Top Ten 2 Rock Bands That Should Collaborate

Which two Rock bands should join together for one song, or maybe even an album?

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1 Linkin Park and Evanescence

Not so much now, but if these two bands had joined together around the time of their debuts then they could have made something very very special. Evanescence 's debut studio album may have been slightly after Linkin Park's, but imagine Fallen fused with Hybrid Theory. That would create an amazing album with an immensely powerful atmosphere - EvilAngel

That would be awesome to see especially with slipknot and Eminem, though this is just my opinion about Eminem and slipknot.

I love both bands and they actually already did collaborate in 2009 they did somewhere I belong with her providing Chester's vocals

My two favorite bands...
Amy Lee's singing, Chester Bennington's screaming and Mike Shinoda's rapping...
I love them so much, because this bands sound and music is very same and congeneric. Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Fallen is my favorite triplets albums.
Love you Linkin Park and Evanescence, Forever...

2 Adema and Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory and Adema 's self titled debut album. Wow - EvilAngel

3 Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead

No that happened in 2009 at a linkin park concert I know because I was there and it was great. It took place in Los Angeles

With Linkin Parks awesome ballads and the pure rapping/hip hop/heavy metal/punk rock of Hollywood Undead?!?!? It would make an awesome album

This would be amazing to see but what I wonder how they would do it, would they do like the Jay-z and take to songs and put them together or would they write all new songs?

I have a very low self-esteem and both bands helped me when I felt depressed so I think a collaboration of these 2 bands could help people like me.

4 Metallica and Guns N Roses
5 Slipknot and Disturbed

Just imagine David and Corey singing with each other

David: ten thousand

6 Slipknot and Lamb Of God

I guess these guys would be good

7 Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria
8 Linkin Park and Green Day

Hell yeah I think both bands are good. anyone picture boulevard of broken dreams with somewhere I belong

9 Skillet and Evanescence

Skillet is Christian rock, Evanescence is Gothic rock, really?

10 Disturbed and Korn

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11 Linkin Park and the Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys broke up 4 years ago.

12 Slipknot and Korn

Korn and Slipknot are awesome bands. Listen to Sabotage in Live.

13 Thousand Foot Krutch and Red

My two favorite bands of all time! SO. AWESOME.

14 Slipknot and Linkin Park

I thought they already had done something together back in 2005 ii thought I heard something on the radio about this badass collaboration between slipknot and linkin park

That show didn't happen what are you talking about now they collaborated with Hollywood undead jay-z Eminem and busta rhymes but not slipknot

With Mike's rapping Chester's singing and Corey's screaming rapping and singing and the fact that both bands are amazing you could create one hell of a mashup

15 Disturbed and Trivium
16 Dead By Sunrise and Fort Minor

Fort minor isn't even a band it's a name for Mike Shinoda's side project.

They already did collaborate its called linkin park

Fort minor is not a rock band

LMAO Dead by sunrise and fort minor is LITTERALLY Linkin Park!

17 Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace

I love this bands. Benjamin Burnley and Adam Gontier are two great friends. The Diary of Jane and I Hate Everything About You are great mashup, BB and 3DG rocks!

18 Linkin Park and Korn

Without Korn, there'd be no Linkin Park. Admit it. That's fact!

I am a fan of both bands so having heard a lot of bothbands this ccould qork but it would have to be hybrid theory or meteora (Linkin Parks first 2 albums) I say this because these 2 albums are like Korn first 2 albums.

19 Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs
20 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park
21 Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot

This would be epic! A7X and Slipknot are two of my favorite bands ever. Metallica and G'nR already worked together in the 90's and it didn't go very well. It was during one of those shows James got 2nd and 3rd degree burns, Axl causing a riot later during the same show and Metallica had a terrible time touring with them - Danielsun182

Why aren't we funding this? - Deathbat

22 Stone Sour and Device
23 Megadeth and Metallica
24 Panic! at the Disco and Starset
25 Muse and Arctic Monkeys
26 Skillet and Avenged Sevenfold

That be interesting.

27 Bon Jovi and Poison
28 Lamb of God and Bullet for My Valentine
29 Mudvayne and Korn
30 Slipknot and Black Sabbath

With the awesome vocals of both Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath, that would be really amazing. And it would be kinda cool to see what kind of lyrical magic both bands could create together. And both bands practice very different styles of Heavy Metal, so it would be interesting to hear what they could produce from both bands.

