 Super Mario Minecraft Mod

Its like Mario but its in Minecraft.. Its not a game but it's a enjoyable minigame where you can be Mario or control him - Bronceye

3 Scribblenauts

Like Minecraft (sorry if I keep mentioning it) but within a notebook the characters hands! Anything you type in comes to life! - Bronceye

I love thus

4 Sandbox

Like scribblenauts and Minecraft together! You just get materials out of your back pocket and bam! Your having fun its awesome and thrilling - Bronceye

5 Flappy Bird

I don't know why people rage at this game its fun and addicting all people need to know is their own patience to play this - Bronceye

6 Give Up

A rage game... But it's a fun challenge for people to play... When they first start they don't expect much.. But later in the game get ready for a challenge - Bronceye

7 Super Mario Bros

A simple classic! A fun game when I was a kid and now but when I saw what my dad usef to play I said... "how can you even see the screen"! It was real good times - Bronceye

8 Broforce

The game is a tiny bit offensive when it comes to character layout but it's a great game.. It will smash your brain if you play it too long - Bronceye

This is the best stress relief game I've ever played

9 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

A true challenge for adults and especislly kids! If you don't like math.. Physics.. Reading or anything else in school you wouldn't want to play this - Bronceye

Start with PL and the Curious Village!

10 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

The characters are interedting yet odd the storyline is awesome and dramatic to experience - Bronceye

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11 Starbound
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