31 Rob Zombie and Slipknot

With the best lyrics ever by Rob zombie/Slipknot and the vocals of both Rob Zombie and Corey Taylor, it would be amazing. It would be a headbangers anthem for years to come and a piviotal move in putting Rock n' Roll back on the charts

32 Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy

Both bands have awesome instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, and some pretty influential themes in the musical content. It would be cool to hear both bands belt out some song about life experiences

33 Slipknot and Imagine Dragons

With Imagine Dragon's optimism and the dark lyrical content of Slipknot to contrast each other it would make an interesting album

I don't mean this in a bad way but I don't think it would work. just my opinion though

How far is your head up your ass?

34 Owl City and Hollywood Undead

I have only have heard one song by Owl city but I have heard a lot by Hollywood undead but I am not entirely sure this could work but I could be wrong.

With the queirky and weird songs bursting with enthusiasm of Owl City and the awesome rap/heavy metal instrumentals and interestingly original lyrical content they would be able to make a rocking album!

This could work the lead singer for owl city and
Danny Murrilo (lead singer for Hollywood undead) have close to the same voices yeah it could work... If they took their time that is

35 GWAR and The Offspring
36 Adele and Slipknot

If you took the heavy guitar riffs, and heavy metal instrumentals of Slipknot and combined them with the very classical/R&B instrumentals of Adele that would make a very great matchup. And also with Adele's beautiful voice and Corey Taylor's awesome ability to rap/scream/growl or do a melody; it would be an interesting matchup

37 Hollywood Undead and Evanescence

This would be awesome to see especially with old evanescence's old stuff like fallen and HU crews ne stuff like American tragedy and notes from the underground that would bring both bands the fame and respect they deserve.

I would pay to see it live

38 Limp Bizkit and Hollywood Undead

I think this mash up would be truly amazing because both do close to the same genre of music but in different ways I have a theory this could work

I would love to see this live

Oh hell yeah that would be an eargasm

39 Hollywood Undead and Slipknot

With slipknots and Hollywood undead deep stuff you could do one hell of a mashup

40 Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit

I think this could an awesome mash up I could just picture rollin with one step closer

Rollin and one step closer, I'm not so sure it could work but who knows right

41 Evanescence and Limp Bizkit
42 Metallica and Korn
43 Korn and Evanescence

With both being heavy metal but and Amy lee's talent to rap it could work

Listen to Freak on a Leash (Unplugged).
Korn and Amy is awesome.

44 Evanescence and Slipknot

Now before you say this garbage hear me out I think with Corey Taylor's (lead singer for slipknot) ability to rap scream and sing and if you taught Amy Lee (lead singer for Evanescence) how to spit a rhyme it could work. She also has an amazing voice.

This collaboration is horrible! Evanescence is a female fronted band, Slipknot is a masked, heaviest band. Are you serious? Amy Lee's voices is angelic and meaningful, but Corey Taylor is good singer, yes;but this man is crazy and very swearing man. But My Immortal and Snuff is the best that should mashup ever.

Amy Lee with Slipknot members? Brrr! :S

Evanescence is the best, Slipknot sucks!

45 Slipknot and Dead by Sunrise

With proper programming it could work is what I meant to say

I believe this could work both bands have amazing vocalists and deep songs, with proper programming

With proper programming what?

46 Green Day and Hollywood Undead
47 Linkin Park and Crazy Town

Now I haven't heard a lot of Crazy town but I've heard enough to classify them as Nu Metal and I've been a hardcore Linkin park fan since Hybrid Theory and I went to school with Mike Shinoda so I think a mash up between the two would work oh and rest in peace Adam Goldstein

Whoa dude you went to school with Mike Shinoda what was he like.

48 Korn and Limp Bizkit

Listen to all in the family by korn

The hell was this guy trying to say

This would so not work roght no ofs and or buts

49 Hollywood Undead and Crazy Town

I have been a fan of Hollywood undead and I just heard some Crazy town now I believe this mash up could work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think!

I think you stole my idea about Crazy town and Linkin park but I do agree this would be good

50 Green Day and Crazy Town
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